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September 17, 1997

4-H Gold Star awarded to long-time member

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Staff Writer

PECOS, September 17, 1997 - An active member of 4-H for many years, and Reserve Grand Champion exhibitor at the Balmorhea Stock Show, received the coveted Gold Star Award at the 1997 4-H Achievement Banquet held last night at the Pecos Valley Country Club.

"This award is going to a very dedicated young man who has worked very hard," said C.W. Roberts, Reeves County Extension Agent, as he presented the award to James Ward.

Ward has been in 4-H for eight years. During this time, he has had numerous 4-H animal projects - swine, sheep, goats, and horses. He really enjoys raising swine and he has shown them every year at the Balmorhea Stock Show as well as the Reeves-Loving County Junior Livestock Show.

Raising swine has been a long, steady process for Ward. Starting at the bottom and slowly learning more every year, his patience and determination paid off for him. Not only has he won several showmanship awards - but he has taken the Reserve Grand Champion spot of the Balmorhea Livestock Show.

As a senior 4-H member, he is always willing to help fellow 4-H members with their animal projects. He is a positive leader in school as well, helping others with some of the harder math and sciences. His involvement in community projects is on-going as he continually strives to make Balmorhea a great place to live.

He is the son of Paul and Janell Ward of Balmorhea.

Recipient of the prestigious award must be a member of 4-H and at last 15 years old; participate in three projects; have served as an officer in the club; and have been active in 4-H council as a delegate. A delegate is a boy or girl who represents Reeves-Loving Counties in district and state meetings.

Ward wasn't the only one receiving a special award at the evening's special event.

Roberts received a special briefcase for his dedication to the group.

In her short speech, Marti Haws explained that the gift was to thank Roberts for "being there for the kids and for his dedication.

"He's there when we need him and goes beyond the duties he has," said Haws.

This is the seventh awards program Roberts has attended and he said he is very happy that everyone gave him a chance to prove himself in Reeves County.

"When I first got here, I had very little experience and everyone was kind enough to give me a chance," said Roberts. "I appreciate the opportunity to learn here."

Oscar Saenz received the Friend of 4-H Award. Saenz was unable to attend the banquet because of a previous engagement.

Isaac Martinez was recognized as outgoing president and senior student members of 4-H were also recognized with a gift.

Martinez handed out awards to all concession stand helpers, outstanding leaders and parents who went out of their way to help make 4-H a success.

1997 4-H Medal recipients included Tabitha Akins, clothing; Amanda Armstrong, food and nutrition, goats, horse and swine; Priscilla Barrera, clothing; Kevin Bates, swine; Kendall Belles, clothing; Sandy Belles, clothing; Brandy Bradley, swine and sheep; Jack Bradley, swine and sheep; Susan Bradley, swine and sheep; Ashley Carrasco, food and nutrition; Courtney Clark, sheep and beef; John Marvin Clark, sheep and beef; Cassie Foster, clothing; Jake Fowler, beef; Cathy Guebara, clothing and food and nutrition; Michelle Guebara, clothing and food and nutrition; and Brandi Harrison, food and nutrition, horse and sheep.

Also, Kaci Harrison, food and nutrition, horse and sheep; Clay Haws, beef; Will Haws, beef; Katie Lee, sheep; Jennifer Marquez, food and nutrition; Alexandrea Martinez, food and nutrition; Lauren Martinez, food and nutrition; Shelly Martinez, food and nutrition; Sarah McKinney, food and nutrition; Taryn McNeil, food and nutrition; Ashley Mendoza, food and nutrition; Teddie Salcido, clothing and food and nutrition; James Ward, horse, swine and sheep; Jennifer Ward, horse, swine and sheep; and Bre'Ann Windham, clothing, food and nutrition.

Jacket recipients included senior students Will Haws, Horse Judging Team '97 and Suzanne Kelton, District 6 Horse Show '97.

Junior students receiving a new jacket were Brandi Bradley, San Angelo Show-Swine '97 and Susan Bradley, San Angelo Show-Swine '97.

Those receiving jacket add-to's included seniors DeAnda Allgood, District-6 Horse Show '97 and Renea Rasberry, District-6 4-H Horse Show '97.

Junior students who had jacket add-to's were Courtney Clark, District-6 Horse Judging Team '97, District-6 Horse Show '97 and District Record Book Judging '97; John Marvin Clark, District-6 Record Book Judging '97; Kaci Harrison, Horse Judging Team '97; Clay Haws, Sand Hills Show-Steer '97, Houston Show-Steer '97 and Horse Judging Team '97; Jake McKinney, Horse Judging Team '97; and Salem Mitchell, District-6 Horse Judging Team '97.

PBT parent-teacher groups begin to form

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PECOS, September 17, 1997 - Parents and teachers meet last night at Zavala Middle School to elect officers for the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO).

Zavala Principal Don Love said the organization was geared toward motivating parents "to help teachers with organizing things to do."

The PTO is interested in seeing parents helping kids study, he said.

Several parents and teachers attended the meeting despite the conflictive scheduling - Bessie Haynes hosted an open house last night - and many ideas for raising money were discussed.

The money from such activities as dances, concession stands, and bake sales, sponsored by the PTO, would be used for purchasing items sorely need by the school but beyond its existing budget. One example of a current need at the school, according to Love, is an ice machine for the athletic department.

The elections proceeded rapidly. Ruben Salcido, though absent, was represented by his wife and elected president of the organization. Rosie Mata was elected vice president. Loretta Jenkins was elected secretary and Love was elected to the post of treasurer.

Area taxing entities wrap up
budgets, tax rate process

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From Staff Reports

PECOS, September 17, 1997 - A decision by the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD board yesterday wrapped up tax rates for the coming year for local taxing entities.

The PBT board voted not to raise taxes at a special noon meeting yesterday.

Trustee Earl Bates made the motion to leave the tax rate where it currently is, and adjust the maintenance and operation portion of the tax to leave enough money to fund the payment of the district's debt.

Trustee Linda Gholson seconded, and the board voted unanimously to keep the tax rate at its current level of $1.40 per $100 of property valuation above the first $15,000 of property value, which is exempt from the tax.

This move will have the effect of lowering taxes for Pecos citizens, because of the new $15,000 property tax exemption. Before the special election that was held Aug. 9, Texas homeowners were only exempted from paying taxes on the first $5,000 of their property's value. With the new exemption, homeowners will pay taxes on only the portion of their property's value over $15,000.

The Town of Pecos City has opted to remain at its current tax level, 0.6967 per $100 of property valuation.

Toyah adopted a rate of 1.16 per $100 of property valuation.

Balmorhea's tax level is set at 0.428386 per $100 of property valuation, a slight increase from last year's 0.411433 per $100.
The Balmorhea Independent School District adopted its tax rate at $1.50.|

RCDC deportation hearings
more numerous, efficient

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Staff Writer

PECOS, September 17, 1997 - Deportation hearings are being conducted faster and more hearings are taking place, according to Reeves County Detention Center Warden Rudy Franco.

"Our objective is to get them (illegal aliens who are ready for deportation) a deportation hearing because if they don't go through that process, the inmates who are set to be released will then have to go to El Paso," Franco said.

Franco credited the speedy and efficient process to Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is with the Institutional Hearing Program.

"He has been doing an excellent job and we're very proud and lucky to have him," said Franco.

Franco explained that since Rodriguez has been working with the RCDC the amount of hearings has gone up and the manner in which the hearings are done has become more efficient.

"This saves taxpayers money and he has been doing with half the number of staff," said Franco.

"The number being deported is also more than even Big Spring," he said.

"This is basically a new program, it's been out a few years, but it's relatively new to this area," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez spent some time with the Marine Corps, then joined the Border Patrol, then after a few years, took an examination in Atlanta, Ga.

He then went to Big Spring as a deportation officer. "After that I was fortunate enough to come here an IHP officer," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez stated that his office processes all the aliens that are amenable to be removed so that they won't have to be housed at a service detention center.

The process can take as little as seven days, according to Rodriguez.

The first step in the process requires a file. If there isn't a file, one is created for the individual.

"Then we go out and interview them, make sure the individual is an alien and he is deportable," said Rodriguez.

The individual in question is then issued documents and the court puts them on a calendar.

"Basically what they are doing is giving them an appointment," said Rodriguez.

The case is then heard at the RCDC through video and in 95 percent of the cases the judge makes a decision, based on the information gathered on the person. The number of cases heard is up from 33 percent and is now at 75 percent, according to Rodriguez.

"Since July of this year the number has been at 75 percent, which means that three out of every four are being processed and are immediately removed," said Rodriguez. "Before it was one out of three," he said.

"My office staff is really great, they're the ones that deserve all the credit," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez stated that his staff and the RCDC staff, led by Franco work really well together, which makes things easier on both sides.

"I look to Rudy as my mentor, he has been with the federal government a long time and really knows what he is doing," said Rodriguez. "When we talk it's just like two friends talking instead of two different offices," he said.

Rodriguez said that he feels very comfortable with Franco and stated that this helps his job tremendously.

"Our folks and his folks work really well together," he said.

Along with Rodriguez, his staff includes, Yolanda Pacheco, who is the docket clerk; Susan Chavez, deportation officer; Glenn Shaleen, immigration agent; Donna Johnson, investigation assistant and Alfredo Martinez and Oscar Acosta, detention officers.

Rodriguez stated that he and his family really enjoy Pecos and plan on staying here for a long time. He and his wife, Sharon have two boys, Matthew, 9 and Twig, 6.

Inquiry into border shooting delayed

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WASHINGTON (AP) September 17, 1997 congressional inquiry into the fatal shooting of a West Texas teen-ager by a Marine on a border surveillance mission, the head of the House immigration subcommittee decided to postpone his hearing.

After meeting Tuesday with Attorney General Janet Reno, Rep. Lamar Smith announced he would delay Thursday's hearing into the May death of 18-year-old Esequiel Hernandez Jr.

"I have decided not to hold the subcommittee hearing on this matter until the ongoing Justice Department civil rights investigation into this case is complete," the San Antonio Republican's statement said.

Federal prosecutors announced last month that they were looking into possible civil rights violations in the youth's death. Smith's spokesman, Allen Kay, said Reno did not request a delay of the congressional inquiry.

"At the appropriate time, the subcommittee will pursue answers to any and all outstanding questions about who is responsible," Smith's statement said.

Hernandez was killed after crossing paths with a four-man Marine unit assigned to watch a suspected drug smuggling route at the request of the Border Patrol in Redford, a tiny border community 200 miles southeast of El Paso.

The youth, who was armed with a .22-caliber rifle, was shot as he tended his goat herd near his family's home. The military says Hernandez was shot only after he fired twice on the soldiers.

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PECOS, September 17, 1997 - morning, 70. It will remain unseasonably warm across all of Texas tonight and Thursday. Highs will be in the 90s statewide and there will be a slight chance of some showers and thunderstorms although most areas will remain dry. There is a chance of showers and thunderstorms in West Texas from extreme westward areas across the Trans-Pecos into the Big Bend area. It will be fair to partly cloudy. Lows tonight will be in the 60s and 70s in West Texas. Highs Thursday will be in the 90s statewide, ranging upwards to near 105 in the Big Bend area of Southwest Texas.


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