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August 25, 1997

Six injured when teenager
loses control of mini-van

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Staff Writer

PECOS, August 25, 1997 - One teenager remains hospitalized in stable
condition after being involved in a one vehicle accident that also
placed five other minors in the hospital last night.

The other five men have been treated and released from Reeves County
Hospital. As of this morning, the sixth youth, David Chavez, 16, is in
stable condition at Lubbock Methodist Hospital.

Those already released from the hospital are the driver, Daniel
Natividad, 16, and passengers Ian Dominguez, 15, Adam Matta, 15, Jimmy
Tarango, 15, and Raul Salgado, 16.

The accident occurred at 7:57 p.m. last night at the intersection of the
2100 block of Plum St. and the 600 block of Yucca.

According to the police report, the 1993 white Chevrolet Astro mini-van
was headed north on the 2200 block of Plum St. The driver stated that he
reached down for a cassette tape, looked up, and almost hit the curb at
Plum and Yucca. He then slammed on the brakes and over corrected to the
left, causing the mini-van to veer to the left and roll over once,
landing facing south.

All six occupants of the vehicle were taken by ambulances to Reeves
County Hospital, and Chavez was transferred to Lubbock. His injuries
were more severe because he was the only person ejected from the van,
police said. Chavez was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the

The driver of the van received a citation for failure to control speed. Alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

Bids sought for HUD housing renovations

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Staff Writer

PECOS, August 25, 1997 - Bids are currently being taken from contractors
interested in performing renovations at the HUD apartments located on
the south side of Pecos and the apartments for the elderly on Second
St., according to Pecos Housing Authority Executive Director Nellie

The bids will be opened on Sept. 30, she said during a meeting of the
housing board Thursday evening.

These renovations will be made through a Compensation Improvement
Project Assistance (CIAP) grant, according to Gomez.

Gomez stated that an architect has already been procured to work on the
major project and the group is currently seeking a contractor.

"We've already advertised in the Odessa American, El Paso Times, San
Angelo Standard Times and the Pecos Enterprise," said Gomez.

Gomez stated that the board needed to find out what time they wanted to
meet to open the bids and all agreed on an evening session.

"The architect will be here and possibly some of the contractors who
bid," she said.

Gomez told the group that many inquiries have been received and housing
department personnel are very excited about the project.

"This will also put a lot of people to work," she said.

The CIAP grant is for $1.3 million with major renovations planned for
the southside complex, minor renovations at the eastside housing and
some renovations included for the park located across the street from
the Pecos Housing Authority office.

Gomez noted that Riley's Sprinklers and Ditching, owned by Jim Riley of
Pecos originally submitted its bill for $800.

"Mr. Riley has generously donated $400 of his services to the southside
park, which is where we hired him to do some work," said Gomez. "I just
wanted everyone to know how generous and nice he has been," she said.

The board met to discuss the Farm Labor Housing agenda and later to
discuss Pecos Housing Authority items. The two agencies merged after a
discrepancy in funds was noted.

Gomez is supervisor for both agencies and oversees all operations for
the two housing entities.

During a discussion on HUD housing, board members agreed to turn over
some individuals to Retail Merchants and to file in small claims court
against three people who left the low-income housing facility owing

The three who the board will file against in small claims court include,
Celestina Cerna, who owes $348; Debra Flores, $505; and Elaine Rangel
who left owing HUD, $2,325.

"How did this individual leave owing so much money?" asked board
president Frank Perea.

"It accumulated because she was a zero renter and we found out she had
been receiving a check from her husband who had been killed," said Gomez.

As soon as the discovery was made the housing authority backtracked to
the date Rangel started receiving the checks and added the amount of
rent she was supposed to be paying according to her funds, which was
$269 a month, Gomez said.

"We didn't know she was getting this check and as soon as we found out,
which was four months later, we did something about it," said Gomez.
"She signed a contract where she would be paying something each month,
then abruptly she left and bought a house and a car," said Gomez.

"But she waited four months without telling you and if you hadn't found
out she would never have said anything," said Perea.

"I think these individuals need to pay back that money, especially those
cited for damages done to the apartments," said board member Debbie

Flores was referring to the other two tenants who left owing money
because of the damage done to the apartments they had lived in.

"These two others Celestina Cerna and Debra Flores, the amount they owe
isn't all rent, some of it is damage done to the units," said Gomez.

"If they do the damage they should pay for it," said board member Flores.

A new dwelling lease agreement was accepted by the board.

"This new agreement has a few changes and I need to present it to the
renters and give them a chance to respond," said Gomez.

Gomez told the board that they had to review it and approve it before
she presented it to the renters. The renters will then have a chance to
comment on the new rules.

Board members also approved the monthly income and expense report;
monthly accounts payable for August and the monthly occupancy report for August during their regular meeting.

Local attorney sues government
over border shooting incident

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Staff Writer

PECOS, August 25, 1997 - Local attorney Bill Weinacht is suing several
branches of the U.S. government and military in regard to a U.S. Marine
shooting and killing a teenage civilian near Redford along the
Texas/Mexico border.

Weinacht has filed a claim with the Secretary of Defense, the Department
of the Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps, the Immigration and Naturalization
Service, the U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Attorney General's office
pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act 28 USCA sections 2674 and 1346
on behalf of the family of Esequiel Hernandez, Jr.

Hernandez is the 18-year-old who was fatally shot while herding goats
near his home on May 20.

"The claim seeks to describe the circumstances surrounding Esequiel
Hernandez Jr.'s death," Weinacht said last week.

Weinacht said that he is required to seek the information regarding the
circumstances of Hernandez's shooting, and the outcome of the situation,
which, in the case, was the death of a teenage boy, shot on U.S. soil by
a member of the U.S. military.

Weinacht further explained that the government has six months after
being notified of the claim to examine the situation and deny the claim
before the case can be taken to court.

He said that every governmental agency involved has been notified,
although all of the different offices did not receive their
notifications on the same day. The notifications arrived around July 14,
Weinacht said.

If the case is not settled out of court, it will be heard here at the
Lucius D. Bunton Federal Courthouse. The case would not be entitled to a
jury trial, but would be heard by a judge.

"I'm walking on sacred ground in this case because these people, the
Hernandez family, are wonderful people, and they've suffered a terrible
loss," Weinacht said.

Weinacht said that he has been careful not to exploit the publicity
surrounding this case, but "because I'm walking on sacred ground," he
said, "it's impossible to avoid publicity in a case like this."

He said that the Department of the Navy is handling this claim, along
with the Department of Justice. The Department of the Navy has contacted
Weinacht and informed him that they have received the claim and have
begun their investigation.

"This is important," said Weinacht. "This matters."

Weinacht explained what he and the Hernandez family are seeking by
filing this claim.

"We're looking for the government to be held responsible for the loss
the family has suffered," he said.

Weinacht continued, "There's no remedy for the family. Nobody can bring
this young man back to life."

So, Weinacht concluded, "The only alternative is for the government to
compensate them for their loss."

Weinacht will not release the specific amount of compensation he is
seeking, he said, out of respect for the family, so as not to demean
them in their time of loss by putting a monetary value on the life of their loved one for public scrutiny.

New Quality Inn restaurant
owners revamp menu, decor

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Staff Writer

PECOS, August 25, 1997 - A Southwestern flair with a variety of dishes
to fit any taste is what the new owners of the restaurant located inside
the Quality Inn are seeking.

Sonia and Rafael Ugalde, who took control of the restaurant a month ago,
are excited about their new venture.

"It's a lot of work, but it's something we enjoy," said Sonia Ugalde.

The Caramba Restaurant offers a variety of Mexican and American dishes
with specials every day.

"All the food is homemade and nothing is done ahead of time," said
Rafael Ugalde.

For instance, the restaurant doesn't serve ready-made enchiladas,
instead, the enchiladas are made as the customer orders them.

"We don't like to keep dishes like that already made, these are dishes
the customer wants fresh," he said.

The couple also manage another restaurant in Fort Stockton. Alfredo's
Mexican Restaurant is located at 2103 W. Dickinson.

"We come into Pecos every day and every evening or morning before coming
over here we check on the other restaurant," said Sonia Ugalde.

The Quality Inn meeting room can be rented for parties, showers or

"The Lions Club meets here at noon and we would like to invite other
clubs that would like to, to have their meetings here," said Rafael

A buffet is available from 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. every day offering a
variety of dishes.

"The buffet usually consists of two or three kinds of meat with a
variety of other foods," said Ugalde.

The restaurant is open all day Sunday.

"On Sundays we usually have roast beef," said Rafael Ugalde.

Even though they prepare the best in Mexican cuisine, Ugalde states that
they have been praised the most for their chili rellenos.

"A lot of people have told us that they really enjoy our chili rellenos,
since we make them different from most people," said Rafael Ugalde.

The couple also sells the specialty item to other restaurants in Fort

"We have a lot of locals who come in daily, but we also see a lot of
travelers," said Rafael Ugalde. "We're starting to host the Avon
meetings here also," he said.

Coffee groups that would like to gather each morning at the restaurant
are welcome and morning specials are also available.

The restaurant's special every evening is chicken fried steak dinner.

"It's chicken fried steak with all the trimmings," he said.

"We hope to stay here awhile, we really like it and are in the process
of remodeling," said Rafael Ugalde.

The remodeling consists of new decor featuring a Southwestern/Mexican
"We want to make it is comfortable as we can for our customers," he said.|

Four drug indictments issued

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Staff Writer

PECOS, August 25, 1997 - Four persons were indicted Thursday by the
Reeves County Grand Jury on drug charges.

David Hernandez, 39, Eric Keith Payne, 22, and Benito Ramirez, 42, are
charged with possession of marijuana, more than four ounces but less
than five pounds, on July 24. Their bail is $10,000 each.

Victor Jasso Mendoza is charged with possession of cocaine on May 19.
His bail is $2,500.

District Judge Bob Parks on Friday dismissed a theft charge against Mary
Lou Corrales, with completion of her deferred-adjudication probation.

Corrales was placed on four-years probation Aug. 20, 1993 after pleading
guilty to theft from the Town of Pecos City. She was ordered to pay
$5,148 in restitution and a $1,000 fine. That payment has been made,
said probation officer Louis Aten in a motion to release her from

Billy Ray Overcash was ordered to serve 30 days in jail for abandoning
and endangering a child, with credit for time served since his arrest on
July 24 when his bond was revoked.

Overcash had been released on bail pending appeal of the conviction.
That appeal was denied, said Judge Parks in signing the order for incarceration.

35 cases come before federal judge tomorrow

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Staff Writer

PECOS, August 25, 1997 - Senior Judge Lucius Bunton has 18 defendants
scheduled for federal jury trial or guilty pleas Tuesday, along with
sentencing in 17 other cases and a final hearing on revocation of
supervised release.

District Judge Royal Furgeson sentenced three defendants Thursday on
marijuana possession convictions.

They are: Jorge Alberto Esparza-Ramos, 29, of Chihuahua, Mex., 40 months
in prison, plus four years supervised release;

* Gregorio Contreras-Hernandez of Mexico, 24 months plus three years
supervised release; and

* Louis Alejandro Espinosa-Urrutia, 20, of Fort Stockton, 20 months plus
two years supervised release.

Jose Alfredo Avila-Salgado, 27, of Camargo, Mex., was sentenced to 24 months plus three years supervised release for importing marijuana.

PBT board to discuss 97-98 budget, tax rate

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PECOS, August 25, 1997 - There will be a special meeting of the
Pecos-Barstow-Toyah Independent School District Board of Trustees at 6
p.m. on Aug. 28 in the board room at 1304 S. Park Street, across the
street from Pecos High School.

Items on the agenda of the special meeting are:

* Amend 1996-97 budget;

* 1997-98 budget hearing;

* Discuss/approve 1997-98 budget;

* Discuss/approve certification of 1997 appraisal values

* Certification of 1997 debt collection rate and 1996 excess debt
collection rate

* Notice and hearing limit tax rate

* Notice of effective tax rate

* Discuss tax rate; if proposed tax rate is 3 percent above effective
tax rate or rollback rate, record vote and schedule hearing

* Closed session;

* Discuss/approve professional personnel appointments, resignations, retirements, transfers and coaching assignments.

County commissioners' court meets tonight

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PECOS, August 25, 1997 - Reeves County Commissioners will meet 5:30 p.m.
today on the third floor of the Reeves County Courthouse.

During the meeting the new home economics agent Maria Cardenas will be
introduced by Mary Strictband, Texas A&M Extention Service.

Items on the agenda include discussion/action on:

Reeves County Detention Center fixed assets as salvage

1998-99 data processing contract for tax office

Interlocal agreement to provide softball field facilities for PBT school
district girls softball program

Executive Session

Department reports

Budget amendments and line-item transfers

Personnel and salary changes (RCDC, Sheriff's office)

Minutes from previous meetings

Payment of semi-monthly bills
Spread on minutes

Rains slow down PBT building repairs

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PECOS, August 25, 1997 - Recent rainstorms temporarily slowed down
progress on the re-roofing project on Pecos High School Building B, but
had no lasting effect, said maintenance Director Joe Coody.

"Water got indoors when the rains came over the past several days," said
PHS Principal Danny Rodriguez.

"In a way, it might have helped them (the roofers), by showing them
where the rain was leaking in," Rodriguez said.

Coody said that the rain did not cause any damage, and that any damage
in the building was already there, so rain that got into the building
during the storms won't cost the district any additional money.
"Hopefully, they'll be finished soon," said Rodriguez.


August 25, 1997

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The Fort Stockton Pioneer

FORT STOCKTON, Aug. 21, 1997 - The City of Fort Stockton has officially
joined other West Texas communities that oppose the location of a
radioactive waste disposal facility in Hudspeth County. The decision
came during a regular meeting of the Fort Stockton City Council, and
followed discussion of the facility by the council and a presentation
from one local resident who spoke in opposition to the site.

The Big Bend Sentinel

MARFA, Aug. 21, 1997 - Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez turned
over to the FBI all the Redford shooting evidence in his custody as a
federal civil rights violation investigation began. The Justice
Department's entry into the case came after 83rd State Judicial Attorney
Albert Valadez couldn't muster an indictment in the case, and a Presidio
County grand jury failed to return an indictment.

The Alpine Avalanche

ALPINE, Aug. 21, 1997 - Hallie Crawford Stillwell, one of West Texas'
legends, died Monday, Aug. 18, at Big Bend Regional Medical Center. Born
in Waco on Oct. 18, 1897, Hallie packed up her things and moved to West
Texas in 1910 on a covered wagon with her parents.

The International, Presidio Paper

PRESIDIO, Aug. 21, 1997 - A judge entered a not-guilty verdict for a
21-year-old Presidio man when a teenage witness called to the stand
declined to testify. Jose Antonio Gallegos was acquitted of a felony
charge of carrying a weapon in a prohibited place. Enrollment at
Presidio schools continues to increase. During the week that school
began, an additional 63 students have enrolled, bringing the total as of
Monday to 1,264 students.

The Sanderson Times

SANDERSON, Aug. 21, 1997 - Major changes of the US 285 intersection with
US 90 west of town and landscaping features will improve that entrance,
according to information from the Texas Department of Transportation
office in Odessa. Construction through Sanderson on US 90 should get
underway a year from now if the TxDOT remains on schedule, according to
Paul Hoelscher, the TxDOT engineer in charge of the project.

The Monahans News

MONAHANS, Aug. 21, 1997 - Raises, extensive work on the high school
auditorium and hope a deficit can be resolved are all part of the
$15,192,029 budget approved by the trustees of the
Monahans-Wickett-Pyote School District for 1997-1998. That budget is $594,271 more than the district budget in 1996-1997.


August 25, 1997

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Bobbie Roberson

Bobbie Roberson, 72, of Abilene, died Saturday, Aug. 23, 1997, at her

Graveside services will be at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 25, at the
Elmwood Memorial Park Mausoleum with Dr. Jesse Fletcher and Lewis
Lemmond officiating.

She was born July 2, 1925, in Iola, Tx., married B.C. Roberson in 1943,
in Pecos, lived in College Station until September 1943, when she moved
to Abilene. She was a member of the First Baptist Church and Victory
Bible Class.

Roberson was preceded in death by one son, Neil Roberson in April 1992.

Survivors include: her husband, Dr. B.C. Roberson of Abilene; one
daughter, Jean Burkholder of Pecos; her mother, Ruby McLaren; one
brother, Bobby Tyer; two sisters, Morris Greyton of Bryan, Joyce Gum of
Huntsville: and four grandchildren.

The family requests that memorial contributions be made to Hendrick
Hospice Care, P.O. Box 1922, Abilene, Tx. 79604 and to the West Texas
Rehabilitation Center, 4601 Hartford, Abilene, Tx. 79605.

Mary Alldredge

Mary Alldredge, 75, of Barstow, died Sunday at the Odessa Medical Center.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete. The Pecos Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.


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PECOS, August 25, 1997 - High Sunday, 92, low this morning, 65. Most of Texas spent a mild Sunday as temperatures topped out in the 80s and 90s statewide. Only one location, Cotulla, topped 100 degrees Sunday afternoon with a 103-degree reading. Marfa reported the coolest afternoon high with 82. West Texas expected partly cloudy skies Monday with highs in the 90s, with some 80s in the mountains and near 110 in the Big Bend valleys. Lows will be in the 60s and 70s, with some upper 50s in the mountains.

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