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Van Horn Advocate


Aug. 22, 1997


By Mac McKinnon

You can disagree and
not be disagreeable

Do you have an opinion - on anything? Of course you do. Everybody does.
And those opinions are important and should be expressed. No one should
be ashamed of their opinions.

However, that appears to be the case. Many is the time I receive letters
to the editor with the request not to use a name. Some of those requests
I understand as some people are in positions where their opinions could
get them in trouble with bosses or relatives.

If a letter is signed, I try to use it unless there are problems with
the opinion being slanderous to some person or business. We can't just
print anything without support of some opinions. That happens rarely and
I do withhold the names if requested although I would rather not as
people are entitled to their opinions.

I also get letters - in many cases very good ones - from people who
don't sign the name and I don't have a clue where or who it came from.
Those I don't print because some people love to accuse me of making
things up which I never do and don't have to as truth is stranger than
any fiction I can come up with.

Plus, I'm not ashamed of my opinions. The "Our View" comes from me
and/or staff members and is supported by me and this newspaper. If the
article is under the "Our View" heading, it comes from the publisher
which is me and is noted in a box on the editorial page (this page).

People know I'm rather blunt and I don't recall many issues that I back
away from. Some issues aren't public and that doesn't belong in the
public domain so I deal with those on an individual basis, not in the

I'm also surprised that some people in meetings we cover don't want to
be quoted. It is said that some people don't speak up in meetings
because they don't want to be quoted. Why? Is the opinion so bad that
they are ashamed of it? Can the opinion stand public scrutiny?

I do understand that some people in public meetings want to discuss
employees, and that matter should be held in private. We're not
interested in getting into that kind of issue and I don't believe the
public is interested in reading it although it may be "juicy".

However, if a person is fired, the public needs to have some kind of
explanation, if that person is in a public position. Those in private
positions are not subject to the same scrutiny as public officials.

Of course, there are always those who say they are misquoted or quoted
out of context. We simply can't print, nor can any other newspaper,
everything everyone says so we do try to get the quote right and keep it
in the same context.

Regardless of what we print, however, some people read what they want to
read not paying particular heed to what the printed words say. And we do
make mistakes or may not always hear everything correctly although we
give it our best shot. We certainly don't have any axes to grind so
we're not out to get anybody. That kind of thing doesn't belong in our

The bottom line of all this is to please be proud of your opinion.
Express yourself and let other people deal with their own problems with
your opinions. I firmly believe in the old adage that we can disagree
without being disagreeable.

Mac McKinnon is editor and publisher of the Pecos Enterprise. His column
appears on Friday.


Former Pecosite wants letters from friends

Dear Editor:

A great big "Howdy" to all of you friends.

I left Pecos in April to stay with my daughter, Deanna, and family in
DeSoto because of fracturing my hip.

I have since moved to a lovely retirement center in Ft. Worth and am
feeling great and having a good time since I am so close to Deanna's
family and even closer to my beloved little brother and his precious

However, I really miss you all and would love to hear from you if you
have a chance.

Leaving my Pecos was not an easy decision after having had moved there
in 1947 and acquiring so many terrific friends and relationships,
especially at my church and the Senior Center.

Please know that I will never forget any of you and Love You All So Much!

Please write me:
Irene Holm
7120 Baker Blvd. #404
Richland Hills, Texas 76118

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