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Van Horn Advocate


Tuesday, Aug. 20, 1997


Rosie Flores

Weight loss should be
done gradually, safely

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Losing weight seems to be a fad that doesn't die or diminish in
popularity. Women, especially, are still trying to conquer the age-old
problem of obesity.

But it's not just the women who are interested in looking fit and trim,
there are plenty of men out there who enjoy working out, taking vitamins
and just plain looking after their bodies.

And to what lengths these individuals go. To the lengths of endangering
their health and well-being, instead of making it better. Losing weight
is a natural process and should be done under the supervision of a
physician or nutritionist. Otherwise, it can lead to other serious
health problems.

A combination of drugs have come into the scene offering quick results
for taking off the fat. However, like everything else there are
drawbacks. The combination may be associated with heart problem.

The Mayo Clinic Health Letter warns that if you're taking a combination
of the weight-loss medications fen-fluramine and phentermine - commonly
known as "fen-phen" - you'd better see your physicians and discuss at

Mayo Clinic physicians have observed an unusual form of heart valve
disease in 24 women taking fen-phen. In light of this finding, Mayo
physicians suggest you discuss with your doctor the benefits and risks
of continuing fen-phen therapy.

The heart valve damage was discovere during routine medical visits.
Subsequent tests showed that the valves were thickened and blood was
"leaking" backwards (regurgitatting), making the heart work harder to
pump blood through the body. In some of the women, more than one heart
valve was affected. Five of the women needed heart surgery to repair or
replace damaged valves.

The women, who were free of cardiovascular disease prior to taking
fen-phen, had been using the medications for an average of one year.
Eight were also found to have pulmonary hypertension, a serious disease
of the heart and lungs. So far, none has died.

Mayo investigators say they don't know how the medications may cause
heart valve damage, but the findings raise significant concner. More
comprehensive study is needed and planned.

Fenfluramine and phentermine are each approved by the Food and Drug
Administration for treatment of obesity. The combination of the two
drugs is no FDA-approved, even though the medications are commonly
prescribed that way. Last year, doctors wrote 18 million monthly
prescriptions for the drugs.

It's interesting to find out that in trying to better yourself you just
might exactly the opposite. For all those wanting to lose weight, the
natural way is always the best. Plenty of exercise and good nutritious

Editor's Note: Rosie Flores is an Enterprise writer and editor of Lifestyles and Golden Years. Her column appears each Wednesday.


New Yorker impressed with Pecos progress

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Dear Editor:
This letter is inspired by your editorial in the "Enterprise" on Friday,
Aug. 8, 1997.

I am a native New Yorker, who has had it with the city. I have been
looking for a better place to live my remaining years. I will turn 65 in

Through the public library and other sources I discovered Pecos. In
March of 1996 I wrote to the Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Tom Rivera send
me a good deal of information, including a copy of the "Pecos

At that time my impression was a sleepy, laid-back, West Texas town,
which was okay with me. My curiosity was piqued and this year I'm in the
midst of a six month subscription to the "Enterprise."

My opinion in the last year has changed drastically I now see an
exciting, foreward looking, progressive city that is doing everything
possible to enter the 21st Century in good shape.

As you say in your editorial every city has its problems and believe me
no more than New York City.

Your search for new industry, your plan of re-forrestation, your new
recreation center, your idea of a city planner are all steps in the
right direction.

The list of positives that you ticked off in your editorial are all
things that I for one am looking forward to enjoying someday and I hope

This is the first time I've ever written to a newspaper but I felt I had
to support your positive outlook.

I am enjoying your newspaper. However, there is one criticism I have.
Every paper comes to me on time except Thursdays edition which usually
takes over one week to arrive. Aside from that I am very satisfied.

Continued success in stilling the nay-sayers and in keeping positive.

Long Island, NY

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