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Van Horn Advocate


Friday, August 15


Mac McKinnon

Elvis lives on for his
many supportive fans

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Elvis Presley died 20 years ago this week at the age of 42. Most people
are probably aware by now of that anniversary.

I'm one of many of my generation who really enjoyed Elvis. He changed
music, not by himself as there were many others in the 1950s who were
involved in the change. However, he was the big changer as he was the
most popular and visible.

It's sad that his image has been tarnished by the way he lived and died.
However, that seems to happen to many superstars as they lose their
privacy and stardom changes them.

His superstar status did not really change Elvis in many ways as he
never forgot his roots, coming from an impoverished background and
having to struggle.

In my mind and to my ears, he had one of the greatest voices of any
singer who has hit it big. Sure, there are many great voices that have
been before the public but his, even when he was in bad health at the
end, was so good.

I particularly liked his gospel music and could sit and listen for hours
to his music. And as time goes on, it is becoming obvious that his music
will endure through generations.

Some generations, such as those who grew up in the seventies, do not
like his music as it was so different from what they grew up listening
to, hard rock and the like.

But, even those music fans are becoming converts. I'm a little puzzled
by some comments on television this past week that asserted that Elvis
fans aren't normal people.

I believe I'm pretty normal and as I mentioned in an earlier column, I
drove by Graceland when I was in Memphis this summer. I didn't have time
to go through it but I would have, had the opportunity presented itself
and hope to do so at some future date.

I'm not a rabid fan in that I don't collect Elvis souvenirs but I enjoy
his music and enjoyed his performances because he knew how to work a
crowd and please his listeners.

I also enjoyed his movies. They were entertaining. As I've noted on a
number of occasions, I don't go to movies to "get a message" but to be
entertained and that's what his movies and music are about.

It was interesting to note that Elvis still holds the records in number
of records sold during a career. That just shows how many fans he has
had and that he continues to have. The mark of any career is how long a
person appeals to the listeners or viewers as is the case with movies
and television stars.

If you've never had the chance to listen to Elvis, I invite you to do so
as his music is very interesting. I don't know who would not have heard
him extensively, but apparently there are some who might not have given
him a chance.

As far as I'm concerned, he is still the king of rock 'n roll!

Editor's Note: Mac McKinnon is editor and publisher of the Pecos
Enterprise. His column appears on Friday.

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