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Wednesday, Aug. 6, 1997


Rosie Flores

Calvin Klein jeans
on list of school musts

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It's hard to believe that it's that time again. Back to School Time! It's seems like only yesterday both youngsters and teachers were celebrating and looking forward to some relaxation. At least three months of it.

Where did the summer go?

And now parents have the task of buying school clothes and school supplies, when it seems like they just did that.

The school supply list seems to get longer every year also. Whatever happened to the Big Chief tablet and jumbo pencils for the younger ones and pens and notebook paper for the older students?

Now the list is so complicated, parents need help deciphering it. Modeling clay and water colors for students in kindergarten. One box of map colors and highlighting markers for students in the elementary school level.

Someone asked what map colors are. Colored pencils! Soon, students will be asked to bring their laptop computers to class.

As for school clothes, you know the students just have to wear name brands. By name brands I mean the most expensive clothes on the racks. Of course, they all bear some name you never even heard of. Like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren.

Parents, don't think these are some of your child's friends. They are actually clothes designers. (I made «MD120»Column 1: vj expansion of -0.03 points at lines, -0.03 at par«MDNM»
that same mistake!) I got chastised for not knowing who Tommy Hilfiger is.

Getting students ready for school is getting more complicated each year. But it's not the school supplies that bother the parents. It's the clothes and the way all students want only what everyone else is wearing.

Baggy clothes, overalls and long shirts were the fad last year. But what's in this year? As we grow older we don't care what's in, we just worry that it's going to fit.

Our main priority is not looks, but comfort. Students don't care about comfort as long as what they're wearing is "in."

Overalls hanging halfway down the backside don't look comfortable at all. Neither do jeans worn that way either. But apparently the style was very popular last year.

Maybe this year the style will be jeans worn at the waist.

Whatever the style the student chooses and the long list of school supplies, preparing for the year will take a little bit longer.

I sure do miss the simpler days.

Editor's Note: Rosie Flores is an Enterprise writer and editor of Lifestyles and Golden Years. Her column appears each Wednesday.


National parks need special attention

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Politicians in Washington, D.C. seem to be proud of themselves for passing a balanced budget amendment combined with a tax cut. It does seem to be landmark legislation, particularly the balanced budget aspect of the bill.

For once, all parties are agreeing on something, which is another landmark occasion.

But, while all this is going on, there is some other business that needs to be tended to. What we have particular reference to is our national park system.

Because of our growing population and the increasing prosperity of that populace, the national parks are being overwhelmed with use.

However, the national park budget for personnel and upkeep has not kept pace with the useage and therein lies the problem. Our parks are being allowed to deteroriate.

Those who have visited our national parks - and there are several near us - realize that these are great assets to our country. They need to be preserved and protected, but not at the expense of limiting visitations.

Money is needed and we encourage members of Congress to find the funds necessary to adequately staff these facilities as well to provide for proper upkeep and maintenance.

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