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Monday, Aug. 4, 1997


Rick Smith

Pecos River stories
requested for printing

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In early August 1916, residents of Pecos were excitedly preparing for
the Reeves County Fair. The Pecos Times was promoting the coming fair by
encouraging merchants and businessmen of the city to participate in the
first event of the fair, The Reeves County Fair Parade.

An Aug. 11 an article promoting the parade reads: "A float, or an auto
nicely decorated, representing your business, will likely be the means
of indelibly stamping your firm name on the memory of the on-lookers as
no other advertising feature could possibly do...The committee has
already received responses from the following wide-awake and
enterprising merchants and businessmen, promising their support:"

The list of businesses and prominent citizens participating in the
county fair parade gives insight into how much the business community
and the powers-that-be have changed in the last 81 years. The list
included: Pecos Valley State Bank; Pecos Mercantile Co.; Pecos Light and
Ice Co.; Pecos City Band; Pecos Dry Goods Co.; O. Mitchell, dealer in
Overland Automobiles; Mrs. R.S. Kelton Millinery; The Glasscock
Millinery; Tri-State Telephone Co., M. W. Collie, Mgr.; The Elite
Confectionery; City Garage; D. W. Bozeman (The Rexall Store); Roy
Magill, The New Cafe; The Texas Co.; Max Ritz Barber Shop; E.L. Collings
Insurance Co.; Ed Otto Meat Market; Clayton and Landrum, Contractors;
W.E. Hamilton, Contractor; Wells Fargo Express Co., H.H. Johnson, Agent;
T.E. Brown Furniture; B.G. Smith, Grocery; Miller's Second Hand Store;
O.J. Green, Grocery; Groves Lumber Co.; H.C. Zimmer, Hardware; Belton
Short, Tinner and Plumber; Merry Wives Library Club; 20th Century Club;
Euterpean Club; Domestic Science Club; and The Boy Scouts.

It's interesting to note that Pecos residents received their electricity
and ice from the same company. Whatever happened to city bands anyway?
What happened to Overland Automobiles?

Meat markets are mostly things of the past now, too.

The name of the Merry Wives Library Club conjures up an image of a group
of married women tipping up a few glasses of wine in one of their
private libraries.

Another article in the same edition of the Pecos Times shows how
different the Pecos River was in 1916. The headline reads, "Big Rise in
Pecos River." The article reads in part, "The Pecos River has been on
one of its rampages this week. The bridge over Dark Canyon was partially
washed out Monday evening and no trains from New Mexico have been able
to make it here, though it is expected that it will arrive tomorrow. The
track, in different places, has been damaged near Orla."

The article went on to describe how farmers and friends put up
embankments to keep the crops from flooding. They were successful in
that only enough of the river made it into the fields to amount to "a
good irrigating."

I know I'm new here, but I cannot imagine the Pecos River doing much
damage now days. Maybe I'm wrong. If you know an interesting Pecos River
flood story drop me a note telling me about it.

Editor's Note: Rick Smith is an Enterprise writer and city editor whose column appears each Monday.


Reader praises paper for on-line service

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Dear Editor:
I've really enjoyed reading the Pecos paper daily on the web.

You all at the Enterprise have done a great job at getting Pecos on the
information highway and at the same time giving us who live out of the
area to catch up on current events in the community.

Due to military obligations, I've been in Virginia for the last eight
years and keeping up with things was limited to a "once in a while"
phone call to family.

Now I get on the web and all the information is at my finger-tips. Thank
you again and congrats on your one year on-line

Ernie Matta
Newport News, Va.

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