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July 18, 1997

Lack of participation on council
hinders local Head Start

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Staff Writer
PECOS, July 18, 1997 - A lack of leadership continues to plague the
area Head Start program.
During a Community Council of Reeves County meeting held last night
Council Executive Director Caprice Cox said she was ready to fill the
vacant Head Start Director position with a current employee. However,
Cox was unable to fulfill her recomendation because there was not a
quarum of the Head Start Policy Council present at the 6 p.m. meeting
held at Vickie's Mexican Restaurant in Monahans. The policy council is
the decision making entity for the program.
A visit from the Dallas office of the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services Administration for Children and Families last year
revealed deficiencies in the local Head Start program. The community
council is working to correct those deficiencies by Nov. 1 to maintain
control of the program. One of the directives from the department of
health was to conduct a state-wide search for a director for the Head
Start program.
Cox said she has fulfilled the requirements for a state-wide search for
qualified people to fill the position with no positive results.
"I need a director," Cox said. "I told them (health department) that if
you can find someone qualified and willing to work for what we can pay,
then send them to me. There are none."
Cox said that while she did receive some inquiries about the open
position, none were willing to accept the pay rate being offered.
"For the amount of money we can pay no one is going to take it," Cox
While the current employee recomended by Cox does not have all the
required degrees the health department recomends for the director's
position, Cox said her recomendation is familiar with the program and
its responsibilities and is willing to accept the pay offered. She also
said her recomendation was willing to attain training needed for the
But, as mentioned, Cox was not able to get approval for her
recomendation due to a lack of quarum on the policy council. According
to Cox, the council has not been able to gain a quarum for six months.
"If those people don't want to be on the policy council they need to
send in a written resignation," said Linda Clark, Community Council
"We will try to have an emergency meeting of the policy council next
week," said Julian Florez, one of the policy council members present at
last night's meeting. "We need to get together and see if we have any
A report on the Head Start program delivered by interm director Elida
Rodriquez stated that on July 11 a meeting was held to discuss and write
up a Quality Improvement Plan, one of the health department requirements
for the community council to retain the Head Start program, and only one board member attended the meeting.

Salvation Army sends 11 Pecos
children to summer camp

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Staff Writer
PECOS, July 18, 1997 - Eleven Pecos children went to camp yesterday
thanks to the Salvation Army. Five boys and six girls left in the
morning for Camp Hoblitzelle, near Midlothian.
It costs the children nothing to attend this Salvation Army-owned camp,
and the local Salvation Army unit even provides transportation,
supplies, and meals to and from the camp.
"All they're taking with them is $5," said Virginia Caballero, who is a
counselor at Bessie Hanynes Elementary and is taking the children to
camp as a volunteer. "That will be turned in at the camp bank when they
arrive, and it goes for snacks at the canteen such as sodas, candy, and
Bill Oglesby is the treasurer for the Pecos Salvation Army Unit. "We are
helping them with supplies they would need in camp plus meals to and
from the camp. We are taking care of transportation, which is a bus that
will pick up kids in Kermit, Fort Stockton, and Pecos and take them to
the camp," he said.
"I think going to camp will do all of them some good. A lot of kids
don't get to go places like that. They have a chance to see other
cities, and I think it will be good for them," said Donna Perkins, whose
daughter, Cindy, is going to camp today.
"I'm excited to go swimming and horseback riding," Cindy Perkins said.
Caballero was approached by Raul Munoz, of the Salvation Army, about
recommending a group of children to go.
"He asked if I knew any kids who would like to go, and of course I knew
many," Caballero said. "I selected them according to their background
and tried to find those who might not have the opportunity to go
otherwise," Caballero said.
"It's giving kids that may not have the opportunity to go otherwise a
good experience around other kids," Oglesby said.
"I am happy that they are going to have a good time. It's going to be
different from Pecos. There's so much to do there," said Alma Rosa
Perez, whose son and daughter, Martin and Hazel Tarango, also went to
"This is the first time they are getting to go. The kids are looking
forward to it. When I told my friend Adan at Coca-Cola that they were
going, he donated a case of coke," said Nancy Salazar, whose son, Jeremy
Britton is excited to spend a few days at camp.
"I am most looking forward to swimming, and I am thankful that my
cousin, Sheriff "Andy" Gomez, helped me to be able to go," said Britton.
The next five days will be filled with swimming, boating, horesback
riding, crafts, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and archery. The camp
has 14 modern cabins that hold 20 campers each.
Reyburn Ruhl, Salvation Army assistant director of state services said,
"Camp Hoblitzelle is a beautiful 600 acres with horses, a fort, modern
cabins, a putt-putt golf course, an olympic size pool, and a lake. The
camp has been in operation for 41 years."
Captain Susan Brown, a director at Camp Hoblitzelle, said that the camp
day usually starts at 7:15 a.m.
"There is a flag raising at 7:45 where we also do roll call and make
sure all of the cabins are present. After breakfast there is cabin
inspection to make sure that the beds are made, no clothes are left out,
and bathrooms are clean. Then various Salvation Army ministers lead
groups of 30 to 40 children in Bible study for about an hour.

"In the evening we have an evening program that could be a pool party, a
wild west evening in our fort, a field meet, or a campfire for songs and
games. We have a short devotional every evening," Brown said.
"The thing I like best is the lake. The kids like the boats a lot. It's
a great opportunity for kids who don't get to do this kind of thing.
They become part of a team and participate in lots of group activities.
"This may be their only chance to get out of town. We like the
opportunity to let them know that somebody loves them," Ruhl said.
The staff at the camp is large and includes one counselor and one
counselor-in-training for each cabin. There are 11 staff officers who
lead daily Bible study and help with activities such as archery and
boating. There are also wranglers and lifeguards plus kitchen and
maintenance workers. The campers return Tuesday, July 22.

Toyah holds Sixth Annual
Mesquite Festival this weekend

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Staff Writer
PECOS, July 18, 1997 - Toyah's 6th Annual Texas Mesquite Festival
started today with a trail ride and continues tomorrow with craft and
food booths, a domino tournament and a dance.
The trail ride started early this morning in Balmorhea. The Texas Trail
Riders will travel 26 miles today on horseback or in horse-drawn wagons,
and arrive in Toyah this evening between 6:30 and 8:30, just in time for
a wiener roast and cowboy sing-along.
Tomorrow the festival begins at 9 a.m. with a parade, which starts at
the Texaco on the south side of the interstate and goes to DuBois Street
by the school house. A flag raising ceremony will follow the parade at
the Toyah community center, known as the Toyah school house, on Second
and DuBois.
Those interested in competing in the Domino/42 tournament will meet at
11 a.m. at the school house. The winner receives a new set of bone
dominoes. "We've had a great deal of success with this in past years,"
said Clara Bolling, who helped come up with the idea of having a
mesquite festival six years ago.
At 10 a.m. tomorrow, Bro. J.R. Wooten of the Toyah Baptist Church will
hold cowboy church in the park next to the school, and the mesquite
committee will be barbecuing from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Art, craft and food booths will be open all day Saturday in and around
the school house. Also, the EMT class that has been in session for four
weeks in Toyah will be giving hourly demonstrations at the fire station
across the street from the school house to show the public what an EMT
does in emergency situations.
DJ James Whitmore will play Hispanic, western, swing, and popular music
at the dance, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. The dance will be on the tennis
court on the school yard. At the dance, the Mesquite Queen will be
announced as well as the winner of the Pretty Baby Contest. The quilt
that has been on display at both Pecos banks will be raffled during the
There will be no rodeo this year as there has been in previous years,
and no volleyball tournament, as previously announced.
To Bolling, a mesquite festival is just right for Toyah because that is
what West Texas is covered with. "You can make mesquite bean jelly, plus beads and belts. It also makes great barbecue," Bolling said.

PBT board addresses dress code,
discipline plan at Pecos High School

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Staff Writer
PECOS, July 18, 1997 - Dress codes and the discipline plan at Pecos High
School dominated most of the discussions at last night's
Pecos-Barstow-Toyah school board meeting.
The audience, made up mainly of teachers, with a few parents mixed in
for good measure, packed the board room for the meeting, leaving a few
latecomers without seats.
Several teachers gave a joint presentation concerning dress and
discipline at the high school.
James Thomas spoke about an October 1996 meeting concerning the
discipline issue, stating that the meeting was set up to discuss
reformatting the minor infractions section of the PHS student handbook.
Barbara Scown explained that teachers compiled a written transcript of
the February 1997 meeting, when the current dress code was adopted. She
said that Priss McNutt felt the transcript was essential, so she
transcribed it from a tape recording of the meeting. Scown said McNutt
felt the transcript was needed for factual accuracy, so nobody would be
acting on the basis of rumor.
Scown pointed out that, at the time, the dress code was brought up as an
example of rules not being enforced, not because the teachers believed
that adopting a stricter dress code was the answer to solving discipline
problems at the school.
Nonetheless, a dress code committee was formed and several teachers were
put on the committee. Scown stated that she did not volunteer to serve
on the committee.
Teachers asked the superintendent to explain the dress code, and the
reasons for it, to students before implementing the new policy, but that
didn't happen, Scown said.
Nancy Russell spoke on the need to enforce rules already in place. She
also stated that there needed to be support of teachers' authority from
the administration and the school board.
Russell also pointed out a problem with students and their parents
jumping the chain of command which is listed in the student handbook.
Apparently complaints have been made, for example, to board members when
the teacher involved was never consulted, she said.
Linda Lindsey, who represented the Texas State Teachers Association,
addressed the problem of "teacher bashing" at past school board meetings.
She asked the school board to apologize for remarks made at last month's
board meeting that she said should not have been made during open
session and which named a specific school district employee, Joni
Lindsey also asked the board to explain to the public who is legally
responsible for enforcing the board's policies.
The dress code hammered out by the new committee formed at June's school
board meeting was revealed, but is not yet approved.
Trustee Linda Gholson asked if the board's attorney had gone over the
dress code to make sure it could be enforced as written and she was
informed that had not happened.
Trustee Steve Armstrong said that the dress code was for the entire
district, not merely the high school. He also objected to a part of the
dress code that he said needed to specify exactly what is and is not
appropriate attire for the classroom.
"Why leave ourselves open to interpretation?" he asked.
Armstrong also objected to leaving the code up to individual campus
Trustee Earl Bates raised a concern about measuring dress length with a
3x5 note card.
Bates stated that he wanted to wait to approve the newest plan until it
has been gone over and approved by everybody concerned.
Gholson suggested approving the new code at an upcoming special meeting
rather than waiting until the August board meeting, because that "will
cut everybody's time too short."
The school board discussed addressing the dress code/discipline issue
during next Tuesday's budget workshop.
Louis Matta, spokesman for the parents group formed when the current
dress code was implemented, was called to speak.
"We've been working on this proposal for five or six months," said
Matta. "Nobody got everything they wanted.
"At this time, I'm worried that parents will be buying school clothes
while the district doesn't have a set policy in place."
School Board President Frank Perea suggested coming up with an
additional list of what is and is not appropriate.
Gholson offered the suggestion to rewrite the heading on the policy to
say that is the code for the entire P-B-T ISD.
The discipline plan is still being worked on.
Other items of discussion included a request from parents to start a
Spanish Language class at the elementary level. Isabel Blanchard
represented that group's interests at the meeting.
Crissy Urias, the district's personnel/special services director, said
that the district Blanchard had mentioned as having a similar program at
last month's meeting did not have their program available for a distance
learning program, but said that the textbook they use is available.

Armstrong said that there would not be time to implement the program for
this fall, but maybe they could do it in time for the beginning of the
1998 school year.
The resignation of Superintendent Mario Sotelo was approved unanimously.
After an executive session not announced on the board's agenda, an
apology was given and most other agenda items were approved unanimously.
Only the board's first executive session was not on the agenda, the
regularly scheduled executive session was called later on.
Perea motioned to grant a grievance to Joni Capshaw to the extent that
he stated that he regretted using her name in a public forum.
Among items unanimously approved were: *planning periods within the
instructional day; *Gifted/Talented Cooperative contract with Region 18;
*an agreement for the education of tuition-free transfers for students
attending Wink ISD; *1997-98 meal prices; and *a plan to combine bus
routes for the upcoming school year.
Lydia Prieto was approved to calculate the effective tax rates.
El Paso Baking received the district bread contract, Borden received the
milk/dairy contract and GM Southwest won the bid to provide student
insurance. Security State Bank, the only bidder, was approved as the
board's depository.
High school, middle school and elementary handbooks are not ready for
approval at this time.
There were no 1996-97 budget amendments.
Armstrong cast the lone dissenting vote on approval of a contract for
Calame Linebarger Graham and Pena to audit the 1996 Property Value Study
as related to the Comptroller's calculation of the value lost to a new $10,000 Homestead Exemption.

County Clerk and Secretary of State
urge Texans to vote in Aug. 9

Constitutional Amendment Election

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PECOS, July 18, 1997 - Dianne O. Florez, Reeves County Clerk, and
Texas Secretary of State Tony Garza are teaming up to encourage the
people of Reeves County to get out and vote in the upcoming August 9
Constitutional Amendment Election. Florez and Secretary Garza want the
people of Reeves County to take the initiative in shaping the state
Early Voting for the August 9 Election begins Monday, July 21, and runs
through August 5,. Polling places are: Early Voting - Reeves County
Courthouse (lobby area); on Election Day will be as follows: Boxes 1, 2,
3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 will be at the Reeves County Civic Center in
Pecos; Box 4 will be at the Toyah City Hall; Box 5, Senior Citizens'
Hall, Balmorhea, Texas; Box 6, Multi-Purpose Center, Saragosa; and Box
9, Red Bluff Office, Orla.
Florez reports that her records reflect that, "Voter turnout in Reeves
County for the last Constitutional . Amendment Election in 1995 was 7
"Historically, a ballot with propositions does not generate as much
voter excitement as a ballot featuring candidates and contested races,"
said Garza. "Even though the August 9 ballot will contain only one
proposition, that doesn't make this constitutional amendment election
any less important to Texas."
As a kick-off to the August 9 election, Garza will spend the first week
of the early voting period visiting more than a dozen Texas cities all
around the state. This extensive "Get Out the Vote" tour is part of a
multimedia effort to educate and motivate voters to go the polls.
For more information, contact Florez at (915) 445-5467, or Lisa Glass in
the Secretary of State Office at (512) 463-1419.Source: Reeves County Clerk's Office.

Marijuana, illegal aliens
top federal court docket

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Staff Writer
PECOS, July 18, 1997 - Marijuana importation and possession are the
main charges lodged by the federal grand jury Thursday against 13
defendants. Escape and transporting illegal aliens were also among the

Indicted for alleged importation and possession with intent to
distribute marijuana are:
* Oscar Hernandez-Morales, 43, of Juarez, Mex.;
* Jesus Guerrero Mendoza-Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mex.;
* Alberto Ramirez-Arzate, 25, Chihuahua, Mex.;
* Jesus Antonio Montes-Montes, 43, Odessa;
* Pauline Honesto Sanchez, 27, Morton;
* Tocho Luna Davila, 18, and Socorro Cabello Lopez, 20, of Fort Stockton;
Charged with escape from Reeves County Jail On July 6 are Jaime
Alejandro Adame and Auden Bernal-Cabello.
Imelda Chavez-De Astorta, 37, and Juan Manuel Astorga-Reyes, 38, of
Sudan, are charged with transporting an illegal alien on July 12.
William David Reynolds, 44, of Victorville, Calif., is charged with
transporting an illegal alien on July 6.
Eliseo Rodriguez-Olivas, 22, is charged with failure to appear and contempt of court.


July 18, 1997

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The Fort Stockton Pioneer

FORT STOCKTON, July 17, 1997 - KWES-TV, NewsWest 9 has announced that
it will broadcast live from the Comanche Springs Pool in Fort Stockton
this Friday, July 18 at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

The Big Bend Sentinel

MARFA, July 17, 1997 - A Presidio County grand jury will meet Wednesday,
July 30 to consider evidence in connection with the death of Esequiel
Hernendez, Jr., 18, of Redford, who was shot and killed by U.S. Marine
Cpl. Clemente Banuelos in May.

The Alpine Avalanche

WASHINGTON, July 17, 1997 - U.S. Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-TX-23) announced
today that he was successful in continuing his efforts to encourage the
Air Force to consider alternative routes for its proposed low-level
flight training missions.

The International, Presidio Paper
PRESIDIO, July 17, 1997 - Local horse breeder Frank Hernandez presented
his plan to the Presidio City Council Tuesday to build a 440-foot race
track on a 180-acre tract of land owned by the city.

The Sanderson Times
SANDERSON, July 17, 1997 - Evret C. Newman, regional veterinarian of
the Texas Department of Health, from El Paso, was in Sanderson Monday to
meet with the Terrell County Commissioners' Court and apprise them that
a case of anthrax has been found in Terrell County. Anthrax is a
bacterial disease of sheep, goats, cattle, horses, and other animals.

The Monahans News
MONAHANS, July 17, 1997 - Odessa College plans to transfer a school of
nursing from Winkler County Memorial Hospital in Kermit to Ward County
Memorial in Monahans, says the director of the college's allied health

The McCamey News
McCAMEY, July 17, 1997 - On July 8, 1997, Federal Judge Royal Ferguson
dismissed the lawsuit filed by Johnnie Albert Stone, Jr. against Upton
County Sheriff Dan Brown and Upton County for allegedly not keeping a
close enough watch on inmate Sheila Wynne Stone, who committed suicide in the Upton County Jail on June 9, 1995.

Pecos Housing Authority and Farm
Labor Housing commissioners meet today

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PECOS, July 18, 1997 - Pecos Housing Authority and Farm Labor Housing
commissioners will meet at 5 p.m. today at 600 Meadow Brook Dr.
The Housing Authority agenda includes:
* An update on June 9 commissioners training
* 1997 Annual Texas Housing Association Conference Registration
* Letter and restitution for airbase storage building arson from Reeves
County Juvenile Court
* Letter to HUD from the mayor and city council
* Letter from Mike Long, HUD engineer, regarding technical assistance
visit for CIAP 96 project
* Letter from HUD notification of Public Housing Management Assessment
Program Score: 88.10 (Standard Performer)
And discussion/approval/updates on the following:
* Status of tenants that were presented with proposed termination of
lease agreements based on the "One Strike You're Out Policy"
* Water well for the S.S. Park irrigation
* Develop a watering system around the S.S. Park
* Genesis Camp for PHA youth
* Resolution of 1997 CIAP Grant Application
* Resolution to write off collection losses on two tenants: 1. Amy
Abila, $79 and 2. Vicki Renteria, $71
* Resident commissioner for PHA Board
* Termination of part-time occupancy clerk
* Hire a part-time occupancy clerk
* Monthly income and expense report
* Monthly accounts payable for June and July
* 1997 Monthly occupancy report for June and July 1997
The Farm Labor Housing agenda includes:
* A letter from the Rural Development Area Office #2 regarding: Change
of servicing office location
* A letter for the Rural Development Area Office #2 approval of rent
increase effective Aug. 1, 1997
* Update on rent changes
* Update on audit for accounts receivable for fiscal year 1996, April 1,
1996 to March 31, 1997 and fiscal year 1997, April 1, 1997 to date
* Update on the status to hire an occupancy clerk
* Monthly financial statement
* Monthly account payable June and July 1997
* Monthly occupancy status report June and July 1997 * Rent roll and cash journal for the months of June and July

Migrant Head Start Program
has openings for children

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PECOS, July 18, 1997 - The Texas Migrant Council Migrant Head Start
Program is currently recruiting migrant families with children ages six
weeks old to five years and nine months, including children with
The program offers children free educational and related special
services such as: medical, transportation, evaluations and therapy.
To qualify for your children, the family must have traveled within or
outside the state to work in agriculture within the past 12 months. Your
earnings must be 51 percen agriculture.
For more information call 915-445-7612, or come by the First Presbyterian Church at 401 S. Plum.


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PECOS, July 18, 1997 - EDITOR'S NOTE: Information contained in the
Police Report is obtained from reports filed by the Pecos Police
Department, Reeves County Sheriff's Office, Texas Department of Public
Safety, or other officers of those agencies.
The serving of warrants by an officer for outstanding fines of either
traffic citations, animal control violations or other court costs are
considered arrests and will be printed as such unless indicated that the
fines were paid. In such instances we will indicate payment and release.

On June 17, Robert Walker Jr. signed a complaint against Tommy Vine for
the theft of a .22 caliber pistol. Walker stated the pistol was awarded
to him in a marital settlement agreement with Lisa Walker, who he says
gave the pistol to Vine, her father.
The Orla Grocery Store was burglarized sometime between June 10 at 7
p.m. and June 11 at 8 a.m. Several items were taken or destroyed.
On June 26, Carl Rice complained of a theft by Sammy Gallego, Saragosa,
of $250. Rice complained that after making a purchase from Gallego, he
was informed that the merchandise did not belong to Gallego. Gallego was
supposed to repay Rice, but had not.
On July 3, a report was made about ongoing criminal mischief at
Balmorhea Lake. The incidents began about two weeks earlier.
On July 4, there was a report of someone breaking out the windshield of
a pickup truck parked at mile post 197 on I-10. When the owner was
located, he advised that the truck had broken down on his partner, who
had been driving it to Arizona. The partner got a ride to El Paso. Upon
the partner's return, the pickup could not be found and was reported
stolen. The driver was later found dead in Arizona.
Tomas Prieto Mata was arrested on a warrant service July 8 at 11:47 a.m.
Raul Martinez was arrested on the 500 block of S. Ash on a warrant
service July 9 at 12:09 p.m.
Rafael Gonzales Jr. was arrested for refusal to be tested for DWI after
a motor vehicle accident on July 9 at 12:09 p.m.
Raul Garcia was arrested for assault at Municipal Court on July 9 at
11:47 a.m.
Cruz Torres was arrested at 1:12 a.m. on July 9 for public intoxication.
Guy Ronald Benoit was arrested July 10 at 11:36 a.m. behind Big A Auto
Parts for public intoxication.
Lilia Arevalo was arrested July 11 at 1:44 p.m. on a capias pro fine
Lorie Ann Calba was arrested July 11 on a capias pro fine warrant.
Christina Ramos was arrested July 11 on a capias pro fine warrant.
On July 11, at 8:50 a.m., it was reported that a white, wrought-iron
patio set worth $395 had been stolen from the residence at 1714 S. Plum
during the previous night or early that morning.
Hector Lopez Castillo was arrested east of the Oasis Bar, located at
1105 E. 3rd St., for public intoxication on July 12 at 1:03 a.m.
Juan O. Chavez was arrested July 12 at 12:31 a.m. on a capias pro fine
warrant service.
Doyle Reed was arrested July 12 at 8:53 a.m. on a warrant service for
theft by deception of over $50, under $500.
On July 13, there was a report of damage to a vehicle at 310 S. Elm. an
unknown substance, believed to be sugar, was poured into the vehicle's
fuel tank, causing about $250 worth of damage.
Roger Dale Boykin, 36, Balmorhea, was arrested for assault causing
bodily injury under the Family Violence Act on July 13 a little after 3
a.m. A $1500 bond was set.
Eliseo Venegas Lujan, 18, 2106 S. Hackberry, was arrested on a warrant
at 3:33 p.m. on July 14.
Genero Rodriguez was arrested for public intoxication July 14 on the
2200 block of S. Eddy.
Larry Garcia was arrested July 14 at 9:35 p.m. on the 2200 block of S.
Eddy on a charge of deadly conduct.
Russell Doice Johnson was arrested at 7:05 a.m. on July 16 for having no
license plate, expired inspection sticker, no insurance and possession
of a controlled substance on the 600 block of N. Cedar.
Billie Mitchell Cellum was arrested July 16 at 12:33 p.m. at Sandra's
Tejano Steakhouse on Cedar Street for resisting arrest, disorderly
conduct and assault.
Javier T. Florez was arrested on a warrant service on the 600 block of Hackberry July 16 at 8:04 p.m.


July 18, 1997

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Enrique Alvarez

Enrique Alvarez, 82, of Pecos, died Tuesday, July 16, 1997, at Midland
Memorial Hospital.
Rosary will be at 7:30 tonight at the Pecos Funeral Home Chapel. Mass
will be noon tomorrow, July 19, at Santa Rosa Catholic Church and burial
will be at Balmorhea Cemetery.
Alvarez was born July 15, 1915 in Balmorhea. He was a retired custodian.
Alvarez is survived by: his wife, Manuela Alvarez of Pecos; three sons,
Beto and Rodolfo Alvarez of Odessa and Henry Alvarez of El Paso; four
daughters, Magdalena Valencia and Faye Moran of Odessa, Eloisa Cortez of
Pecos and Particia Ornelas of Laredo; 18 grandchildren; and nine
Arrangements are being handled by Pecos Funeral Home.

Jesus Casillas

Services are incomplete for Jesus Casillas who died Thursday, July 17,
1997 at Midland Memorial Hospital.Services are under the direction of Martinez Funeral Home.


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PECOS, July 18, 1997 - High Thursday, 101, low this morning, 70.
Showers and thunderstorms will be on the increase across Texas tonight
and Saturday, but there will be no letup in the heat that has sent the
mercury into the triple digits. There is a chance of showers and
thunderstorms through tonight in the extreme western areas of West
Texas, the low rolling plains and in the mountains. There will be a
slight chance of thunderstorms Saturday except in the Concho Valley,
Permian Basin and Edwards Plateau. Lows tonight will be in the 60s and
70s. Highs Saturday will be in the 90s, ranging upward to near 108 in
the Big Bend area of Southwest Texas.
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