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Friday, July 18, 1997


Mac McKinnon

Country covers great
sceneries and happy people

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I just returned from a vacation trip that took me through nine states
and the District of Columbia - about 4,000 miles.
It was a grueling schedule and I had to get back to work to rest up -
as the saying goes - but I enjoy that kind of rigor as it is fun
although exhausting.
My basic summation of the trip is that this is really a great country.
The scenery in the states I covered was spectacular and very different.
Each state seems to have it's own personality via terrain. Those states
included Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia,
Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.
Some of the most beautiful areas were in western Maryland and West
Virginia. In many states, all you could see was trees which is different
for this old West Texan. Of course, in the limited amount of time (and
money) that I had, I didn't have the opportunity to get off the
Interstate very often but even from that vantage point, the scenery was
And talk about history. I believe it was in Cumberland, Maryland that I
stopped off for lunch and passed a place where "Colonel" Washington
mustered troops in about 1756 or so (don't remember the exact date) in a
war with Indians.
One of the major expenses on a trip like this is food. That's also
among the high and low points of a trip as you find some really great
places to eat and then there are those that aren't so great. Finding a
place also seems to take up a lot of time.
One of the best was also in Cumberland where there is a restaurant
called "When Pigs Fly." The food was excellent, reasonably priced and
the atmosphere is entertaining.
One of the most impressive things about the trip was that people in
this country are so friendly and helpful. It was obvious a number of
times that I was confused on directions and people would come up and ask
if they could help.
That's the kind of attitude we need more of in Pecos although many
people here are just like that and we receive letters to that affect on
a number of occasions.
The economy throughout the country - at least the part I saw - is
booming. New businesses and homes are being built just about everywhere
and help wanted signs can be seen in many areas.
You hear about many people being unhappy in this day and age but my
impression is that there are many happy, contented people in our country
who really enjoy life.
I got to see a lot of something I don't see in Pecos - rain. Everywhere
I went, it was raining and cloudy, at least most of the time. That made
for a very pleasant trip and only a few times was the weather really hot
and muggy. Most of that took place in Washington. I'll write more about
that experience later.

Editor's Note: Mac McKinnon is an editor and publisher of the Pecos
Enteprirse. His column appear on Fridays.

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