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Wednesday, July 16, 1997


Cara Alligood

Deep fried reporter
goes out the deep end

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Last week, I was sick and had to take a day off work. Since I didn't
have the energy to do anything else, I was laying in bed when all of a
sudden I heard a loud crash almost next to me. I glanced over in the
general direction of the sound and saw that the bar in the bedroom
closet had fallen down.

What a mess! The clothes came off their hangers, if not immediately,
then when I tried to hang everything back up after my hubby reattached
the bar. Or, maybe the clothes didn't really fall off. Maybe they were

In my feverish state, I deduced that hangers must be the exact opposite
of socks. Socks seem to spend their entire lives trying to lose their
mates, especially when they go to the laundry. (Maybe they run away
through the dryer vents.) However, my hangers all seemed to be trying to
mate with each other. I guess it's a good thing I didn't have a Jimi
Hendrix records playing in the background, or it would have been like a
wire hanger Woodstock.

Anyway, I went to the clinic at the hospital, got some medicine, and
I'm more or less better now.

Have you been to the Rural Health Clinic over at the hospital? I have
been twice, and it has been very convenient both times. I met Sheila
Brown, the new PA (Physicians' Assistant) this time, and she seemed very
knowledgeable and helpful.

Mainly though, I've been looking for a new home lately. Our landlord
sold our house, and we have to move. The last time we looked for a
house, we had choices. Not now. I'm not looking for a mansion, but I
have quite an accumulation of things, and would at least like a
two-bedroom place. I would even consider moving into a trailer for a
while. However, I do need a working stove and refrigerator, and I can't
afford to rent O.J. Simpson's Brentwood estate.

Well, with two weeks to go, neither my husband nor I have been able to
find a place. I would even look at buying a house, if the owner would
work out a rent-to-buy plan for a while. Being veterans, we would want
to check out VA financing, but as anyone who has ever worked for the
federal government knows, the government can take its own sweet time
when it comes to paperwork.

I also have been eagerly anticipating the return of my co-worker, Rosie
Flores. She has been home being a mommy to her baby, and Clarissa is
just adorable. I have been trying to fill in for Rosie here at the
office during her absence, and "I get by with a little help from my
friends," as the song goes. We miss her though, and will be glad when
she comes back...maybe then I will have time to remember to breathe!

Editor's Note: Cara Alligood is an Enterprise writer and advertising administrator.


Aircraft Association held a special event

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A very special event took place Saturday, June 21, 1997 at the Pecos
Municipal Airport.
Through the efforts of Airport Managers Isabel and Dennis Blanchard,
the Experimental Aircraft Association came to Pecos (in regular, small
aircraft) to give children rides and acquaint them with aviation.
This is something that children need to be exposed to and we want to
thank not only the airport operators but all the pilots and aircraft
owners from Odessa who came here at their own expense and on their own
time to take children flying.
This could have been the only opportunity children will ever have to
fly and it could inspire some of them to get involved in aviation as a
There was a good turnout of about 60 to 70 youngsters who not only got
a 15-20 minute aerial view of our area but were told how airplanes work
and got a special certificate for their "Eagle Flight."
We hope this is something that can be done on a more frequent basis. MAC B. MCKINNON


Behaviors bring nothing but grief and turmoil

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Much to the dismay of my wife, I am a boxing fan. Yes, I recognize that
it is cruel. The prime objective is to inflict hurt and even injury on
the opponent. But there is something compelling about it, and as a
matter of fact, I boxed a couple of years when I was in school.

Whether you are a fan or not, chances are good you probably admire a
boxer like George Foreman, who, at age 47, is striking a blow for "the
old geezers" with his marvelous attitude.

The most unusual fight to ever take place easily occurred in the '30s.
In this "fight," C.D. Blalock was knocked out in an unheard-of twist of
events. Blalock took a swing at his rival, but ended up hitting himself
because his punch missed the intended target and collided with his own
face. Blalock staggereed and then fell down for the count.

Historically speaking, he became the first and only prize fighter to
score a knockout against himself. please don't ask me to explain how
that happened - I don't have a clue. But, according to a report in "The
Citizen," it actually happened.

Strange story? Yes, but perhaps there is a strong message here for each
of us. How many times do we self-destruct by losing our temper,
consistently being late, forgetting important appointments, neglecting
to care for our health or being rude to people who geninely love us and,
for that matter, to strangers?

All of these are self-destructive behaviors and bring nothing but grief
and turmoil. The Golden Rule still works. Treat other people like you
want to be treated, and you dramatically reduce your chances of
self-destrucing. Take this approach, and I will se you at the top!
Watch out for phony or easy solutions to compleax problems. When you
spot a quack, duck.

Editor's Note: Zig Ziglar is a motivational speaker whose column is
copyrighted and distributed by Creators Syndicate Inc.

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