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1997 West of the Pecos Rodeo - Pecos, TX

July 5, 1997

(results through Friday night’s third performance)

*denotes contestants that competed Friday night, second money figure is total earned thus far, the 12 listed in the average are the qualifiers for Saturday night’s final performance.

Second go-round final results

For Day Winners see Results


1. Brent Lewis, Pinon, NM, 9.9*, $1,912.33
2. Terry Kitchens, Mullin, TX, 10.0, $1,662.90
3/4. Jade Conner, Roanoke, LA, 10.1, $1,288.74
3/4. Stran Smith, Tell, TX, 10.1, $1,228.74, $3,140.07
5/6. Rope Myers, Athens, TX, 10.2, $ 789.87
5/6. Matt Petrus, Sinton, TX, 10.2, $ 789.87
7. Neal Felton, Mtn. Home, TX, 10.3, $ 415.72
8. Doug Clark, Wayne, OK, 10.5, $ 166.29, $ 332.58


1. Brent Arnold, Coleman, TX, 4.2, $1,962.86
2/5. Cody Kenney, Bryan, TX, 4.3$1,116.80, $1,353.69
2/5. Mark Belcher, Santa Fe, TX, 4.3, $1,116.80
2/5. Kitt Woody, Cleburne, TX, 4.3, $1,116.80
2/5. Byron Walker, Ennis, TX, 4.3, $1,116.80
6/7. Brian Bauerle, Austin, TX, 4.5, $ 169.21
6/7. Jason Harper, Palmer, TX, 4.5, $ 169.21, $ 406.10


1. Turtle Powell, Alpine, TX
Wayne Folmer, El Paso, TX, 6.3* , $1,900.28 each, new arena record
2. Rowdy Rieken, Arp, TX
Cuatro Hindes, Charlotte, TX, 7.1, $1,572.65 each
3. Stormy Pruitt, Fort Davis, TX
Zane Bowers, Llano, TX, 7.2, $1,245.01 each
4. Steve Purcella, Hereford, TX
Steve Northcott, Odessa, TX, 7.5*, $ 917.37 each, $1,507.11 each
5. Breck Bean, Ft. Hancock, TX
Cody Guess, Colorado City, TX , 8.0, $ 589.74 ,$2,326.20 each
6. Chad Saunders,Greenbrier, AR
Shawn Harris,Conway, AR, 8.1,$ 327.63 each


1. Jerry Cox, Cotulla, TX,10.9,$2,011.92,$2,449.29
2. Trevor Brazile,Decatur, TX, 11.0, $1,749.50
3. Buster Record, Buffalo, OK, 12.4, $1,487.07, $2,318.08
4. J.D. Yates, Pueblo, CO, 12.6, $1,224.65
5. J.P. Wickett, Sallisaw, OK, 12.8, $ 962.22
6/7. Jackie Gillespie, Andrews, TX, 13.2, $ 568.58
6/7. Johnny Miller, Electra, TX, 13.2, $ 568.58
8/8. Bill Goodger, Boyd, TX, 13.7, $ 87.47
8/8. Guy Allen, Lovington, NM, 13.7, $ 87.47

Average leaders on two runs qualifying for Saturday night final performance


1. Stran Smith, Tell, TX, 19.1
2. Johnny Grimes, Kerrville, TX, 20.3
3. Doug Clark, Wayne, OK, 20.9
4. Kaid New, San Antonio, TX, 21.2
5. Mark Ivy, Mtn. Home, TX, 21.6
6. Clay Cerny, Eagle Lake, TX, 22.3
7. Martin Hinojosa, Elmendorf, TX, 22.8
8/9. Roy Cooper, Childress, TX, 23.5

CALF ROPING average cont.

8/9. Tommy Guy , Abilene, TX, 23.5
10. Terry Hellman, Bandera, TX, 23.6
11. Ernie Spillman, Springtown, TX, 24.2
12. Andy Boyd, Rowlett, TX, 24.7


1. Cody Kenney, Bryan, TX, 9.0
2. Byron Walker, Ennis, TX, 9.1
3. Jason Harper, Palmer, TX, 9.2
4. Kitt Woody, Cleburne, TX, 9.5
5. Rope Myers, Athens, TX, 9.7
6/7. Brian Bauerle, Austin, TX, 9.8
6/7. Houston Powers, Sonora, TX, 9.8
8. Craig Cavaness, Fulshear, TX, 10.0
9. B.J. Wiseman III, Kilgore, TX, 10.3
10. Frank Davis, Blackwell, TX, 10.5
11. Vince Walker, Oakdale, CA, 10.7
12. Keith Webster, Ponder, TX, 10.8


1. Breck Bean, Ft. Hancock, TX,
Cody Guess, Colorado City, TX, 14.8
(fastest two run time, previous best Jake Barnes & Clay O’Brien Cooper in 1992)
2. Steve Purcella, Hereford, TX
Steve Northcott, Odessa, TX, 15.1*
3. Morris McWhorter, Telephone, TX
Twister Cain, Ivanhoe, TX, 16.4*
4. Charles Pogue, Ringling, OK
Britt Bockius, Claremore, OK, 17.6
5. Johnnie Philipp, Washington, TX
John Philipp, Washington, TX, 17.8
6. J.D. Yates, Pueblo, CO
Jay Wadhams, Pueblo, CO, 17.9
7. Tony Dodds, Sterling City, TX
Kirby Jones, San Angelo, TX, 18.6*
8. Chuck Doebbler, George West, TX
Colton Niemann, Woodsboro, TX, 19.0
9. Stormy Pruitt, Fort Davis, TX
Zane Bowers, Llano, TX, 20.2
10. Bret Boatright, Mulhall, OK
Kory Koontz, Sudan, TX, 21.9
11. Tee Woolman, Llano, TX
Rich Skelton, Llano, TX, 22.2
12. Turtle Powell, Alpine, TX
Wayne Folmer, El Paso, TX, 23.2*


1. Jerry Cox, Cottula, TX, 22.7 (fastest two run time, previous best Arnold Felts 24.1 -1996)
2. Buster Record, Buffalo, OK, 24.0
3. Trevor Brazile, Decatur, TX, 24.3
4. Jim Davis, Abilene, TX, 25.1
5. J.D. Yates, Pueblo, CO, 26.1
6. Guy Allen, Lovington, NM, 26.2
7. Rod Hartness, Pawhuska, OK, 26.4
8. Jim Folk, Lenapah, OK, 26.8
9. Marty Jones, Hobbs, NM, 27.6
10. Mack Altizer, Del Rio, TX, 28.5*
11. Mike Cervi, Midland, TX, 29.5
12. J.P. Wickett, Sallisaw, OK, 29.6

Event leaders in the one go-round events


1. Chad Klein, Jackson, LA, 81, No Satisfaction
2/3. Chuck Logue, Decatur, TX, 80, Little Sister
2/3. Jon Brockway, Ft. Worth, TX, 80, Addicted to Love
4/5. Larry Sandvick, Kaycee, WY, 79, Foot Loose
4/5. Kirk Richard, Sulphur, LA, 79, Skoal After Midnight
6. Rick Bradley, Lance Creek, WY, 78*, Material Girl
7/8. Beau Mayo, Stephenville, TX, 76, Low Rider
7/8. Dusty McCollister, Acworth, GA, 76, Rose Garden


1. Charles Soileau, Stephenville, TX, 78*, Centerfold
2/3. Scott Johnston, Eagle Butte, SD, 77, Jenny Jenny
2/3. Tom Reeves, Eagle Butte, SD, 77, Shake It Up
4/5. Johnny Hammack, Redmond, OR, 76*, Copenhagen Vogue
4/5. Rod Hay, Wildwood, Alb., 76, Powerful Stuff
6/7. Johnny Pollock, Dublin, TX, 74*, Maria
6/7. Jim Blaine Kenney, Carlsbad, NM, 74, Hanky Panky
8. Red Lemmel, Mud Butte, SD, 73, Jeremiah


1. Tuff Hedeman, Morgan Mill, TX, 87, The Warrior
2. Cory Crye, Coleman, TX, 86, Funky Town
3/5. Brian Herman, Victoria, TX, 84*, Superstitious
3/5. Buddy Reed, Rolena, TX, 84, Bad to the Bone
3/5. Lonnie Steverson, New Hebron, MS, 84, Skoal Cadillac
6. Aaron Semas, Auburn, CA, 82, Superstitious
7/8. Matt Fenhaus, Cache, OK, 81*, Funky Cole Medina
7/8. Erik Bortnem, Brookins, SD, 81, Devil Inside
7/8. Jeremy Taylor, Chelsea, OK, 81, Louie Louie


1. Kim Squires,Carnegie, OK,17.76
2. Cheyenne Wimberly,Stephenville, TX,17.81
3/5. Pam Short, Falkner, MS, 17.89*
3/5. Bridgett Thomas, Combine, TX,17.89
3/5. Stacey Brent, LaPorte, TX, 17.89
6. Carissa Allred, Stephenville, TX, 17.90
7. Trula Truitt, Mounds, OK, 17.91*
8. Deb Sibley, Carlsbad, NM, 17.92
9. Tara Taffner, Stephenville, TX, 17.93
10. Sue Miller, Lott, TX, 17.94

Following will be some of the contestants to watch for during the fourth performance

Fourth performance match-ups for Saturday night


Shawn Minor, Gordon, NE, currently 22nd in the Crown Royal world standings, won a go-round at 87 points at the recently completed College National Finals Rodeo, has drawn what Mack Altizer considers to be one of Bad Company Rodeo’s best horses called YMCA that qualified for the 1996 national finals.

Jason Freeman, Snyder, TX, has drawn Bad Company Rodeo’s national finals rodeo horse No Satisfaction, the horse that Marvin Garrett won the 1996 West of the Pecos rodeo on and the horse Chad Klein rode Thursday night.

Jeff King, Clarendon, TX, Jeff shared the West of the Pecos rodeo championship in 1995, has drawn Foot loose, a horse that came from the national finals rodeo and that Larry Sandvick scored 79 points on Wednesday night.
Bill Brown Jr.,Midland, TX, has drawn Skoal After Midnight, this horse was placed on twice at the 1996 National Finals Rodeo. Chris Harris tied for second in Pecos lastyear and Kirk Richard was 79 points Wednesday night.


Jason Milam, Cleburne, TX, former Texas High School champion, tied for 4th at the West of the Pecos Rodeo last year, has drawn Copenhagen Smoke.

Billy Etbauer, Ree Heights, SD, 1992 and 1996 world champion and 1992 West of the Pecos champion has drawn Jeremiah, the horse Red Lemmel scored 73 points on Wednesday .

Robert Etbauer, Goodwell, OK, 1990 and 1991 world champion, has drawn Shake It Up, the horse Tom Reeves scored 77 points on Thursday night.

T.J. Kenney, Pecos, TX, current leader of the Bad Company Rodeo “Leader of the Pack” tour, has placed at the West of the Pecos Rodeo three times in the past six years.

Craig Latham, Tehmoma, OK, 1994 and 1996 West of the Pecos Rodeo champion has drawn Good Vibrations.
Mike Galpin. Rogers, AR. current leader in the Southeastern Circuit and the Copenhagen/Skoal ProRodeo Awards, has drawn Jenny Jenny, the horse Craig Latham won on in 1996 and the horse Scott Johnston scored 77 points on Thursday
Scott Mendes, Weatherford, TX, 1996 Original Coors Rodeo Showdown finals champion, finished 13th in the world in 1996, has drawn The Warrior, the bull Tuff Hedeman scored 87 points on Tuesday.
John Davis, Marion, IL, has drawn Locomotion, the bull Troy Dunn finished third on at the 1996 West of the Pecos Rodeo.
Scott Breding,Edgar, MT,finished 14th in the final 1996 Crown Royal world standings, currently 2nd in the Original Coors Chute Out standings, has drawn Magic.
Mark Cain, Atoka, OK, currently 15th in the Crown Royal world standings, has drawn Jungle Love.
Clint Branger, Roscoe, MT, currently sixth in the Crown Royal world standings, has drawn Jail Break. This bull disqualified eventual 1996 world champion Terry Don West last year at the West of the Pecos Rodeo.
The fourth and final performance of the 115th annual West of the Pecos Rodeo is Saturday night at 8:30 pm. This year is one of the largest ever with 706 contestants entered from 27 states, Australia, and Canada. They are competing for a record pay off of over $210,000. The largest individual event is the bull riding where 150 contestants will challenge the Bad Company Rodeo Company bulls, which include the “Dirty Dozen” professional rodeo’s highest marked and most athletic herd of bulls. Among this year’s contestants are 80 world championships represented and 78 contestants that are currently among the top 15 in the world for their respective events.

  • Thank you very much, any help you can give in promoting the 1997 West of the Pecos rodeo is greatly appreciated.
  • Results will follow each performance. For more information please contact Curt Robinson at 915-445-5404

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