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June 5, 1997

Williams out as head coach

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Windy Williams, who led the Monahans High Loboes to a 3A bidistrict
gridiron championship last Fall, is out as head football coach and
athletic director in the Monahans-Wickett-Pyote School District.
His likely successor is Iraan High Football Coach Larry Hanna, who won
a 2A state championship at Iraan in the Autumn.
School superintendent Cliff Stephens took the action after a conference
with Williams on Friday, May 30. Stephens appointed Williams the school
district's director of alternative education.
Although the situation still is in flux, Williams remains on the school
district payroll. He has about 18 months remaining on a $54,500 a year
Williams was 14-7 in two years at Monahans and 10-1 last year. Hanna
(16-0 last season) has indicated his interest in accepting the AD's
position in Monahans. He is the only candidate so far for the post.. But
Hanna has not been hired. In late 1994, Hanna and Williams were the
finalists for the position as Lobo athletic director and head football
coach. Then Superintendent Jack Clemmons chose Williams. Clemmons is
now the superintendent of the Victoria School District.
Now Hanna has another chance, if he wants it, for the Monahans position
he missed in 1994. Hanna has been AD at Iraan since 1992.
Discussions were held in Monahans with Hanna on Monday, June 2. The
talks were wide-ranging and the talk focused on housing and other
reasons to live in Monahans. Hanna, said to be at a coaching clinic in
New Mexico was not available for comment.
Of Stephens' decision to relieve Windy Williams of his duties, school
board president Johnny White says, "We felt there was a divergence
between our philosophy, goals and policies and the philosophy, goals and
policies of Coach Williams."
Some board members say they have received complaints from the community
concerning the way in which Williams operates the program. The
complaints are varied, the Monahans News has been told, from allegations
of unfair player selection to play calling.
White says the board was responding to what it perceives as community
consensus and he emphasizes the reassignment was an administrative
decision not a board action.
Says White. "It seems the few may make a loud noise but it is the silent
majority to which we are attempting to respond."
White made the comments in an interview in the offices of the Monahans
"This action is best for all concerned and for the advancement of the
school district. We need to move forward. Larry Hanna is a good coach.
Windy Williams is a good coach. We just felt it would be better for all
to make a change at this time," comments board president White.
Says school trustee Jessie Aguilar: "We've been talking about this a
while. We're going to back each other up on this one."
Trustee Steve Hurst echoes White's comments and emphasizes "the positive
influence of the action."
Board member Ruben Martinez says he supports the board's position.
Trustee Steve Swarb says he prefers not to comment "until we have a
meeting. I have not been given any official information."
On Friday morning, May 30, reports White and School Superintendent Cliff
Stephens, White came to Stephens office. There White told Stephens it
was the feeling of the board Williams should be removed as athletic
director and head football coach.
After that meeting, Stephens met with Williams.
"Windy Williams will not be the head football coach and athletic
director next Fall," says Stephens.
Williams has not been fired, emphasizes Stephens, White and other
members of the school board. He has been relieved as the director of the
school district's athletic fortunes and reassigned.
Williams and Stephens discussed the options available to Williams after
his removal as athletic director. These alternatives would include
Williams remaining with the school district "performing comparable
duties." "Comparable duties" might be defined, Stephens notes, as an
administrative position outside the athletic department, director of
alternative education to which Williams has been assigned. Another
potential option would be for Williams to resign and accept employment
elsewhere, an option difficult at this point in the year to exercise.
The reason is most school districts usually by late Spring have
filled their athletic director and head football coach positions.
So far, there has been no official action by the school board in the
matter of the removal of Williams from his former position. All that has
occurred is that White told Stephens of the sense of the board and
Stephens acted based on those reports from the school board president.
Says Stephens: "Windy and I had an amiable meeting and we discussed the
options available to us. I do not believe he holds any rancor. We shook
hands when he left."
The trip on which Williams embarked last Friday was not the result of
the Friday action. Williams had planned the trip for some weeks. He returned to Monahans on Tuesday, June 3.

Dismissed coach shocked at action

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Windy Williams, who has been relieved as Lobo athletic director and head
football coach, says he is shocked and concerned about the action taken
against him.
"I am shocked and disappointed," says Williams. "I am concerned, not
only about what this means to my contract but what it means to others.
If this can happen to me, no teacher is safe from political whims."
Williams says he plans to challenge his reassignment through the proper
grievance channels and seek legal advice. He already has contacted the
Texas State Teachers Association and has discussed the grievance
procedure with officials there and with Superintendent Cliff Stephens of
the Monahans-Wickett-Pyote School District.
"I'm not very political," says Williams. "That may be my problem."
He says one area he questions is any potential violations of the
state's Open Meetings Law.
"I've never talked to a board member about this," says Williams. "They
have not talked to me."
Williams again: "I still don't know what happened. They won't tell me
Continues Williams: "Cliff was doing what he was told to do by the
board. When did they meet on this? I don't know."
Williams says he is proud of his tenure as Monahans AD, saying: "We have
placed everyone of our athletic teams in the play-offs this year."
Last season was the first time the Big Green had been in the football
playoffs since 1989.The 1997 football season is scheduled to open on Sept. 5.

Mayor David Cutbirth reports on the Mid-May

Monahans Trade Mission to China:

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May 16, 1997, Friday

My wife, Pattie, and my seven-year-old daughter, Catherine accompanied
me (our ride provided by Mark Drea) to Midland International Airport to
join Charles Walker (Monahans Economic Development Director) for our
flight to LAX (Los Angeles, Calif., International Airport). There we
boarded EVA Air to Taipei, Taiwan. We spent one night in Taipei and then
caught an early flight to Hong Kong. From Hong Kong we took an Air China
Jet to Jinan, which is the capital city of Shandong Province. We were
greeted at the airport by TV cameras and a large delegation from the
Foreign Affairs office. We were also met there by Madam Ma, who served
as our interpreter for the duration of the trip. A quick trip to the
Qilu Hotel to freshen up and then on to a banquet in our honor hosted by
Foreign Affairs Director Zhong Shu Wu.

May 19, 1997, Monday
After a wonderful breakfast buffet, we left the hotel for the
headquarters of one of the largest fishing companies in the world,
Shandong Fisheries General Co. We discussed West Texas Aquaculture and
our Economic Development Director, Mr. Walker, gave a presentation
about the advantages of growing shrimp in Ward County. We took a break
for a very unique lunch and then went back to work. Charles worked hard
to negotiate the possible investment of Shandong Fisheries into Ward
County Aquaculture. We concluded the first day's meetings with Shandong
Fisheries agreeing to come to Monahans and Ward County to start work on
a pilot project as a precursor to a large shrimp farm.
Dinner was hosted by Vice Gov. Du and parts of it recorded for national
broadcast from Beijing. They provided us with a variety of local
cuisine. We had many unique dishes cooked with quingtang (clear soup of
duck). We also ate fried diced chicken, butterfly sea cucumber, spiral
pancakes, chang-ging steamed vegetables and steamed sweet pancakes. We
ate for at least two and one-half hours and were treated to the history
of Jinan.

May 20, 1997, Tuesday
We departed at 8:30 a.m. for the Qilu Chemical Fiber General Co. We
observed the manufacture of polyester fibers and how they made thread
from it. Our guide and additional translator, Diana Stern, and her
husband, Jack, were instrumental in scheduling all of the meetings with
the Chinese industries. The equipment was all purchased from Europe and
I questioned why it was not made in the USA. They told me that no
Americans were making the effort to sell them the equipment they needed.
This question would be repeated over and over during our visit with
about the same answer given each time.
The Qilu Chemical Co. hosted us to lunch with a minimum of 20 courses.
Following lunch we went to the Shandong Petrochemical CO. This facility
was similar to the Dynagen & Rexenne Facilities in Odessa. We saw
material shipped by Chevron from Indonesia. This material was processed
into the polyester material used by Qilu Chemical to make the thread.
These facilities were very clean and were run very efficiently.
We were hosted to dinner by the Mayor of Jinan. The mayor told us about
the 5,000 year history of Jinan. He told us the city walls had been
built 2,600 years ago. He also boasted about 72 famous springs in Jinan.
Of particular interest was the Thousand Buddha Hill. It was a very
informative dinner.

May 21, 1997, Wednesday
At 6 a.m. we left Jinan and headed for Wendeng City. We saw a lot of the
countryside and also saw our first of many brick-and-tile plants. A kiln
using coal and a lot of clay makes for a lot of bricks. We also saw
every city had its own electric producing plant, also using coal.
We arrived in Wendeng City at the Ku Yu Hotel and quickly prepared
ourselves for lunch with the mayor of Wendeng who turned out to be a
very delightful and entertaining host. Following lunch, which included a
delicious local dish called shuijia, a pasta-like dough wrapped around
pork, chives and onions, we went to Wendeng Cable Co. Wendeng Cable Co.
is one of the largest fiber optic cable makers in the world. We toured
the state-of-the-art facility which was very impressive. We sat down for
a serious discussion with the CEO and his top people Charles Walker gave
many good reasons as to why they should build their planned U.S.
facility in Monahans, Tex. We were assisted by local attorney Jack Stern
and his very capable wife, Diana. Diana is president of ChinTex Inc.
She set up the trip and was our number one asset.
We returned to our hotel and were hosted to a dinner by the secretary of
the party. This was by far the most exotic and delicious cuisine we were
to experience. Most of the food was rich and sweet with a lot of
seafood. We also had hot and sour soup, noodles and vegetables.

May 22, 1997, Thursday
We departed our hotel for a visit to Wendeng Tools Co. We saw tools
being manufactured for K-Mart and other large U.S. retailers. We also
visited Wendeng Textile Co. and saw jackets being made for a South
Korean company for export to the United States market. We were told
about 40 percent of all exports went to the USA.
We left Wendeng City and the many new friends we had made there
including Tex Johnson. We arrived in Qingdao which was to be our last
stop in a very rushed agenda. We were hosted to dinner by Mr. Jia Sen,
director of the foreign affairs office in Qingdao. Qingdao, it should be
noted, is not only a city 7.3 million people but also one of China's
most modern cities. The economic development is reminiscent of the old
boom days in the oil fields of West Texas.
May 23, 1997, Friday
Our delegation headed out at 8:30 a.m. for a tour of the Qingdao
Brewery which exports a beer to the States called Tsingtao Beer (Bobby
Jones has it.) We also spent some time at the Qingdao Wine Co. which
reminded us of the landscape around Fort Davis. It should be noted that
although we did not succeed in bringing back a brewer or winery, we did
make contacts which could lead to those things in the future. The day
ended with a dinner hosted by the Qingdao mayor.
It had been a very fruitful trip and we were well pleased with the
potential business contacts for our community.

May 24, 1997, Saturday
Wife Pattie, child Catherine, her newly purchased tiger and myself flew
to Hong Kong. Pattie found Hong Kong a shopper's paradise.Catherine and I found some French fries and hamburgers

Highways to get new top

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Summer resurfacing of highways in Monahans and Ward County is scheduled
to be finished this week, according to a statement from the Texas
Department of Transportation.
Laying the asphalt for the annual seal-coating project on 14 miles of
roads in Ward County began on Thursday, May 29, reports the
transportation department statement.
Unless inclement weather stalls the work, the complete project should be
finished this week, reports a spokesman for the highway department in
From the state transportation department statement:
"The section of BI-20D (Old U.S. Highway 80) being resurfaced by the
Texas Department of Transportation is from just east of Monahans to west
of Pyote and includes that section in downtown Monahans."
In addition, there will be resurfacing on "a section of State Highway 18
from the intersection with FM 1776 to the intersection SH 329 in
Grandfalls." Resurfacing also is planned on Farm Road 871 and Farm Road
872 south of Grandfalls.
Both projects, reports Paul Hoelscher, the engineer in charge of the
project, "should be wrapped up within a week, barring any bad weather
(rain). If the weather cooperates the seal coat work on State Highway 18
should be completed by June 6 (Friday)."
Hoelscher noted that motorists driving the roads involved will have or
will encounter "brief lane closure and a reduction in traffic speeds in
those areas where seal coat work is being done."
Says Hoelscher: "Although the speed of traffic may be reduced during the
length of these construction zones, the flow of traffic will not be
stopped. However, we always caution drivers to drive carefully in those
areas to avoid windshield and paint damage. Whenever possible, motorists
should find alternate routes for a few days."
The Ward County work is part of a Summer-long $4.82 million project of
preventive maintenance in the 12-county transportation department
district based in Odessa.
Seal-coating involves placing an asphalt and rock layer on a highway
surface. This layer is designed to seal the surface and prevent moisture
from damaging the road base. Seal-coating, the transportation department
says, improves skid resistance and "is among the most economical of the available surface treatments."

Main Street delegation stops traffic

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Saturday, May 31, was the day the Million Barrel Museum celebrated its
10th anniversary.
It also was the day for the second Main Street Monahans RV Pullover on
Interstate 20
Says a Main Street statement:
"Once again, the Main Street delegation, assisted by the Ward County
Sheriff's Office, took to the interstate to pull over unsuspected
campers. The pullover was held in conjunction with the tenth anniversary
celebration at the Million Barrel."
Caught this time by the Main Street gang were an Alabama couple, Virgil
and Olivia Byrd of Loundesboro.
From the Main Street communique:
"They had intentions of driving to Pecos for the night to visit some
folks they had met somewhere along the road.
"When asked where they had been and where they were going, they said it
was hard to say, they were just going."
The Byrds said they have been touring the nation for nearly a
half-century, 44 years to be exact and don't plan to stop anytime soon.
The Byrd's were treated to lunch at Vicky's and the evening barbecue at
the Million Barrel Museum celebration.
They were given a packet of coupons for free gifts and discounts at Main
Street merchants. They also were presented with a fruit basket donated
by The Gift Shop.
When asked what they liked best about Monahans, they said everything and
especially the people. They also commented that the Country Club RV Park
was "the best, best ever we have been in."
A final note from the Main Street statement on another successful RV
pull over to boost the assets of Monahans to Interstate 20 travelers:
"Once again, Main Street would like to express our appreciation to the
Ward County Sheriff Ben Keele, Country Club RV Park, Million Barrel and
all the participating merchants for helping to make the pullover a success."

Short council sets election

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Remaining members of the Grandfalls City Council Wednesday night were
scheduled to set a special municipal election for August 9.
The reason is the Grandfalls mayor and two members of the five member
city council have quit, reports City Administrator/Secretary Marlyn
Thurman says that August 9 is the soonest a special municipal election
could be held under the state's election code.
Thurman identifies the council members who have resigned as Paul
Armstrong and Mark Kuhn. Mayor James Norton also quit.
"Paul is leaving the community and Mark is resigning because of business
reasons," reports the city secretary.
The city has not yet received the mayor's formal letter of resignation.
The three remaining members of the grandfalls City Council were
scheduled to hold a special meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 4,
before the regular session of the Grandfalls council which was scheduled
for 7:30 p.m.
The city secretary says the Grandfalls charter does not provide for an
interim appointment to fill the positions vacated by the resignations.
"The three council members will set the special election for August 9,
the next available date for municipal elections," says Thurman. After
setting the special election, the surviving Grandfalls council members will consider the city's regular business.

Police Log

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May 29
8:38 a.m.-Animal complaint, 500
block of Alice. Requested Animal
Control officer, cat found in trap.
8:40 a.m.-Animal complaint, 1200
block of Leon. Requested for Animal
Control officer to pick up injured
9:24 a.m.-Animal complaint, 500
block of W. 6th. Requested for Animal
Control officer to search for dog.
9:48 a.m.-Animal complaint, 500
block of S. Leon. Requested Animal
Control officer, cat found in trap.
10:02 a.m.-Civil matter, 1100 block
of Calvin. Requested officer, having
problems with neighbor. Officer said
civil matter, no report taken, referred
complainant to precinct judge.
10:16 a.m.-Theft, 600 block
northwest of I-20. Requested officer,
theft. Officer said citation was issued,
report was made.
1:11 p.m.-Information call, 800
block of S. Faye. Requested officer,
broken window. Officer said report
was made, subject did agree to pay for
1:18 p.m.-Possible family
disturbance, 800 block of W. Sealy.
Officers said civil matter, no violence.
1:37 p.m.-Criminal mischief, 600
block of Jay. Complainant came into
MPD, requested to speak with officer.
Officer said report was taken.
2:13 p.m.-Attempt to locate, 1100
block of Doris. Requested officer in
the area, subjects throwing rocks at
complainant's vehicle. Officer spoke
with subjects.
2:48 p.m.-Civil standby, 1300 block
of N. Carol. Requested officer,
complainant said would be picking up
items. Officer said everything okay.
3:37 p.m.-Harassment, 1800 block of
S. Bruce. Complainant came into
MPD, requested to speak with officer.
Officer said report was made.
4:40 p.m.-Welfare check, 600 block
of S. Calvin. Possible family
disturbance, said subject was holding
other subject by the neck, heading
southbound on Calvin. Officer said
contact made with both subjects, said
nothing was going on, just sitting
outside talking..
6:19 p.m.-Information call, Dollar
General. Requested to speak with
6:34 p.m.-Animal complaint, 700
block of S. Franklin. Cat found in trap.
6:51 p.m.-Close patrol, 1200 block
of W. Sealy. Complainant having
problems with subject.
7:27 p.m.-Close patrol, 900 block of
S. Allen. Requested for close patrol.
8:05 p.m.-Animal complaint, 800
block of S. Faye. Dog's head trapped in
a gate at the tennis courts.
Officer said dog was released to its
8:38 p.m.-Theft, 800 block of Gary.
Bicycle stolen from complainant's
residence, requested to speak with
officer. Officer said report was made.
8:53 p.m.-Welfare check, 700 block
of Eric. Small child running around
towards Edwards Elem., no adult
around at residence. Officer met with
mother, said child had just wondered
10:17 p.m.-911 call, 500 block of
Crane. Requested ambulance, subject
possibly deceased.
11:16 p.m.-Delivery of message, 900
block of N. Betty. Requested for
emergency message to be delivered to
subject. Message was delivered.

May 30
4:44 a.m.-Intoxicated subject, 400
block of Gary. Requested officer,
subject at ER appears to be intoxicated,
possibly assaulted. Officers said
everything okay, would standby.
7:08 a.m.-Criminal mischief, 700
block of W. Sealy. Officer said was
flagged down by complainant, criminal
mischief done to building, broken
window. Officer said report was taken.
7:22 a.m.-Animal complaint, 500
block of W. 11th. Unknown subjects
had opened water meter box and
placed deceased cat inside.
8:16 a.m.-Criminal mischief, 600
block of W. Sealy. Officer said was
flagged down, was advised of criminal
mischief to vehicles. Report was taken.
10:09 a.m.-Civil matter, 700 block of
Doris. Requested to speak with officer.
Officer met with complainant.
10:35 a.m.-Information call, 700
block of Franklin. Requested to speak
with officer, children were taken out of
residence without permission from
3:24 p.m.-Disorderly conduct, 600
block of Gary. Requested to speak with
officer about harassment. Officer said
report was taken.
3:35 p.m.-Civil standby, 200 block
of Kenneth. Requested for civil
3:50 p.m.-Theft, 1900 block of
Stockton. Requested to speak with
officer about theft of money. Officer
said report was taken.
4:39 p.m.-Terroristic threats, 900
block of S. Main. Complainant came
into MPD, terroristic threats made by
subject on several occasions.
4:55 p.m.-Animal complaint, 700
block of Gary. Two small dogs found
in complainant's yard. Animal Control
officer picked up dogs by request.
5:06 p.m.-Harassment, 800 block of
N. Main. Complainant requested to
speak with officer about harassing
phone calls, said subject had threatened
complainant and co-worker. Officer
said report was taken.
5:50 p.m.-Delivery of message, 600
block of Ike. Complainant needed to
make contact with subject. Officer said
message was delivered.
7:49 p.m.-Water Dept. call, N. Loop.
Requested for water to be turned on.
7:50 p.m.-Attempt to locate, 1200
block of W. 15th. Subject on
motorcycle seen on private property.
Officer located subject, was told to stay
off of city property.
8:14 p.m.-Harassment, 700 block of
E. 4th. Received harassing phone calls
from subject at work place, requested
to speak with officer. Officer spoke
with complainant and subject.
8:28 p.m.-Disorderly conduct, 700
block of Gary. Loud music, Officer
spoke with subjects, were told to turn
music down.
9:18 p.m.-Ambulance call, 500 block
of 11th. Elderly subject bedridden and
incoherent, complainant was advised to
have ambulance sent to residence. Was
transported to ER.
10:48 p.m.-Information call, 10 miles
W. of Monahans. Large tornado
spotted in the area. Call was transferred
to WC Sheriff's Office, said no activity
in that area.
11:03 p.m.-Disorderly conduct, 1200
block of Stockton. Requested for
subjects to be advised to have music
turned down. Officer said no music
heard playing, subjects were advised to
keep down music.

May 31
12:08 a.m.-Welfare check, 200 block
of Franklin. Requested officer, subject
possibly had fallen off of wheelchair.
Officer said subject was transported to
5:00 a.m.-Animal complaint, 1400
block of Main. Two skunks at large.
7:09 a.m.-Information call, 1300
block of Leon. Requested officer,
vandalism. Officer said report taken.
8:25 a.m.-Escort, 200 block of S.
Allen. Requested for funeral escort.
11:13 a.m.-Theft, 1000 block of
Alice. Complainant came into MPD,
vehicle possibly stolen. Officer said
report was taken. Complainant later
said vehicle was located, subject had
borrowed without asking permission.
11:35 a.m.-Water Dept. call, 400
block of James. Requested for sewer
lines to be checked.
12:57 p.m.-Information call, Sealy
and Loop. Lightening had struck RR
crossing arms, severe damage.
4:06 p.m.-Water Dept. call, 1200
block of Calvin. Damage done to water
5:11 p.m.-Follow-up information,
800 block of N. Main. Requested to
speak with officer, and for close patrol.
5:27 p.m.-Possible burglary, 2100
block of S. Betty. Requested officer,
possible burglary at neighbor's
residence. Officer said no report had
been filed, complainant requested for
neighbor to be contacted to see if
anything missing.
7:07 p.m.-Delivery of message, 600
block of Ike. Requested for officer to
deliver message to subject.
8:44 p.m.-Requested for officer to
locate vehicle heading southbound on
Stockton, driver possibly intoxicated.
9:42 p.m.-Disorderly conduct, 700
block northwest of I-20 Hwy. 18.
Requested officer, subject refuses to
leave. Officer transported subject to
motel for the night.
9:42 p.m.-Water Dept. call, 900
block of W. Sealy. Water leak.
10:10 p.m.-911 call, mile marker 68
westbound. Suspicious vehicle. Call
was transferred to WC Sheriff's Office.
10:28 p.m.-Civil matter, 100 block of
Doris. Complainant came into MPD,
requested to speak with officer about
argument with subject. Complainant
said will leave for the night.
10:31 p.m.-Suspicious vehicle, 1000
block of Faye. Requested officer,
suspicious vehicle, also for close
patrol. Officer said unable to locate
vehicle, close patrol posted.

June 1
12:16 a.m.-Suspicious subjects,
Pearson Park. Subjects had been
walking in front of complainant's
residence several times for past + hour.
Officers said in area of park, located
subjects, were released.
1:09 a.m.-911 call, 1300 block of
Stockton. Disturbance heard in the
area. Officers spoke with subjects in
area, said was upset and breaking
things at his own residence. Subject's
sister en route.
4:04 a.m.-911 call, 400 block of
11th. Subject having trouble breathing.
Was transported to ER.
7:46 a.m.-Criminal trespass, 600
block of N. Carol. Stolen vehicle,
subjects were placed in custody,
vehicle was impounded. Owners were
referred to Speeds to recover vehicle.
9:09 a.m.-Minor accident, Fifth &
Ike. Officer said report was taken.
1:26 p.m.-Disorderly conduct, 600
block of Bruce. Requested officer, loud
music. Officer spoke with subject, was
advised to turn music down.
5:16 p.m.-Major accident, Hwy. 18.
Vehicle had gone through fence,
several people at above location,
requested for ambulance. Officer said
incident had already happened several
days ago, would not be an accident.
8:55 p.m.-Ambulance call, 1600
block of Franklin. Elderly subject with
chest pains. Was transported to ER.
9:58 p.m.-Ambulance call, Capri bar.
Subject possibly having heart attack,
conscious and breathing. Was
transported to ER.
10:31 p.m.-Disorderly conduct, 300
block of N. Alice. Loud music,
requested for subjects to be advised to
turn music down. Officer said unable
to locate any loud music in that area.
11:28 p.m.-Animal complaint, 500
block of W. 14th. Requested for
Animal Control officer to pick up cat,
was bleeding from eyes and nose.
Officer said would check on status of
cat the following day.

June 2
3:48 a.m.-911 call, 700 block of S.
Calvin. Requested ambulance, subject
possibly having heart attack, with chest
pains. Was transported to ER.
7:43 a.m.-Escort, 1300 block of Ike.
Requested for funeral escort.
7:44 a.m.-Escort, Bethel Baptist.
Requested for funeral escort.
9:05 a.m.-Animal complaint, 800
block of W. I-20. Requested for
Animal Control officer to set cat traps.
9:57 a.m.-Animal complaint, 200
block of Nancy. Two cats found inside
engine area of vehicle, one deceased.
12:17 p.m.-Welfare check, 1000
block of S. Main. Requested for
subject to be checked on, will not
answer door. Officer said patient was
okay, said just did not want to answer
the door.
12:58 p.m.-Animal complaint, 1100
block of Stockton. Possible fox in
front yard.
1:03 p.m.-Theft, Allsup's. Theft of
gas drive-off. Call was transferred to
WC Sheriff's Office.
2:41 p.m.-Animal complaint, 1200
block of S. Main. Requested for cat
trap to be set.
5:31 p.m.-Animal complaint, 700
block of N. Carol. Requested to speak
with Animal Control officer, chicken at
large in neighborhood.
7:10 p.m.-Reckless driver, 15th St.
Requested officer. Officer said subject
was advised of his driving.
11:40 p.m.-Possible burglary, 1500
block of S. Helen. Requested officer.

June 3
12:23 a.m.-Information call, 1000
block of S. Main. Door found open at
church. Officer said everything okay.
2:43 a.m.-Fire Dept. call, mile
marker 71 westbound I-20. Vehicle on
fire, unknown if anyone still in vehicle.
Call was transferred to WC Sheriff's
Office, fire was put out, no transports
made to ER.
6:39 a.m.-Animal complaint, 700
block of S. Main. Cat caught in chain-link fence. Officer said cat was
8:20 a.m.-Animal complaint, 500
block of N. Alice. Cat found in trap.
3:57 p.m.-911 call, 1000 block of S.
Main. Subject attempting to break into
complainant's residence. Officer said
subject gone upon arrival.
4:03 p.m.-Theft, 2200 block of
Stockton. Theft of gas drive-off.
Officers said unable to locate, report
was taken.
4:15 p.m.-Animal complaint, 700
block of Harry. Requested for Animal
Control officer to pick up animal
carcass in alley behind complainant's
4:45 p.m.-Information call, 1000
block of S. Bruce. Requested for
Animal Control officer to phonecomplainant at work place.


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Lifetime resident buried Saturday

Services for Dora Oyerbides Molina, 44, were held Saturday at Third and Dwight Church of Christ. Burial was in Monahans Memorial Cemetery under direction of Harkey Funeral Home. Ms. Molina was born January 9, 1953 in Monahans and died May 28, 1997 in a Lubbock hospital. She was a secretary and a member of the Church of Christ. Survivors include her father, Manuel "Sarge" Molina of Monahans; three sisters, Delia Cavazos of Crane, Delma Bustos and Diana Molina, both of Monahans; four nephews, two nieces, two brothers-in-law and a grand-nephew. She was preceded in death by her mother, Socorro Molina March 12, 1991.

Services held for Wickett resident

Services for Jo Fern Milson, 54, were held Monday at Bethel Baptist Church officiated by Rev. Gordon Cox. Burial was in Tamarisk Cemetery in Grandfalls under direction of Harkey Funeral Home. Mrs. Milson was born May 29, 1997 in Monahans and died May 29, 1997 at her home in Wickett. She was a homemaker and a Baptist. Survivors include five daughters, Dorinda Johnson of Odessa, Deneisa McNese and Darla Moore, both of Monahans, Donell Ross and DeLaine Parker, both of Midland; a brother, Carl Kasner of Kermit and 10 grandchildren.

Local pie-maker dies Friday

Services for Harry Hobson Collins, Sr., 95, were held Monday at First Baptist Church with Rev. Barry Klempnauer officiating. Burial was in Monahans Memorial Cemetery under direction of Harkey Funeral Home. Mr. Collins was born Oct. 12, 1901 in Mount Pleasant and died May 30, 1997. His family moved to Coleman in 1903 where he lived until 1922 when he moved to Abilene. He married Agnes Boals in Coleman Oct. 12, 1930 and they moved to Howard County in 1934 and then to Ward County in 1942. A lifelong member of the Odd Fellow Lodge, he served in all local offices as well as District offices. In 1958, the Collins' started their fried pie business which they continued operating until 1982. He was an avid Lobo booster and was honor by the Lobo Booster Club in 1990. Survivors include six children, Frances Mincey of Brownfield, Abe Collins of Monahans, Jo Reynolds of Gilmer, Dennis McClure Collins of Kermit, Grace Collins of Monahans and Harry Collins, Jr. of Fort Stockton; 15 grandchildren; 32 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife Aug. 16, 1993.

Former resident buried in Midland

Services for Marcelle Lohmann, 75, were held Saturday at Ellis Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. C. Lane Boyd officiating. Burial was in Resthaven Memorial Park in Midland. Mrs. Lohmann was born July 12, 1921 to John and Fannie Moore in Sweetwater. She died May 28, 1997 in a Midland hospital. She was a member of the Greentree Country Club and Exxon Annuitants Club. She married Edward F. "Ed" Lohmann in Strawn Nov. 8, 1941. They lived in Monahans, later moving to Abilene. They came to Midland in the early 70's. Survivors include two sons, E.F. Lohmann, III of Abilene and John Mitchell Lohmann of Houston; three grandchildren and two nieces. Mr. Lohmann, who retired from Exxon, preceded her in death Nov. 9, 1996. The family requests memorials be made to Hospice of Midland.

Ethel Schaffner dies in Shamrock

Services for Ethel Longbotham Schaffner, 85, were held Wednesday at the First United Methodist Church with Pastor Ken Cole officiating. Burial was in Shamrock Cemetery under direction of Wright Funeral Directors. Mrs. Schaffner was born in Nolan County and died June 2, 1997 in Shamrock. With her husband, Edward, she moved to Shamrock in 1939 and began operating D&S Cleaners. She was a member of the Methodist Church, Business and Professional Women's Club, The Thursday Literary Club and served on the board of the Pioneer West Museum. Survivors include a daughter, Barbara Coleman of Canyon, a sister, Thelma Price of Amarillo; two grandchildren and a sister-in-law, Hazel Longbotham of Monahans. She was preceded in death by her husband in 1966.

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