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Wednesday, June 4, 1997


Cara Alligood

Summer brings fun
events and memories

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Although it isn't official until June 21, for all intents and purposes
(such as school letting out and the triple-digit temperatures) summer is

The pools are opening, summer recreations programs are gearing up, and
there will be a carnival in town this weekend.

I sure did love to go to the carnival when I was a child! I loved it
all, the rides, the games, the cotton candy...everything about the whole
event. The ride I liked least was the ferris-wheel type one with the
cages where you could get turned upside-down. My favorites have always
been the bumper cars and the one that is usually called the Himalaya or
the Flying Bobs, where you go faster and faster around an uneven track,
first frontward then backward, with really loud rock music blaring in
the background.

I have always liked to make the ferris wheel my last ride of the
evening; I guess being way up high where I can see everything around
just seems like a good way to put a proper close to an evening spent at
the carnival.

I don't know why I liked the games, since I never seemed to win. Or, if
I did win, my prize usually turned out to be a goldfish. For some
reason, I can't remember any prize fish that lived very long.

The last time I remember going to a fair was with my husband, and I
believe it was back when we lived in Killeen. Now, he did manage to win
a couple of prizes in one of those games. He had to throw a dart at the
middle of a star shape, I think. He has much better aim than I do.

I also had to go to the New York State Fair every summer while I lived
there. It was held fairly close to my hometown, less than the distance
from Pecos to Monahans. We had a long building full of animals being
shown in the 4-H shows, other buildings that displayed crafts and such,
and there was always a sculpture made out of butter in the dairy
section. There was a major concert at the grandstands every night, and
we had a mile-long midway. Imagined how many rides, games, souvenir
booths and food stands there must have been.

Carnival rides may not be as big and elaborate as those at an amusement
park, but the lines aren't as long, either. Just one of life's little
tradeoffs, I guess. It seems like I waited nearly forever in line for
the Space Mountain ride at Walt Disney World in Florida back in 1976. It
was a pretty new and exciting ride back then, before the days of
inverted roller coasters and ones that go uphill on a stream of water.

I just hope everyone who reads this has as much fun this summer as I
did when I was a youngster.

Editor's Note: Cara Alligood is an Enterprise writer and advertising administrator.


President negotiates to enlarge NATO

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President Clinton has just completed another difficult trip negotiating
a treaty to enlarge the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that
will include some former members of the Soviet Bloc.
There is opposition in this country to the plan and although it will
cost the United States some money, it will prove less expensive in terms
of lives and money in the long run.
The more countries we can align to be on our side, the less trouble
we'll have in keeping peace in the world. And as the only remaining
super power, the world looks to us as the peace keepers.
Let's encourage members of Congress to support the President's plan for enlarging NATO.


Student learns a lot about the state of Texas

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Dear Editor:
I wrote your paper back in March asking you to print my letter
requesting information about Texas. I want to thank you for printing my
letter. I also want to thank the people who sent me information. I
received postcards, maps, brochures, and many interesting letters.

We had a "States Fair on May 14th and I displayed my information about
your great state. We did a class booklet called "My State A to Z." The
information I received helped me in filling out my booklet. I also did a
report on Texas, made a game about Texas and even made a coloring book
about Texas.

We also made a relief salt map of our state. To celebrate the "States
Fair" our fifth grade classes set up displays for our state. Other
classes, parents, friends, and even other schools come to visit. I
displayed my postcards in a book and had all of my brochures on a table.
It was fun representing Texas at our fair. Everybody liked hearing about
all the neat places to visit.

I learned a lot about Texas from doing this project. I learned Texas has
an interesting history. I read about the many places to visit. I think I
would like to go and see the Dallas Cowboys.

I would also like to go to the ocean and the space center. I want to
thank everybody again for your help in my school project.

Northeast Elem.
Mr. Haas Class
910 East 34th Street
Kearney, NE 68847

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