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May 21, 1997

Council to receive input on local juvenile crime

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Staff Writer

PECOS, May 21, 1997 - Juvenile crime will be the topic of discussion at
Thursday morning's regular Town of Pecos City Council meeting.

Juvenile Probation Officer Alberto Alvarez will be on hand and welcomes
interested citizens to join in the discussion.

Council members will meet at 7:30 a.m. in council chambers located
inside city hall.

According to a report released in April, more than three times as many
juvenile cases were referred to the Reeves County Juvenile Court by
Pecos police than were referred in April of last year.

In addition, Alvarez stated that his department receives a large number
of calls from parents asking for help that never go through the police
or any law enforcement agencies.

Twenty two juveniles were sent to court by Pecos police in April of this
year, compared to seven in April 1996. During that month the juvenile
court received a total of 27 juvenile referrals including those from
Pecos police, the sheriff's office, Municipal Court and other agencies.
That compares to a total of 16 for April of 1996.

Landfill controversy will be discussed during this meeting. Members will
have a chance to listen to the landfill committee's report and possibly
take action on Type IV Landfill Application Permit.

The landfill and whether or not to build a new one or go with a transfer
station has been the topic of controversy for the city recently.

Council members will also consider a proposal from Mr. and Mrs. James P.
Marquez to lease a building located at 1104 S. Cedar; consider an offer
to purchase property at 310 S. Mesquite by Salvador Carrera and discuss
an ordinance for annexation application by Alex B. Salcido. This is the
second reading on the ordinance.

Economic Development Committee members will be on hand to discuss
initiative for economic development.

Other issues that are on the agenda are:

* Consideration/discussion to request permission to advertise for bids
on the 1997 street seal coat.

* Discuss/consider resolution #97-5-7-R for municipal offices bank

* Discuss/consider ordinance 97-5-5 to initiate sewer
inflow/infiltration abatement program regarding private sector. Second

* Approval of monthly reports.

* Approval of accounts payable.

Saragosa disaster remembered in special section

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Enterprise Editor

SARAGOSA, May 21, 1997 - It was a decade a go that disaster struck our
county when a twister dropped from the skies.

What happened next to those who lived in and around saragosa and those
who were in attendance at a graduation ceremony for Head Start students
will be long remembered.

For that reason, it seems appropriate to take timeout from our busy
lives and remember what happened that fateful night. We should not
forget those who lost their lives in those few horrible minutes nor
those who suffered injuries and the ones who worked so hard in rescue
attempts to save those who were injured and lessen suffering.

Not many signs of what happened in 1987 are visible, only the scars it
left on the survivors and a memorial in front of the Saragosa Activity
Center. It takes a long time to heal the wounds of such a tragedy and
the Enterprise by printing the enclosed special section believes it will
help in the process.

For those who are into aware of what happened that May evening, we are
reprinting some of the stories that appeared in the Pecos Enterprise in
the following days and pictures that were taken by area residents and
members of the Enterprise staff.

In addition, we have spoken with some of the survivors, relatives of
those who were victims of that vicious storm and those who itched in to
help in the rescue effort.

Let us not forget what happened that night nor should we forget those
who died, especially the children.

Seniors will receive scholarships
in awards ceremony

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PECOS, May 21, 1997 - Pecos High School seniors will be rewarded for
their efforts during an awards ceremony scheduled for 7 p.m., Thursday
at the Pecos High School Auditorium.

"All the awards and scholarships are equally important, from the
smallest to the largest," said Pecos High School Counselor Pat Cobos.

Cobos stated that even a small scholarship can make a big difference in
a student's life.

"This will encourage them, make them realize that somebody is thinking
of them and has faith in them," she said.

Several new awards will be added to the traditional ones given out
during the ceremony.

"We have a lot of new local ones, given out by local businesses, that
we're really excited about," said Cobos. "This will give the students an
opportunity to better themselves, maybe something they hadn't thought
of," said Cobos.

Cobos stated that the awards will build the student's self-esteem and
encourage them to do more in their lives.

"I think any kind of award or scholarship will make a big difference,"
she said.

Some of the more traditional scholarships to be awarded on Thursday
include the Ollie Springfield Nunn scholarship, the Pecos Aquatic Club,
Tandy Technology Scholar, The Dorothy Curfman Award, Joe Bob Kelton and
the Bill Dean Memorial.

Other scholarships are Delta Kappa Gamma, University of Rocheter, The
MACE Minority in Medicine Program Award, University of Texas at
Austin-President's Achievement Award, Texas A&M University-Academic
Achievement Scholarship, Colorado Scholarship of Mines, Minority
Engineering Program, Sam Walton Community Scholarship, US Marine Corps
Distinguished Athlete Award, US Marine Corps Excellence Award and the
Modern Study Club scholarship.

Also, Texas-New Mexico Power Company Scholarship, San Angelo State Carr
Scholarship, Aladdin Beauty College, Classic Cable Scholarship, Pecos
Downtown Lion Club, 4-H Club Gold Star Award, Texas Tech University
College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, UTPB President
Plus Scholarship, Earl Bell Alumni Scholarship, McDonald's Scholarship,
Student Council Award, U.S. Army Reserve National Athlete Award, Evening
Optimistic, Comite 88 and Sheriff's Posse.

Also, the Career Colleges and Schools of Texas, TSTA, Robert G. Worsham
Endowment Scholarship, Our Lady of the Lake University, Texas Tech
Superior Scholarship Achievement Award, The University of Arizona, Texas
Association of Secondary School Principals, Golden Girl, Herrera
Scholarship, Knights of Columbus and UTPB Freshman Merit Scholarship.

"This is just to name a few, but there will be many more," said Cobos.

Thieves hitting American flags

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PECOS, May, 21, 1997 - Flags are being stolen in Pecos on a pretty
regular basis, according to MacArthur Pineda, former VFW member.

Pineda said that the American flag that was put up recently at Pecos
Head Start was stolen the night it was installed, along with the Head
Start flag. The American flag that was stolen was an all-weather version
which cost $36, said Pineda.

Pineda says that in the past, the flags have even been stolen from the
sign at the county courthouse that displays the crests of all the local

Both Pineda and VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Quartermaster Andy Hannah
agree that several flags have disappeared from various locations
throughout town. Few are recovered, and often have been desecrated when
they have been found.

"We're always getting flags stolen. Every time we put some up, we lose
one or two," said Hannah.

The two men both suggest that the flags are probably being stolen by
youths as pranks, not by people who are actually going to fly them.

"I honestly feel it is bored kids with nothing better to do," Hannah

Hannah also said that it costs about $90 to replace a flag and flagpole,
and that any donations that citizens want to make are welcome.

According to "Etiquette of the Stars and Stripes," a manual issued by
Martin's Flag Company of Fort Dodge, Iowa, there are about 18 special
days the flag should be displayed, not including state holidays. The
next one this year is Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, and should
be displayed at half-staff until noon.

The VFW has a flag flying service available to the community, according
to Hannah. They will install one of their own flags at people's homes or
businesses, fly it on the appropriate day, then remove it until the next
appropriate time for $25 a year, he said.

Pineda also offers to help people to properly install the flag kits
available commercially on their homes.

PBT board cautious about discipline policies

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Staff Writer

PECOS, May 21, 1997 - School district officials began taking a cautious
look at new discipline policies for the district during the
Pecos-Barstow-Toyah I.S.D. board meeting Monday.

PBT board members discussed a plan to curtail discipline problems at the
high school, but no final action was taken. Currently, student
infractions are not carried over from one semester to the next, but that
will change with the new policy, according to PHS vice principal Robert

Board President Frank Perea asked why that policy had to change, and
Hernandez replied, "I don't know."

A recent change to the dress code at PHS, implemented without much
advance notice and in the midst of the school year, caused confusion and
sparked protests at the high school. Concerned parents organized and
attended last month's school board meeting, with representative Louis
Matta voicing their concerns.

Recalling all the problems encountered by the speedy adoption of the new
dress code, Earl Bates was cautious about approving a discipline policy
that he believed had not been thoroughly discussed by the whole faculty,
all of whom will have to enforce whatever policy is chosen.

"We have to have the entire faculty sign off on this and be in agreement
with this before we present it," said Bates.

"We'll get it on there next month," said Perea, meaning the policy would
be on the school board's official agenda for the June meeting.

The school board voted to offer the Reeves County Hospital District a
tax collection service, at the request of Terry R. Andris, RCH Chief
Executive Officer.

The junior high grading scale was discussed on the first reading. There
is a concern that if a junior high school student takes an advanced
placement course, which is more difficult, and fails, they will be
unable to participate in extracurricular activities. There are
provisions to let students continue to participate under certain
circumstances at the high school level, but not at junior high. This may
discourage athletes from taking the more challenging classes.

Other items discussed by the PBT board Monday include:

Proposals to revise job descriptions will be reviewed by the affected
departments before they are approved.

Budget amendments for the 1996-97 school year were discussed very
briefly. Business Manager Cookie Canon says it is just a matter of a
couple of departments moving dollars around within the current budget to
be able to finish out the year. New budget meetings have been set on
July 22 and 24 for administrators to meet with the board and discuss the
1997-98 budget, which must be adopted no later than August 31.

A Region 18 Education Services Center Personnel Services Interagency
Agreement was approved for $1,000.

The summer recreation program was also approved.

A request to lease property at 1104 South Cedar Street to the East Side
Boxing Club for $100 a year was discussed, but the school district's
attorney advised against approval at this time, mainly because of
questions regarding insurance liability and maximum coverage amounts,
since juries often make awards far in excess of what insurance will
cover when someone gets injured and sues a property owner. Also, the
building is in need of extensive repairs, and goes up for auction in

Perea suggested that the group look at buying the building when it is
auctioned off, instead of trying to lease it and risk having it sold out
from under them.

Tammy Marquez, one of the people making the inquiry about the lease,
said that she and her husband were willing to make the repairs, but was
not so quick to offer to have the club buy the building for themselves.

"There are $26,000 owed in back taxes, and we don't feel it's worth
that," Marquez said. The school board's attorney suggested that the
group determine what they believe the building is worth and offer that
to the tax assessor before the auction.

The school board went into closed session for about an hour and a half.
When they reopened the meeting, they approved settlement of tax
litigation with Bledsoe Petro Corporation, cause number 18,458, but
could not discuss the amount.

Also approved was settlement of a billing dispute with McFall-Konkel &
Kimball. The disputed amount was $28,000; the district has agreed to pay

Action was only taken on one probationary contract employee, and it was
decided not to renew Brandon Lee's contract.

Discussion of goals for the superintendent and district was tabled.
Routine financial reports were gone over and approved.

There were a few personnel changes. Resignations and retirements are all
effective May 31. Resigning are Jerry May, third grade teacher at Pecos
Elementary and Brannon Jackson, history teacher at Crockett Middle

Nora Geron, PHS girls physical education teacher and head volleyball
coach is retiring, along with Cecil Stickles from PHS special education
and John Stickles, history teacher at Crockett Middle School.

Jessica Molinar will transfer from special education at Pecos Elementary
to regular education at the same campus.

The board agreed that parents and school board members should present
diplomas at the high school graduation again this year.

"I think it went really well last year, it was very well-received," said
Sotelo about the new twist to last year's graduation ceremony.

A special PBT school board meeting has been scheduled for a hearing on
Special Education teacher Audra Lozano. It was unclear this morning if
that will be an open meeting or an executive session, according to
Perea. Lozano can request either, he said.

The next regular meeting of the PBT school board has been set for June
12 in the board room at 1304 S. Park Street.

New exhibit opens today at
West of the Pecos Museum

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Staff Writer

PECOS, May 21, 1997 - West of the Pecos Museum officials will conduct
the grand opening of a new exhibit today. Ceremonies for the opening of
The Carriage House will be conducted at 3 p.m. at 101 Oak Street.

The Carriage House displays the Frying Pan Ranch Chuckwagon donated to
the museum by Tom and Evelyn Scarborough Linebery. The museum, located
at First and Cedar streets, recently renovated the building at the
corner of First and Oak streets that now houses the exhibit of the
authentic chuck wagon, complete with all the gear that would have been
used by a cook to feed cow punchers on a roundup.

The Lineberys donated the chuck wagon to the museum about a year ago,
according to Mike Burkholder, West of the Pecos Museum Board Vice
President. The chuck wagon had been in Evelyn Linebery's family, the
Scarboroughs, for more than 100 years, Burkholder said.

Several years ago Hershal Cox donated the building that houses the chuck
wagon, located on the west side of Oak Street, to the museum. Tom
Linebery also donated $17,000 for the project through a family

Plans for the building include skylights in the roof and observation
windows in its walls. The chuck wagon and all its gear is displayed in
the building as if it were in service out on the range. Visitors will be
able to look through the observation windows and view the exhibit,
Burkholder said. The grand opening will include a ribbon cutting
ceremony and Tom Linebery's Birthday Social


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Leta M. Scott

PECOS, May 21, 1997 - Services are incomplete for Leta M. Scott, 82, who
died Tuesday, May 20 in San Angelo.

Pecos Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.


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