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May 15, 1997

Police, chamber offer $650 reward for conviction

Burglary spree inspires reward offer

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Staff Writer

PECOS, May 15, 1997 - The Pecos Police Department, in partnership with
the Pecos Chamber of Commerce, offered a $650 reward yesterday for
information that results in the arrest and conviction of the person or
persons responsible for the burglaries that occurred early Tuesday
morning, before sunrise.

About 10 to 12 vehicles were burglarized in and around Casa Manana
Apartments. There was an attempted break-in at Showtime Video which was
thwarted by an audible alarm at that establishment in the Airlawn
Shopping Plaza on Eddy Street. There was also a burglary at Serranito's
Restaurant, which is a free-standing business at the opposite end of the
same plaza.

Pecos Police Chief Troy Moore announced the reward Wednesday morning.
Moore says that the Pecos Police Department is putting up $500 of the
fund and the Chamber of Commerce is contributing the other $150.

"We think it was probably kids, Moore said. "They broke the windows of
vehicles, looked in and took what they wanted. If they didn't want it
they left it."

Because of the pick and chose manner of the burglars Moore said he did
not think they were professional thieves.

"If anyone sees anything out of the ordinary we urge them to call us and
we will be right out," Moore said.

Moore also urged anyone who has information about the recent burglaries
to call the Pecos Police. The non-emergency number for the police
department is 445-4911.

Police also caution people not to leave items of any value within sight
in their vehicles.

"These type of thefts are often crimes of opportunity, and one way to
keep them from happening is not to let valuables be seen by someone who
might be inclined to take them," Moore said.

Jury says defendant guilty
in marijuana possession trial

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Staff Writer

PECOS, May 15, 1997 - Federal Court jurors on Tuesday returned a
"guilty" verdict in the marijuana possession trial of Alfredo
Olivas-Arenivas, 37, of Ojinaga, Mex.

Olivas and two other Mexican males were arrested by Border Patrol agents
at 5 a.m. Jan. 25 as they traveled north on U.S. Highway 67 from
Presidio to Marfa. A search of the Chevrolet Suburban they occupied
turned up 584 pounds of marijuana wrapped in plastic bags and hidden
under a blanket.

Sergio Huitron-Trujillo, a former policeman in Ojinaga, testified that
he and Jorge Alberto Esparza-Ramos, an Ojinaga police officer, had
stolen the Suburban in Marfa and were hauling the marijuana to "any town
from here to see if I could sell it for something" when they stopped to
pick up Olivas and give him a ride.

Huitron said he didn't want to give Olivas a ride because "it would be
compromising him with what we were bringing in and what would happen if
we got caught."

But his friend "finally convinced me to give him a ride," after 1½ hours
talking to Olivas beside the road, Huitron said.
He said Olivas didn't know the marijuana was in the car.

However, under questioning by prosecutor Jim Blankinship, Huitron
admitted Olivas was sitting next to the bundled marijuana with his elbow
resting on top of it.

Huitron and Esparza have both pleaded guilty to marijuana possession and
are awaiting sentencing before U.S. District Judge Royal Furgeson, who
presided for the trial.

Defense Attorney Mike Barclay told the jury in closing arguments that
his client should be set free because the government already had two
convictions in the case.

In other hearings this week, Judge Furgeson accepted guilty pleas from:
* Jose Alfredo Corrales, 23, of Odessa, possession with intent do
distribute marijuana;

* Jose Alfredo Avila-Salgado, 27, of Camargo, Mex., importing marijuana;

* Luis Alejandro Espinoza, 19, of Fort Stockton, possession with intent
to distribute marijuana;

* Joaquin Contreras, 41, of Wichita Falls, importing marijuana;

* Gustavo Gallegos-Solis, 23, of Chihuahua, Mex., importing marijuana.

* Juan Martin Urias, 27, of Presidio, possession with intent to
distribute marijuana;

* Brenda Ingo Rodriguez, importing heroin.

Judge Furgeson approved guilty pleas in felony cases heard by U.S.
Magistrate Judge Stuart Platt from Cesar Bejarano, Arturo Martinez
Ceniceros, Gregorio Contreras-Hernandez, Ascencion Escajeda-Rincon,
Valentin Rosales-Gonzales and Roberto Jimenez-Dominguez.

Juries were chosen for Roseann Marie Holmberg, 46, of Odessa, and Luz
Maria Urias, 28, of Kermit. Their trials are set for May 27 and 28.

Environmental science students
help to build new playground

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Staff Writer

PECOS, May 15, 1997 - A new playground is taking shape and could become
a reality soon, according to PHA executive director Nellie Gomez.

"The students working on the park will complete their part within the
next two weeks," said Gomez.

New playground equipment will be installed, gravel laid out and trees

"The residents will help plant the rest of the trees, spread out the
gravel and do whatever is left to do after the students complete their
part of the work," she said.

The environmental playground project started last school year when a
group of students met with the city council and the Pecos Housing
Authority about possibly building a playground.

The new playground is situated in front of the housing authority
executive building, where the old air base used to be located, near the
access road of the interstate.

"I'm really pleased with these students, they have worked really hard,"
said Gomez.

Cary Hannsz' sixth and seventh period environmental science classes
picked up the project and what equipment would be bought with the $5,000
grant from the state to help better the community.

Gomez stated that volunteers are still needed to complete projects and
any donations of playground equipment will be greatly appreciated.

A volleyball court is expected to be up by the end of the week and the
playground completed by the end of the month.

"We don't know for sure, but we're hoping to have it completed soon,"
said Gomez.

Gomez wanted to ask the public not to destroy or vandalize the equipment
which is already set up.

"I want to plead with everyone to just please don't destroy what we
have, we're doing this for everyone and want it to look nice," she said.

Russ Salcido has been very instrumental in helping with the playground;
Trans Pecos Materials has donated the gravel and Octavio Garcia and his
city crew will be donating their time and efforts in transporting the
materials to the playground site.

"Our goal right now is to get as much of it completed by next week,"
said Gomez.

Gomez would like to see most of the project completed before the end of
the school year.

One student will be building picnic tables which will be set up in
different areas at the playground.

"His father will be providing guidance, but this student will be graded
on the project, the picnic tables," said Gomez.

A contest will be held later to name the playground and everyone invited
to participate, according to Gomez.

"This is something positive for the community and we do hope there won't
be anyone out there that wants to ruin it," she said.

Local beauties to model fashions in style show

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PECOS, May 15, 1997 - Ten girls vying for the coveted title of Golden
Girl of the Old West are featured in a style show coming up this

The girls will model the latest fashions, compliments of local
merchants, at the Pecos Valley Country Club at noon.

This year, they will be joined by a younger group of beauties who will
be participating in the Cantaloupe Pageant.

Both were combined this year, after the Cantaloupe Festival was

Golden girl nominees for this year include Cynthia Almanza, sponsored by
Herrera Insurance; Gabriella Bafidis, sponsored by Desert Rentals and
Sales; Ivi Shea Brossman, sponsored by Sprayco Distributors/Airborne
Express Courier; Olivia Dawn Lara, sponsored by Popular Thriftway, CBI
(Cravey Brothers Inc.); Lorie Marquez, sponsored by La Tienda Thriftway
and Rubio's Plumbing; Stefanie Michelle Pharaoh, sponsored by The Water
Works, Modern Study Club; Erica Rodriguez, sponsored by the Lion's Club;
Stephanie Sherrin, sponsored by Cellular One, Luz Ortiz Insurance,
Cattleman's Restaurant; Gail Taylor, Pecos Valley Grain and Ivy Thorp,
Twentieth Century Club.

Little ones will also be a part of the fashion show and luncheon.

Girls ages 6-9 who are enrolled in a Pecos school are eligible to
compete for the title of Little Miss Cantaloupe.

Vying for that position are Lyndsay Chowning with Classic Cable backing
her; Sarah Cross, sponsored by Cross TaeKwon Do; Kendra Garcia, Hela's
Flower Shop; Kayla Herrera, Terrazas Restaurant; Kristin Ikeler,
Southwest Security Alarms; Dorothy Lara, Dairy Queen; Andrielle Martinez
sponsored by her mother, Yvette Rayos; Stormy McCoy, sponsored by
parents Kenneth and Sonya Felts; Jordan McNeil, sponsored by Edward
Jones Investments; Amie Morgan, Alan and Lara Morgan; Janette Perea,
sponsored by Desiree's Boutique and Jesseca Perea, Taylor's Flowers.

Also, Amber Rodriguez, sponsored by her parents, Alvin and Phyllis
Rodriguez; Katherine Tipton, Midland Travel; Samantha Valeriano,
Hector's Tire Repair; Claire Weinacht, Bill and Marina Weinacht and
Lyndsie Natividad, sponsored by Hidden Treasures and Lucky Partners.

Tickets for the event are $12 and can be purchased by calling the
chamber office, 445-2406.

Bingo hall rejected by zoning board

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Staff Writer

PECOS, May 15, 1997 - An application to operate a combination bingo hall
and arcade game room died for lack of support by the Pecos Zoning Board
of Adjustments this week.

The board of adjustments heard explanations on how the proposed bingo
hall/arcade room would operate from Gary Thomasson, Pecos Autoplex
manager, and Norley Sirott, representative of Harris Properties, during
its Tuesday meeting. The two represented Raymond Castillo, Showtime
Video and Pizza Pro located at 1006 South Eddy Street who made the
application to the board.

Plans for the bingo hall included allowing local non-profit
organizations to run the actual bingo games as fund raisers, according
to Thomasson. He said the company he represented would help any local
non-profit organization become licensed by the state to conduct the
bingo games. Thomasson said his company hoped to make profits from the
sale of food to bingo players, the rental of videos and the operation of
the arcade room.

"Once we get your approval we will sign up four or five local non-profit
organizations and go to Austin to get approval," Thomasson said.

But that approval never came. Although Board Chairman Bob Trammell asked
for a motion on the matter three times, no zoning board of adjustments
member made a motion to vote on the matter so it died for lack of a

When board members objected to bingo as gambling Thomasson and Sirott
pointed out that the state had ruled that bingo was not gambling, but a
form of entertainment. Even though bingo halls already exist in Pecos,
most of the board members seemed reluctant to support another bingo
hall. Board members also questioned the proposed arcade saying it was
too close to schools in the area and would serve as a temptation for
children to skip school and play games.

Thomasson told the board that the arcade room would be supervised by
adults and would not be open during school hours if the board so
Ron Garcia, Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, spoke against the proposal.

"I don't think this is setting a good example for our children," he
His brother, Raul Garcia, a Pecos businessman, took the opposite view.

"I think from all angles we have been trying to make it easier for new
businesses to start up in Pecos," he said. "These folks have relieved a
big section of business space that has been inactive. I think if we
raise our children right at home they will know how to act when they get
out on the streets."

Board member Daisy Roquemore saw some benefit in parts of the proposal.
"Our children don't have anything to do and no place to go," she said.
"We say we care so much for them but we don't have any recreation for
them in town."

Rudy Martinez, zoning board member, said, "I don't have a problem with
the arcade but I do with bingo. I'm against that for personal reasons."

After the proposal died for lack of support by the board Thomasson told
board members they were making a mistake.

"Y'all are standing in the way of progress and it's ridiculous," he

"Those buildings could all be empty."

In other business the zoning board of adjustments approved an
application by Norma Rubio, 1617 Morris Street, requesting a special
exception to be exempt from the five feet requirement from the property
line for and enclosed carport.

"She needed the carport to be five feet from the property line and it
was only three feet," Trammell said. "She was still pretty far from her
neighbor so we approved her request."

Generous community supports food bank

Oldies dance will raise funds for the needy

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Staff Writer

PECOS, May 15, 1997 - Rachel A. Dominquez not only believes in miracles,
she expects them on a daily basis. You might even say miracles are a
tradition for her and her family.

Her father, Frank Apolinar, began the tradition about 10 years ago when
he started the Santa Rosa Catholic Church Food Bank.

"My dad was a man of great faith," Dominquez said. "Whenever supplies at
the food bank got low he always said that God would provide and then it
would come in."

Apolinar started the food bank because he saw a need in the community,
his daughter said. "There were so many people going without food and

Even though Apolinar was a double amputee, he lost both his legs, he
worked diligently at the food bank until he died one and a half years
ago. His wife, Mary, his son, Frank Jr., and Dominquez now carry on the
work he started.

"My mother and brother bring in the donations and I keep inventory and
work in the food bank," Dominquez said.

As she worked with her father at the food bank he continually gave
Dominquez pointers on its operation, in anticipation of the day he would
not be there to oversee the operation.

"When the time came that he wasn't here any more I didn't know if I
could fill my dad's shoes, but all the tips he gave me started coming
back," she said.

Dominquez is reminded on a regular basis that "God will provide." This
week when supplies were running low at the food bank God used Pecos
postal employees to provide. The staff at the Pecos post office
conducted a food drive last Saturday and presented many boxes of food
goods to the food bank.

"The food drive is very important to the carriers and the rest of the
staff," said Pecos Postmaster Ramona Sterling. "They realize the
importance of it."

While thanking Sterling for the hard work of her staff and the donation
of the food, Dominquez eyes glowed like a child looking under the tree
at all the presents on Christmas morning.

"When the food comes in I get excited because I know I will be able to
feed more hungry people," she said. "I really want to thank the postal
employees and the entire community for their support which is a response
of love."

This Friday the community will come together again in support of the
food bank at a fund-raising dance. The Flash-back to the Oldies dance
will be held at 8 p.m. at The Riverside Ballroom at 1301 E. Third.
Admission is $5 or $3 with two cans of food.

Ed Vasquez and Frank Apolinar, Jr. will D.J. the oldies dance.
Organizers of the dance hope to raise $1,000 to benefit the food bank.
If the $1,000 goal is reached Apolinar will have his head shaved on
stage by Connie Herrera of Hair by Connie.

Vasquez Home Furnishings is sponsoring the dance.

Commissioners seek construction manager

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Reeves County Commissioners will meet at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow to discuss
the contract for a construction manager on current community development
housing projects.

The need for a new construction manager came about this week after two
contractors informed the commissioners they were resigning their
positions on the project.

Carlos Colina-Vargas, a grant writer from Austin who has helped prepare
grants locally and was currently working for the county on a community
development grant, surprised commissioners during their regular
first-of-the-month meeting Monday when he told them that he no longer
would work for the county.

After Vargas' resignation was accepted county grant administrator Mari
Maldonado was given the responsibility to continue on with the project

Later in the week Housing inspector Augustine Hidalgo informed
commissioners that he did not want to work on the project because it was
surrounded with too much controversy, according to Maldonado.

As a result of Hidalgo's departure from the project commissioners
postponed a meeting that was scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, which was
a continuation of the day-long meeting the day before, until Friday.

Efforts had been made unsuccessfully to contact Hidalgo Monday so the
meeting was recessed until 5:30 p.m. Tuesday to get him on-board as the
inspector for the project with the possibility of paying him more out of
money which will not be claimed by Vargas. That meeting will now be held

Commissioners are expected to discuss advertising for a housing
inspector to take Hidalgo's place in the Friday meeting.

The next regular commissioners' court meeting is scheduled for Tuesday,
May 27 at 5:30 p.m. due to the Memorial Day holiday.


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PECOS, May 15, 1997 - High Wednesday, 94, low this morning, 66, with a
trace of moisture. In West Texas, showers and thunderstorms are expected
over the entire area tonight and everywhere except the Permian Basin,
South Plains and low rolling plains on Friday. Lows tonight will be in
the 50s and 60s. Highs Friday will be in the 70s and 80s except in the
Big Bend area of Southwest Texas where readings will climb into the 90s
by mid-afternoon.

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