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May 1, 1997

Letter from the editor

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The missus loves Balmorhea. She adores Fort Davis. And she even
fantasizes about maybe it would be a great idea to move on down there
and commute to Monahans, which even for a survivor of the nation's urban
jungles would be quite a commute. The missus even has picked out a house
in Balmorhea. The house is vacant, it appears, so it will not require
the law enforcement officers of the state and its several counties to
evict anyone - assuming this desire for a house in and around the
various Big Bend mountains is more than a fantasy.
She also does not care a whole lot for the man she calls Lulu-Brain. I
don't know why this man is so lucky she calls him Lulu-Brain. She must
have known sometime in her life a generally pathetic individual whose
name was Lulu. This Lulu must have been a wonder of stupidity, ignorance
and wimpdom. Generally, Val does not much like stupid people, ignorant
individuals who do not attempt to resolve their ignorance and
cry-babies. Of course, it also is possible Lulu was not a member of the
human species. Lulu might well have been Dallas' goat. You don't know
Dallas. He's Val's brother and a pretty good country wood carver who
makes a dollar or two at it - enough so life does not interfere with
more important pursuits - like fishing and archeology.
All of this is brought about because of the unpleasantness afoot a few
miles out of Fort Davis where one Richard McLaren and a piece of
political manure calling itself by the honorable name of the Republic of
Texas is beginning to putrefy. Up until a few days ago McLaren and ROT,
a much more appropriate name, was good for a few laughs and could be
used as evidence in the valid argument that the Federales in Washington
had gotten a little too big for their pants and needed taking down a peg
or two. The problem with valid arguments like this is that many times
people who belong in locked wards and need an hourly six-pack of
thorazine sometimes agree. Enter McLaren and ROT.
Then McLaren and ROT busted into the home of a man and his wife outside
of Fort Davis and commandeered the couple's property.. The man was shot.
This action is alleged to be in retaliation for the arrest by Rangers of
a couple of ROT's officers. Law surrounds McLaren and ROT. Law gives up
McLaren's arrested general and gets the couple out.
Now they're sitting and looking at each other while property values in
Fort Davis and Balmorhea and Valentine and even in Ojinaga are going to
the depths. There are reports ROTTEN supporters of McLaren and ROT are
told to rendezvous in Balmorhea for Armageddon. Law popped a pickup
loaded with automatic weapons, says one report, over in Pecos.
Every time I walk in the house now, the first question: "What is
Lulu-Brain doing today? They better stay out of Balmorhea or they've got
me to contend with. And I'm giving him until sundown to get out of Fort
In addition, all this ROT just about has destroyed the desert plant sale
over at Fort Davis and that was the last straw.
Lulu-Brain better watch out. Val's coming. She's just about mad enough
to spit.

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