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April 25, 1997

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Staff Writer
PECOS, April 25, 1997 - No doubt many hearts skipped a beat last night
when at about 7:30, in the middle of a tornado watch for all of Reeves
County, the downtown storm warning siren sounded. But it was just a
false alarm.

"The only thing we can think of is that it was an electrical problem,"
said Armando Gil, Pecos Coordinator for the Office of Emergency

In the past, problems with false alarms with the storm warning sirens
were often attributed to radio SKIP which occurred when emergency
systems in other areas used a radio frequency to sound their alarm that
was close to the frequency Pecos uses.

"At one time a volunteer fire unit in California used the same frequency
as we did and it would sometimes activate our siren," Gil said.

But that problem has been eliminated. Now only a special code called in
by telephone can activate the warning system.

Gil attributes last night's false alarm to electrical problems because
only the downtown siren sounded. Such an occurrence can be caused by
high humidity or water that causes contacts to activate, Gil said.

"We tell the general public that, if a siren goes off, to tune into the
local radio station and they will give out information," he said.

In case of an actual storm warning Gil and his assistant coordinator,
Lupe Nieto, activate the city's emergency operation center.

"That's the brains of our operation if something is about to happen,"
Gil said.

When the emergency operation center is activated the mayor, police
chief, sheriff, county judge and other area government department heads
join Gil and his assistant at city hall to manage the situation, Gil

"We send any information we have to the radio station," he said. "I
usually call Bill Cole (general manager for Pecos radio station KIUN,
1400 AM) and he comes up to the radio station. We then communicate by
radio, telephone or wireless telephone."

Gil receives the most up-to-the-minute weather information from a pager
with a screen which shows the latest announcements from the National
Weather Service about conditions in Reeves County.

"Everything that is happening in Reeves County I get before television,
radio or law enforcement agencies," Gil said. "The key to saving lives
is early warning. We might not be able to do much about property damage,
but early warning saves lives."

Next time the storm warning sounds, tune to KIUN 1400 AM to hear the
latest information from the city emergency operation center that even
includes a ham radio operator in case all other communication with the
outside world is lost.

Last night's tornado watch for Reeves County expired at 8:15 p.m. with
no tornado sited.

Ramming buildings didn't
work in two attempted burglaries

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Staff Writer

PECOS, April 25, 1997 - Early Wednesday morning burglars attempted to
break into two Pecos businesses by ramming them with a vehicle.

Pecos Police responded to an alarm at Earnie's Smoke Shop, 711 W.
Third, at 2:09 a.m. There they found the back door to the building had
been damaged.
"We believe it was rammed with a vehicle," said Pecos Investigator David

Although it appeared the would-be burglars did not get any merchandise
this time, last week Earnie's Smoke Shop was broken into and goods were
In last week's incident police were able to follow a trail of muddy
footprints and cigarette lighters to recover the stolen merchandise,
Davis said.

While police have no suspects in the attempted burglary this week they
do have strong suspects in last week's case, according to Davis.

A second alarm sounded Wednesday at 2:25 a.m. at Anthony's, a clothing
store at 910 S. Eddy Street. There police found a vehicle had been used
to break two windows.

Police did not think any merchandise had been take from Anthony's
because they arrived about one minute after the alarm was reported, but
they were still waiting for a report from the store owners.

Davis said there was a strong possibility that the same vehicle was used
in both attempted burglaries.

No arrests have been made in either attempted burglary.

New ministerial fellowship column

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PECOS, April 25, 1997 - Today's opinion page carries a new column
provided for our readers by the Pecos Ministerial Fellowship.

In his weekly FOCUS ON THE FAMILY column, Dr. James Dobson deals with
issues that touch every family.

James C. Dobson, Ph.D. is founder and president of Focus on the Family,
a non-profit organization that produces his nationally syndicated radio
programs, heard daily on more than 2,500 radio facilities in North
America and on more than 3,000 facilities in 40-plus other countries.

He was for 14 years an associate clinical professor of pediatrics at the
University of Southern California School of Medicine, and served for 17
years on the attending staff of Children's Hospital of Los Angeles in
the division of child development and medical genetics.

Dr. Dobson was chosen as layman of the year by the National Association
of Evangelicals in 1982 and was honored in 1987 as "The Children's
Friend" by CHILDHELP, an organization devoted to the prevention of child

His first book for parents and teachers, «MDUL»Dare to Discipline,«MDNM»
has now sold more than two million copies and was selected as one of 50
books to be rebound and placed in the White House Library. His
subsequent books are also best sellers.

His first film series, "Focus on the Family," has now been seen by more
than 70 million people. He is also involved in governmental activities
related to the family and was appointed to Attorney General Edwin
Meese's Commission on Pornography, 1985-86.

Dr. Dobson is married, the father of two grown children, and resides in

Council grants money to two local agencies

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Enterprise Editor

PECOS, April 25, 1997 - After appointing a committee to study the
feasibility of building a type-four landfill at the site of the city's
current type-one landfill the Pecos City Council voted yesterday to
advertise for bids to sell equipment no longer needed at the landfill.
Some of that equipment could be kept and bids rejected if it is decided
to keep a type-four landfill.

The council then moved on to other matters.

The council tabled a proposed ordinance on a sewer abatement project
because Attorney Scott Johnson had not had time to look it over. This
item was listed erroneously in yesterday's Enterprise as an agenda item
on tax abatement.

The council approved giving Pecos Day Care Center $1,500 to help defray
utility bills so the center which is primarily funded by money paid by
parents, can buy more playground equipment. The request was made by Mary

Another $1,500 was provided to the Meals-On-Wheels program, also to help
defray utility bills. In making her presentation for the funds,
assistant for the program, Hilda Mendoza, mentioned the need for
volunteers with transportation.

CPA Dan Painter gave his quarterly report and Chamber of Commerce
Manager Tom Rivera spoke of the need for more funds to make improvements
at the Civic Center. The Chamber manages and maintains the center for
the city and county.

A municipal court report showed that $9,287 was paid in fines during the
past month and much of the activity of the court involves those who fail
to attend school as required by law.

Another report, this one on the ambulance service, showed that work is
needed on collections as the service is owed more than $176,000 for
services it has rendered.

Two items that took up considerable time involved the airport, with Bill
Hubbs, chairman of the airport committee, making the presentation. One
proposal was to clarify policies on renting hangars so that businesses
cannot be operated out of a regular hangar. This new policy is one that
has actually been carried out but not put in writing.

The other action involved renting a hangar to a crop duster, something
that has not been done in for some years because of pollution problems
created by crop dusters at the airport in the past.

Larry Kington requested that his plane be housed to protect it from
storms. Due to the fact the keeps his plane clean and no chemicals would
be at the airport, plus the plane would be subject to inspection, it was
decided to allow him to rent a T-hangar at the north end of the airport
away from other hangars.

The airport committee is to draw up an agreement on the rental.

There are six T-hangars at the north end of the airport that are now
full of junk that city officials said needs to be cleaned out. The
"junk" involves storing things for the border patrol, game warden,
Reeves County Detention Center, Chamber of Commerce and various city

Mariachi Festival '97 deemed great success

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Staff Writer

PECOS, April 25 - Mariachi fans packed the house all day and all night
at the Reeves County Civic Center last Saturday to hear 12 hours of
traditional Mexican music. Six bands performed from 1 p.m. until 1 a.m.
at the Third Annual Mariachi Festival at the civic center on S. Oak.

"We had a full house all day long," said Eva Abila, organizer of the
event and member of Mariachi Perla, one of the bands performing Saturday.

"I though it was a real succes. I could see the enthusiasm in people's
faces. You could tell they were having a wonderful time."

In addition to listening great mariachi bands, there was plenty of good
food and drinks to be enjoyed from the food booths at the event.

"We had a mixture of all ages of people at the festival," Abila said.
"And we had a line waiting to get in when we opened the doors at noon."

Abila explained that the mariachi festival has been held for the past
three years.

"I'm already starting working on next year's festival and we'll make it
even bigger and better than in past years," she said.

Abila said next week she will begin making phone calls to book bands for
next year's event.

"I really want to thank all of the sponsors that were so kind and
generous with donations," she said. "And all the people that attended
the festival."

Abila is a singer for Mariachi Perla, one of the bands that performed
Saturday. Mariachi Perla is an eight-member Pecos band with three
trumpets, two guitars, one vieuhella and one guitoron. Mariachi Perla
has been together for 10 years and has recorded two cassets of their
music. Their recordings will be available for purchase Saturday at the
Mariachi Festival.

The Pecos High School Mariachi band also performed Saturday. The high
school band was formed about four years ago. Steve Cary and Eloisa Gomez
direct the band.

Four other mariachi bands also performed Saturday.

Mariachi Alegre, of El Paso, is a 12-member band featuring female
violinists. Alegre has taken first place in mariachi competition in El
Paso and participated in the Las Cruses Mariachi Conference.

Mariachi Tenampa is a nine-member band from Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Tenampa performed at last year's Pecos Mariachi Festival and they have
recorded with the popular musical group "Sparx."

Mariachi Juvenil de Guadlupe, of Monterrey, Mexico, is a band of young
students who brought traditional mariachi music from Mexico to Pecos.
This band is well known in the area from playing masses at Santa Rosa
Catholic Church and other local cities.

Mariachi Los Arrieros, from El Paso, was formed in 1996. Most of the
members of the group got their start in mariachi music in high school
and are continuing performing as they attend college.

Santa Rosa Catholic Church was the main sponsor of the event and wishes
to thank all the other sponsors who contributed to the festival, Abila


April 25, 1997

Tito Calderon Prieto

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PECOS, April 25 ,1997 - Tito Calderon Prieto, 82, of Pecos, died
Thursday, April 24, 1997 at Reeves County Hospital.

Rosary will be at 7:30 p.m. tonight at the Pecos Funeral Home Chapel.
Mass will be held at 4 p.m. Saturday, April 26, at Santa Rosa Church
with burial at Santa Rosa Cemetery.

Prieto was a retired railroad worker. He was born June 15, 1914 in
Candelaria, Texas but lived most of his life in Pecos.

Survivors include: his wife, Vincenta Prieto of Pecos; four sons, Juan,
Jessie and Victor Prieto of Pecos and Manuel Prieto of Odessa; three
daughters, Eriminia Lechuza of Odessa and Frances Campos and Andrea
Natividad, both of Pecos; one brother, Francisco Prieto of Roswell, New
Mexico; one sister, Josefine Rodriguaz of Balmorhea. He was preceeded in
death by three sons.


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PECOS, Aril 25, 1997 - High Thursday 87, low this morning 45. Only a
trace of rain was recorded for Thursday. Tonight, a 70 percent chance of
rain. A few thunderstorms possible. Low 40 45. Northeast wind 10-20 mph.
Saturday, a 50 percent chance of showers or thunderstorms. High 55 60.
Northeast wind 10-20 mph.

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