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April 24, 1997

Lady Lobo golfers state-bound

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MONAHANS, Apr. 23 -- The Monahans High School girl golf team finished
second in the Region I-3A Golf Tournament at Ratliff Ranch Golf Course
in Odessa. The team earned a trip to Austin to play in the Sate Meet on
May 5-6. Monahans shot a 369 on Monday and improved seven strokes on
Tuesday with a 363.

Abilene Wylie won first place shooting a 367 and 342.

Kandace Burnett led the team on both days. She had an 88 and 84,
finishing fifth in the medalist race.

Jessica Tuxhorn shot a 92 and 88. Mitizi Loera, Jana Denman and Christin
Linton played consistently both days to help the team.

Individual Scores:
Kandace Burnett............88-84
Jessica Tuxhorn............92-88
Jana Denman............96-95
Mitzi Loera............97-95
Christin Linton............93-101

Team Scores:
1. Abilene Wylie............709
2. Monahans............731
3. Alpine............746
4. Denver City............760
5. Bridgeport............776
6. Sonora............784
7. Colorado City............818
8. Muleshoe............820
10. Tulia..................828
11. Vernon............835
13. Hillsboro............837
14. Seminole............847
15. Aledo............892
16. Jacksboro............913

Regional track meet this weekend in Odessa

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MONAHANS, Apr. 23 -- The Monahans track team will head off to Odessa
this weekend to participate in the Regional Track Meet to be held on
April 25-26 at Ratliff stadium.

The times and events are as follows:



11 a.m. - long jump - girls
11 a.m. - discus - girls
11 a.m. - pole vault - boys
12:30 p.m. - high jump - girls
1 p.m. - discus - boys
1 p.m. - long jump - boys
2:30 p.m. - high jump - boys


1:30 p.m. - 3200 meter - girls
1:50 p.m. - 3200 meter - boys


2:30 p.m. - 400 meter relay - girls
2:40 p.m. - 400 meter relay - boys
2:50 p.m. - 800 meter run - girls
3 p.m. - 800 meter run - boys
3:10 p.m. - 1 meter hurdles (33")- girls
3:25 p.m. - 110 meter hurdles - boys
3:35 p.m. - 100 meter dash - girls
3:45 p.m. - 100 meter dash - boys
3:55 p.m. - 800 meter relay - girls
4:05 p.m. - 400 meter dash - boys
4:15 p.m. - 400 meter dash - girls
4:25 p.m. - 300 meter Int. hurdles- girls
4:40 p.m. - 300 meter Int. hurdles- boys
4:50 p.m. - 200 meter dash - girls
5 p.m. - 200 meter dash - boys
5:10 p.m. - 1600 meter relay - girls
5:20 p.m. - 1600 meter relay - boys



10 a.m. - triple jump - girls
11 a.m. - shot put - girls
11 a.m. - triple jump - boys
12:30 p.m. - shot put - boys


12:15 p.m. - 400 meter relay - girls
12:25 p.m. - 400 meter relay - boys
12:35 p.m. - 800 meter run - girls
12:45 p.m. - 800 meter run - boys
12:55 p.m. - 100 meter hurdles(33") - girls
1:05 p.m. - 110 meter high hurdles - boys
1:15 p.m. - 100 meter dash - girls
1:25 p.m. - 100 meter dash - boys
1:35 p.m. - 800 meter relay - girls
1:45 p.m. - 400 meter dash - boys
1:55 p.m. - 400 meter dash - girls
2:05 p.m. - 300 meter Int. hurdles - girls
2:15 p.m. - 300 meter Int. hurdles - boys
2:25 p.m. - 200 meter dash - girls
2:35 p.m. - 200 meter dash - boys
2:45 p.m. - 1600 meter run - girls
2:55 p.m. - 1600 meter run - boys
3:05 p.m. - 1600 meter relay - girls
3:15 p.m. - 1600 meter relay -boys

Gates will open at 9 a.m. on both days and the concession stand will
open at 2:30 p.m. on Friday and at 12 noon on Saturday

Winners from the regional meet will go on to compete in state qualifiers
meet on May 2-3 and then on to the state meet which will be held in
Austin on May 9-10

Monahans Special Olympic track
team brings home 39 medals

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MONAHANS, Apr. 23 -- The Monahans Special Olympic track team did real
well in the Area 18 Track Meet in Odessa Saturday, April 19. Each team
member ended up winning one or more medals.

Thirty-nine medals were brought home by the 18 team members. Those
included 21 gold, seven silver and 11 bronze along with one fourth place
ribbon and four fifth place ribbons. Teams from Andrews, Reagan County,
Fort Stockton, Pecos, Midland, Odessa, Howard County, Crane and Ozona
all took part in the competition.

The members of the Monahans team that participated were Sylvia Brito,
Lorina Galvadon, Becci Hardaway, Shelley Kidd, Kandle Krhut, Amanda
McKelvey, Andrea Moore, Lori Orosco and Holly Westeman, Tony Calzado,
Eddie Carrasco, Lee Henson, Ruben Hernandez, Tim Putman, Paul Rubio,
Todd Rush, Ramon Valenzuela and Floyd Walker.

Coaches for the team were Cindy and Todd Hunt, Judy Smith, Clara
Edwards, Tony Bustos, Donna Crisp and Barbara Moreland.

This completes the competition which started last fall with softball and
bowling, followed by basketball during the winter and is now finishing
with track and field. The event will start again in the fall with
softball and bowling.

Special Olympics would like to thank all of those who helped in some way
this past competitive season, to let us have this program for these
special people.

Special Olympics provides training for life to these athletes in
physical, mental and social activities in a manner that all can be proud

If you know of someone that might be interested in participating,
volunteering, coaching or donating to your local Special Olympics Group,
please contact local coordinator Frank Krhut, 943-2647.

Summer Speed Days hold first show of 1997

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MONAHANS, Apr. 23 -- The first show of the Summer Speed Day series was
held April 20, at the Ward County Arena. Everyone had a good time and
the participation was great.

There were five events and four age groups. Trophies and ribbons were
given and the contestants accumulated points toward series and buckles
to be given in July. Everyone's attendance and support was greatly

The next dates will be held in Odessa at the West Texas Horse Center,
May 10, June 1 and 22, the final being July 13.

The results were as follows:

Barrel Race: Brody Emfinger first place; Katey Anthony no time.

Flag Race: Brody Emfinger no time.

Golfette Race: Brody Emfinger, 46.4777 first place.

Pole Bending: Brody Emfinger, 46.056 first place.

Straightaway Barrels: Brody Emfinger, 18.834, first place.


Brody 24 points (All-Around Champ).

PEE WEE 9-12
Barrel Race: Mandy Hawthorne, 19.710, first place; Cholsea
Emfinger, 19.772, second place; Courtney Van Cleave, 21.134, third
place; Jessica butters, 21.365, fourth place, Jenna Hawthorn, 23.747,
fifth place.

Flag Race: Chelsea Emfinger, 17.128, first place, Jessica Butters,
19.111, second place, Mandy Hawthorne, no time; Jenna Hawthorne, no time.

Golfette Race: Jenna Hawthorne, 24.909, first place, Mandy Hawthorne no
time; Jessica Butters no time; Chelsea Emfinger not time.

Pole Bending: Jenna Hawthorne, 29.790, first place; Chelsea Emfinger,
30.889, second place; Mandy Hawthorne, 31.295, third place; Jessica
Butters, 35.895, fourth place.

Straightaway Barrels: Mandy Hawthorne, 9.634, first place; Chelsea
Emfinger, 9.997, second place; Jessica Butters, 10.960; third place;
Jenna Hawthorne, 11.819, fourth place.


Mandy 16 points

Chelsea 21 points (All-Around Champ)

Courtney Van Cleave 4 points

Jessica 15 points

Jenna 17 points

Barrels: Patrick Hawthorne, 23.221, first place; Jamie Butters, 25.675,
second place; Leigh Wells, 47.366, third place.

Flags: Jamie Butters, 21.182, first place; Patrick Hawthorne, 24.587,
second place.

Golfette: Jamie Butters, 22.621, first place; Patrick Hawthorne no time.

Poles: Patrick Hawthorve, 30.812, first place; Jamie Butters, 31.556,
second place; Leight Wells 53.572, third place.

Straight Barrels: Patrick Hawthorne, 10.891, first place; Jamie Butters,
12.350, second place.


Patrick 23

Jaime 27 (All-Around Champ)

Lee 8

Barrels: Lori Van Cleave, 18.808, first place; George Salicido, 20.399,
second place; John Hawthorne, 21.793, third place; Jamie Anthony,
22.159, fourth place; Kay Smith, 23.333, fifth place; Jackie Hawthorne,
19.997, sixth place; Phil Emfinger, 21.240, seventh place.

Flags: Lori Van Cleave, 15.607, first place; John Hawthorne, 15.765,
second place; George Salcido, 16.599, third place; Jackie Hawthorne,
17.074, fourth place; Kay Smith, 20.936, fifth place.

Golfette: George Salcido, 17.200, first place; Jackie Hawthorne, 18.233,
second place; Phil Emfinger, 34.164, third place; John Hawthorne and
Lori Van Cleave no time.

Poles: Lori Van Cleave, 23.648, first place; George Salcido, 27.634,
second place; Sheila Hawthorne, 31.698, third place;John Hawthorne,
32.100, fourth place; Phil Emfinger, 36.246, fifth place; Kay Smith,
36.563, sixth place; Jackie Hawthorne, no time.

Straight Barrel: Lori Van Cleave, 9.442, first place; Jackie Hawthorne,
9.545; George Salcido, 9.955, third place; Phil Emfinger, 11.394, fourth
place; Sheila H, 12.342, fifth place; Kay Smith, 12.411; John H. no time.


Jackie 14

John 12

Phil 9

George 24 (All-Around tie)

Kay 6

Lori 24 (All-Around tie)

Jaime Anthony 3

Sheila H. 6

Baseball moves to 5-1 in district
with wins over Alpine, Presidio

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MONAHANS, Apr. 23 -- The Monahans baseball team took possession of first
place with a slim 7-6 win over the Alpine Bucks.

Jeremy Ornelas pitched seven innings giving up five hits, six strike
outs and three runs.

"Jeremy pitched an outstanding game against a very good team," commented
Coach Robin Fulce.

"Jose Prieto, Nathan Swarb and Eric Fuentes played great defense. The
kids all played a great game.

The leading hitters on the team were Nathan Swarb, 3-3, 2 RBI and one
steal; Joel Najar, 1-4, 2RBIs; Jeremy Ornelas, 1-4 with an RBI; T.J.
Bustos, 1-4 with 2RBIs; Brandon Stephens, 2-3 with two runs scored.

The win moves the Green to 13-9 for the season, 4-1 in district.


The Loboes over ran the Blue Devils of Presidio by eight runs to improve
their record to 5-1 in district play.

Joel Najar got the start in the 19-11 victory. He pitched 1 1/3 innings,
gave up three hits and two walks.

Juan Moreno came in next and pitched 1 2/3 innings. Moreno gave up two
hits, recorded one strike out and one walk.

Roy Porras pitched the next four innings, giving up six hits and one
walk while striking out one.

The leading hitters for the game were Brandon Stephens, 3-5, two runs,
with two steals; Nathan Swarb, 3-6, two runs, one double; T.J. Bustos,
2-4, three runs, two RBIs, two walks and a double; Joel Najar, 4-5, five
runs, 2RBIs, one home run and one walk; Roy Porras, 3-4, four runs, four
RBIs, one triple, one double, two walks.

Jeremy Ornelas, 3-6 two runs, two RBIs, one double; Eric Fuentes, 4-6,
one RBI; Tyler Lee, 1-4, one run scored.

"We hit the ball great," commented Coach Fulce, "We had 23 hits. This
was our best offensive game of the year.

The Green's next test will come against Fabens, in Monahans Saturday
April 6, at 1 p.m.

Senior scramble attracts 39 contestants

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MONAHANS, Apr. 23 -- Thirty-nine seniors braved the cloudy breezy day to
play in last week installment of the Senior Fun Day Scramble.

Two teams took first place with a score of 62, 10 under par. After a
scorecard play-off the team of Keith Hamilton, Charlst Madge McNabb, and
Don McCoy.

Second place went to Johnny and Linda Jordan, C.A. Hayes and Jim Marks.

Third place with a score of 64 went to the team of Al Gallas, Glen Smith
and Lefty Wells.

Jerry McDonald, Milt Benham, Clyde Smith and Henry Ridings won fourth
with a score of 65.

At fifth place with a score of 66 was Jack Hill, John Senft, Bill Beair
and Joe Connally.

Winning sixth place with a score 68 was Audilio Cobos, Jim Davalt, Merve
Harper and Milbert Helm.

Seventh place went to Norman and Kathy Engebrecht, Jerry Hardisty and
Jack Higginbotham with a score of 69 points.

The last three teams tied at 71. The eight, nine and ten slots went to
Bill Neace, Abe Collins, Wally Watson and Vernon Rowe.

Billy and Dean Wells, Jack Davis and Travis Pool. Don Thresher, Bob
Baker, Charles Jones and Joe Bravo.

Merve Harper dropped a shot 17" from the pin on the 11th hole to win the
closest to the pin jackpot.

Seventh, eighth grade tennis
faces Andrews, Stockton

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MONAHANS, Apr. 23 -- Monahans hosted Ft. Stockton last Tuesday in a
Junior High tennis dual. Eighth grade dominated the courts with a score
of 11-3.
The eighth grade winners were:

Boys Singles:
Nickolas Ledingham vs Holguin 8-6; Robert Wilbur vs Sheehan 9-8; Curtis
Gibson vs Duarte 8-0.

Boy's Doubles: Gibson/Inman vs Natividad/Yanez 8-3.

Girls Singles:
Megan Shawn vs Mowry 8-3; Melinda Covensky vs Galindo 8-4; Ashley Neace
vs Lawson 8-2; Casey Gatzki vs Ortiz 8-0; Ashley Nease vs Coronado 8-2.

Girls Doubles:
Shawn/Covensky vs Pramera/Olivas 8-5; Shawn.Covensky vs coronado 8-2.

Seventh Grade finished up with a score of Monahans 12-7 over Ft.

Seventh grade winners were:

Boys Singles: Ben Hawkins vs Gonzales 8-4.

Boys Doubles: Chopra/Hawkins vs yarborough/Swayer 8-2.

Girls Singles:

Tarrah Oliver vs. Boon 8-2; Josie Kuykendall vs Blanco 8-6; Kristin Hall
vs Ramos 8-5; Prarie Chamberlain vs Porras 8-1; Lori Yoho vs Lujan 8-4;
Praroe Chamberlain vs Venegas 8-0.

Girls Doubles:

Oliver/Kuykendall vs Ramos Porras 8-0; Hall.Chamberlain vs Pass/Blanco
8-4; Yoho/Stafford vs McCallister/Venegas 8-3.


Eighth Grade Results

Boys Singles:

Ledingham vs Bintz, Andrews 8-3; Wilbur vs Miller, Monahans 8-6; Gibson
vs Rogers, Monahans, 9-7; Inman vs Fowler, Monahans, 8-6.


Ledingham/Gibson vs Bintz/Rodgers, Andrews, 9-7; Wilbur/Inman vs
Miller/Burns, Andrews, 8-4

Girls Singles:

Shawn vs Long, Monahans, 8-5; Convensky vs Grey, Andrews, 9-7; Gatzki vs
Pool, Monahans, 8-3; Neace vs Craig, Monahans 8-6; Oney vs Grissom,
Monahans 8-2; Onely vs Thompson, Monahans 8-1.


Shawn/Covensky vs Long/Grey, Andrews, 8-5; Gatzki/Neace vs Pool/Craig,
Andrews, 2-8.

Final Score:

Monahans 8

Andrews 6

Seventh Grade Results

Boys singles:
Chopra vs Smartt, Andrews, 8-3; Hawkins vs Ribble, Monahans, 8-4;
Polanco vs Sherrill, Andrews 8-0; Sutter vs Pitkin, Andrews 8-1; Sanders
vs Gilliam, Andrews, 8-4; Leyva vs Stein, Andrews, 8-2.


Chopra/Hawkins vs Samrtt/Ribble, Monahans, 8-4; Polanco/Sutter vs
Sherrill/Stein, Andrews, 8-2; Sanders/Leyva vs Armstrong/Gilliam,
Andrews, 8-0.

Girls Singles:

Oliver vs Deveza, Monahans, 9-7; Kuy Kendall vs Lynch, Monahans, 8-6;
Chamberlain vs Minatry, Monahans 8-6; Yoho vs Thatcher, Andrews, 8-1;
Hall vs Estrada, Monahans, 8-6; Stafford vs Snow, Andrews, 8-4.


Oliver/KuyKendall vs Devza/Lynch, Monahans, 8-3; Chamberlain/Yoho vs
Minatry/Snow, Monahans, 8-5; Hall.Stafford vs Eckert/Lightfoot, Andrews,
Final Score:

Monahans 8

Andrews 10

Ward course sets May golf scramble

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MONAHANS, Apr. 23 -- The Ward County Golf Course invites you to enter
the two man scramble and two lady scramble, May 17 and 18.

Entry Fee is $240 per team ($60 per person) Includes Mullingans-one per
day per person.

Cart rental is $8 per day per person.

Food and drinks on course both days. Entry deadline is Wednesday May 14,
no refunds after this day.

For more information please contact Doug Ward at (915)943-5044.

T-Ball registration scheduled Tuesday

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MONAHANS, Apr. 23 -- Boys T-Ball registration will be Tuesday, April 29
at 7 p.m - 8:30 p.m. at the Ward County Coliseum. Entry fees will be
collected at registrationLittle League Tryouts will be Thursday, April
24 at 6:30 p.m. at Park #1. Bring a glove. For more information contact
Dextor Nichols 943-2907.


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Ladies Major

Texas Moon ......80.5-35.5
Brantley Trucking Co. ......80-36
G & N Pumping......73.5-42.5
First State Bank ......66-50
Boren Consulting ......64-48(INC)
Coors Girlz ......62-54
Williams Photography......61-55
Weight of Life Clinic ......57-59
Ball Busters ......53-59(INC)
Curley's Girley's ......46-70

Marsha Hill - 209
Melissa Taylor - 236
Marsha Hill - 557
Marsha Hill - 623
First State Bank - 1043
First State Bank - 2940

Pinup League

Atkins Antique's......80.5-43.5
Habbies ETC.......76.5-47.5
Trans State Energy......75-49
Pecos NAPA......65-59
Bonine Lumber......61-63
DEC Roustabout......59.5-64.5
Specialty Printing......58-66
Mary's Deli......58-66
Ser J Co.......58-66
Williams Photography......53.5-70.5
Dimensions USA......43-81

High Team Scratch Series:
Atkins Antiques - 1461
High Team HPC Series
Atkins Antiques- 1857
High Team Scratch Game
Atkins Antiques - 530
High Team HPC Game
Atkins Antiques - 562
High Individual Scratch Series
Julie Gonzales - 591
High Individual HPC Series
Julie Gonzales - 702
High Individual Scratch Game
Julie Gonzales - 247
High Indiviual HPC Game
Julie Gonzales - 284

Splits: Julie Gonzales 3-10
Stella Milleo 3-10, 6-10,7-6-7
Annabelle Bounds 3-10
Shirley Beyley 3-10

American Petroleum
G & N Pumping......38-18
Monahans Muffler......32-24
Dan Gibbs Ins.......31-25
Kent Tire Co.......29.5-26.5
Ser J Co.......23-33
High Ind Game
Travis White - 278
High Ind. Series
Travis White - 699
High Team Game
Kent Tire Co. - 1078
High Team Series
Kent Tire Co. - 3049

City Major

FTR #2......36.5-15.5
FTR #1......36-16
G & N Pumping......31-21
Monahans Nipple-Up......27-25
Bad Bass Boys......22-30
A-1 Cleaners......21-31
Southern union Gas......14-38
High Ind Game
Randy Ply - 262
High Ind. Series
Randy Ply - 635
High Team Game
FTR #2 - 639
Salonae - 691
High Team Series
Salonae- 1799

Friday Mixed League

G&A Laydown......25-15
G & N Pumping......22-18
Team #8......20.5-19.5
Ashers Furniture......20-20
Ace in the Hole......19-21
Sandhills Gang......18-22
Randy's Hand Gunners......15.5-224.5

High Ind. Game
Victoe Bassitl - 278
Jo Ann Williams - 263
High Ind. Series
Victor Bassitl - 671
Terri Howard - 642
High Team Gam
Sandhills Gang - 889
High Team Series
Sandhills Gang - 245

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