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April 16, 1997

Golfers take first, head for regional

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Monahans' boy's and girl's golf teams will be charging up to Odessa's
Ratliff Ranch Golf Coarse for the regional tournament.
Both teams won first place in the 3-3A district tournament in El Paso
last week.
"It's different," said first place winner Jessica Tuxhorn, "the girls
team hasn't been this successful in a long time."
Both teams are excited about the tournament and hope to move on to state.
"We expect to get this far," said senior Jason Pittman. "We did not play
will last week but we know Ratliff well so we should have a good chance
of moving on."
"I think our team will do really well," said second place winner Candace
Burnett, "If everyone plays their own game and does their best."
"If we all shoot in the sub-80 rounds we will have a really good shot at
moving on."
The girl's "A" team won first place over-all with a score of 753. The
"B" team finished in third place with an over all score of 855.
The top finisher of the girls team was Jessica Tuxhorn who had an
individual score of 179 to give her first place.
The boy's "A" team also finished in first place with an over all score
of 648. The "B" team grabbed a third place finish with an over-all team
score of 721.
The boys top finisher was Don Fisher with a score of 157 to give him a
second place finish.

Boys Results
First place Monahans "A":
Don Fisher 80/77 - 157
Joey Woods 80/81 - 161
Jason Pittman 83/80 - 163
Eric Ray 85/82 - 167
Josh Gaddis 86/84 - 170
Team total: 328/320 - 648

Second place Alpine "A":
Jonathan Cozart 78/74 - 152
Donnie Rodriguez 88/85 - 173
David Contreras 88/86 - 174
Saul Contreras 95/101 - 195
Team total: 348/333 - 681

Third place Monahans "B":
Josh Willson 85/86 - 171
Matthew Neace 87/93 - 180
Brandon Bicknell 87/93 - 180
Jamie Willson 98/91 - 189
Micah Tuxhorn 107/105 - 212
Team total: 357/364 - 721

Fourth place Clint "A":
Ryan Pridemore 87/82 - 169
D.J. Check 88/78 - 166
John Tullius 103/97 - 200
Philip Varela 115/97 - 213
Tim Burt 103/102 - 205

Fifth place Alpine "B":
Clint Landford 96/91 - 187
Matt Ellison 88/97 - 185
Steven Wood 91/99 - 190
Brandon Drewery 93/100 - 193
Adam Hayes 103/109 - 212

Sixth place Fabens "A":
Team total: 425/410 - 835

Seventh place Mt. View "A":
Team total: 482/425 - 907
Other individual players for Monahans boys team were, Chris Cain
shooting 106/101 for a two day total of 207; Ryan Cosby 120/128 - 248
and Bradley Smith 139/120 - 259.

Top Ten Medalists

1. Johnathan Cozart Alpine 152
2. Don Fisher Monahans 157
3. Joey Woods Monahans 161
4. Jason Pittman Monahans 163
5. D.J. Check Clint 166
6. Eric Ray Monahans 167
7. Ryan Pridemore Clint 169
8. Josh Gaddis Monahans 170
9. Josh Willson Monahans 171
10. Donnie Rodriguez Alpine 173

Five netters go to regional

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The Monahans tennis team is taking five to the regional tournament after
they placed high in the district tournament in Odessa.
The group in looking forward to the tournament and hopes to be advancing
to state.
"I hope I will win first place. In the regional tournament I did not
lose a game, "said senior Caleb Clark," There is one guy that is seated
in front of me... we'll just have to what and see."
"It's exciting," said junior Joanna Cupp, "I never been this far before."
Christina Wilbur and Lecia Baker will go as the district doubles
champions. The two had very little trouble in the tournament.
"We just played our best and no one could compete with us," said Wilbur
and Baker.
The youngest player going in freshman Erin Armstrong. She is looking
forward to the experience it will give her.
"I'm really excited," said Armstrong, "I think this experience will help
me in the up coming years."

District 3-3A Results
Girls singles
First round
Joanna Cupp, Monahans, def. Cordero, Fabens 6-0, 6-0; Erin Armstrong,
Monahans, def, Bravo, Fabens 6-1, 6-2.
Cupp, Monahans def. Vanessa Alvarado, Mt. View, 6-0, 6-0; Armstrong,
Monahans def. Amy Black, Mt. View 6-3, 6-1;
Cupp Monahans, def Armstrong, Monahans 6-3, 6-3.
Playback Match
Armstrong, Monahans, def. Alvarado, Mt. View, 6-1, 6-3.
Boys Singles
First Round
Caleb Clark, Monahans, def Garcia, Fabens, 6-0, 6-0; Diaz, Clint, def.
Drew Skinner, Monahans, 7-5, 6-4.
Clark, Monahans, def, Luis Morales, Clint, 6-0, 6-0; Robert Dominguez;
Mt. View, def. Adam Vandendos, Alpine, 6-3, 6-2.
Clark, Monahans def, Domingues, Mt. View, 6-2, 6-4.
Playback Match
Dominguez, Mt. View, def. Vandenvos, Alpine, 6-4, 6-3.
Girls Doubles
First Round
Lecia Baker-Christina Wilburr, Monahans, def. Ramirez-Ceniceros, Mt.
View, 6-0, 6-0; Sandra Molinar-Maria Villezcas, Monahans, def
Gutierrez-Zuniga, Mt. View, 7-5, 6-3.
Baker-wilbur, Monahans, def. Michelle Perez-Jessica Pinon, Clint 6-1,
6-0; Meagan Miller-Crystal Candelaria, Clint def. Molinar-Villezcas,
Monahans 6-3, 6-1.

Baker-Wilbur, Monahans, def. Miller-Candelaria, Clint, 6-4, 6-3.
Third Place Match
Molinar-Villezcas, Monahans, def. Perez-Pinon, Clint, 6-2, 6-2.
Boys Doubles
First Round
Gomez-Pinon, Fabens, def. Clemmer-Villarreal, Monahans, 7-5, 6-2; Daniel
Fuentes-Jeremy Reyes, Monahans, def, Barrow-Taylor, Fabens, 6-2, 6-0.
Juan Garcia-Roger Chavarria, Mt. View def. Mario Gomez-Joey Pinon,
Febens 6-2, 3-6, 8-6, Isaac Cereceres-Russell Flint, Clint def.
Fuents-Reyes, Monahans, 6-7, 6-0, 7-5.
Garcia-Chavarria, Mountain View def. Cereceres-Flint, Clint, 2-6, 7-6,
Third-Place Match
Gomez-Pinon, fabens, def. Fuentes-Reyes, Monahans, 6-4, 5-7, 6-2.

Green finishes second in Fabens meet

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The Lobo boys track team travled to Fabens last Friday and Saturday to
compete in the district 3-3A track meet.
The Green finished second, scoring 133 total points, behind a deep Clint
Lion team.
Qualifing for the regional meet were:
Quint Melius in shot put and discus; David Williams in the high jump,
long jump and 400 meter relay; Dewoyne Lowe 110 meter hurdles, Victor
Juarez in the pole vault, triple jump, 300 meter intermedant hurdles;
Chris Allen 400 meter relay; Richard Montes 400 meter relay and Mark
Thompson 110 meter hurdles and 400 meter relay.
400 meter relay-
M. Thompson, C. Allan, R. Montez, D. Williams, 45.27 seocnd place.
800 meter hurdles-
M. thompson 15.42 first place; D. Lowe 16.07, second place.
300 meter hurdles-
V. Juarez, 42.96, first place; D. Lowe, 45.63, seocnd place.
200 meter dash-
C. Allan, 23.47, third place; D. Williams, 23.56, fifth place.
1600 meter relay -
D. Phillips, M. Cowen, D. Williams, C. Allen, 3:38.19, third place.
Pole Vault -
V. Juarez, 12'6", second place.
Triple jump -
V. Juarez, 40'2", second place.
High jump -
D. Williams, 6'4", first place; D. Phillips, 5'8", fourth place.
Long Jump -
D. Williams, 20'8"; D. Phillips, 20'2"; R. Montez 19'3" fifth place.
Shot Put -
Q. Melius, 52' 4" first place.
Discus -
Q. Melius, 145' 6"first place.

Total points: 133
Final Stadings: second place.

Softball league forming

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The men's and co-ed Summer Softball League invite all people who wish to
enter a team, find a team or umpire to attend a meeting on Sunday April
20 at 1 p.m. at the Monahans Community Center. For more information
please call 943-7285.Girls wind up in 5th at Fabens

The Monahans girls track team finished in fifth place with 65 points in
Fabens last Saturday.
Leading the Lady Loboes in points was senior captain Elisa Alvarez with
a total of 17 points Alvarez placed second in the 200 meter dash with a
time of 26.99.
" I've been waiting for this sense my freshman year," said Alvarez,
"There is one girl form Presidio that is tough, if I can beat her I may
get to go to state."
By finishing second, Alvarez qualified for the regional meet to be held
in Odessa on April 25-26.
Dedra Wessels was the other Lady Lobo to qualify for regionals, Wessels
placed first in the shot put with a person best of 32' 4 1/2". A
sophomore, Wessels also participates in volleyball and basketball.
"I'm very happy", said Wessels, "This experience will help me for next
year and to get over my nervousness."
Other who represented the Lady Loboes were: Melanie Dunn - triple jump,
long jump, 400 meter dash third place; Selena Regan - 400 meter dash,
high jump fourth place; Christa Young - 100 meter dash fourth place,
long jump sixth place; Tashia Thompson - 300 meter hurdles, high jump,
sixth place; Carleigh Melius - discus seventh place , shot put fifth
place; Mandy Wilson - 1600 meter run sixth place, 800 meter run; Monica
Perez - discus sixth place; Arlette Garcia - 200 meter dash; Cass Avary
- discus, 300 meter hurdles (in the preliminaries, Avary fell going over
the last hurdle, got up and finished to still get a good enough time to
get into the finals.)
400 meter relay team - Christa Young, Melanie Dunn, Brandi Smith, Elisa
Alvarez, fifth place, 800 meter relay team - Young, Smith, Selena
Reagan, Heather Guebara, fifth place.
1600 meter relay team - Regan, Smith, Arlette Garcia, Dunn, fourth place,
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the girls on this year's
team, as well as their families, for all the time and hard work they
devoted to this sport. Track is an extremely demanding sport in which
individual success and the team concept are equally mixed", commented
Coach Terry Bean.
"It is my belief that each track member contributed greatly to the
overall program. I am proud that this year each girl put forth what was
necessary to retain a team spirit."
JV outdistances pack for district title

The Monahans JV claimed a district title in El Paso last week at the
district meet.
The JV pulled away from the pack with 176 points.
3200 meter run -J. Heath, 11:58.91, sixth place.
400 meter relay, R. Reed, R. Hinojos, L. Jaquez, B. Rodriguez, 46.80,
first place.
800 meter run L. Tefertiller, 2:18.03, second place.
110 meter hurdle F. Vela, 19.18, second place.
100 meter dash B. Rodriquez 11.94 first place, R. Reed second place
12.01, L. Jaquez 12.15 third place.
400 meter dash L. Tefertiller, 57.66, third place; 300 meter hurdles F.
Vela, 50.37, third place.
200 meter dash R. Reed, 24.00, first place.
R. Hinojos 24.08, second place; B. Rodriguez, 24.83, fourth place.
1600 meter relay L. Jaquez, L. Tefertiller, F. Vela, R. Hinojos,
3:49.52, first place.
Triple Jump B. Rodriquez 37'7" second place; R. Reed, 35'9" fourth
place; L. Jaquez 35'7" fifth place.
Long jump R. Reed, 17'10" first place; L. Jaquez 17'8" second place.
Shot put C. Adams 41' 8" first place; L. Navarette 37'10" third place;
J. Merrick 36'5", fifth place.
Discus J. Merrick 106'7", second place; L. Navarette, 101'3", sixth
Total points: 176
Final Standings: first place


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Ladies Major
Texas Moon 77.5-34.5
Brantley Trucking Co. 77-35
G & N Pumping 69.5-42.5
First State Bank 63-49
Boren Consulting 63-45(INC)
Coors Girlz 61-51
Williams Photography 59-53
Weight of Life Clinic 56-56
Ball Busters 52-56(INC)
Curley's Girley's 44-68
Tazz 43-69

Marsha Hill - 196
Annette Knight - 252
Diane McDaniel - 556
Annette Knight - 721
Brantley Trucking- 1062
Brantley Trucking - 3078

Pinup League
Atkins Antique's 77.5-42.5
Trans State Energy 74.5-46.5
Hobbie's ETC. 73.5-46.5
Pecos NAPA 62-58
Bonine Lumber 60-60
DEC Roustabout 57.5-62.5
Ser J Co. 56.5-64.5
K-Bob's 55-65
Mary's Deli 55-65
Specialty Printing 54.5-66.5
Williams Photography 53.5-66.5
Dimensions USA 42-78
High Team Scratch Series
Williams Photography - 1352
High Team HPC Series
DEC Roustabout - 1770
High Team Scratch Game
Atkins Antiques - 500
High Team HPC Game
DES Roustabouts - 633
High Individual Scratch Series
Gidget Uechi - 506
High Individual HPC Series
Bunny Chapman - 634
High Individual Scratch Game
Bunny Chapman - 212
High Indiviual HPC Game
Bunny Chapman - 260
Splits: Stella Miller 3-10; Jo Amarine 3-10; Mary Lou Money 5-7; iane
McDaniel 5-10; Judy Porter 4-5-7, Anna Bounds 5-7.

Tuesday Sundowners
4 Over the Hill 91-29
Nine Pins and a Wiggle 60-60
First National Bank 60-60
Pen Setters 58-62
Magicians 57-63
Red Hots 57-63
C W and C Construction 56-64
Strike Outs 54-66
Alley Cats 54-66
Lucky Strikes 53-67

High Game
Strike Outs - 915
High Series
Magicians - 2461
High Game SCR
Aida Leyva - 234
High Series SCR
Dorthy McClain - 624
High Game HDC
Aida Leyva - 273
Hght Series HDC
Dorthy McClain - 690

Splits: Elaine Watson 2-7; Sherry Looney 2-7-10; Dana Shipley

Championships - Blue Tees
First place - Mike Emerson, Don Desilet, 122.
Second place steve Fine, John Sconiers - 125.
Thrid place Rudy Mendez, Nick Mendez - 128.
fourht placeGary Wood, Wesley Hawkins - 132.
Other finishers:
Tino Ontireros, Larry Fine - 137; Landon Sloes, Doug Miller - 140; Keny
Dutcher, Gene Brown - 138; Max Proctor, Mike Duff - 141; Toby Neces,
David Grider - 142; Tommy McLain, Doug Wiggins - 142; Russel Dodson,
David Schwind - 143

First Flight - White Tees
First place Lowell McDaniel, Russ Odell - 139.
Secodn place Mike Willman, Dave Rogers - 141.
Third place Bill Diller, Ashley Lowell - 142.
Fourth place Al Underwood, Bobby Leonard - 144.
Other finishers:
Ronny wade, Sue Wade - 152; John Logi, Steve Bryant - 144; S.
Valenzuela, M. Valenzuela - 144; Dr. Rowe, Waltor Stanton - 147; Angel
Nabarette, Demos Polaneo - 147 Gerald Spray, Hermon Wilson - 146.

Second Flight - White Tees
First place Sammy Montez, David Ortiz - 144.
Second place larry jones, Johnny Spurgin -145.
Other finishers:
Kim Parisher, Ron Kimbrell - 148; Robert Baker, Leslie Baucom - 147;
David Roy, Wade Dove - 149; Rick Young, Jessie Cook - 155; Norman
Engebrecht, Katch Engebrecht - 162; John Robertson, Less Shaw - 164;
Chris Hisel, Jevin Slay - 156; Jackie Harkey, Bill Tolliver - 204.

Senior foursome shoots 64 for top spot

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Thirty-six seniors step out this week for the Senior Fun Day Scramble.
the Weather was cool and windy, but Johnny Jordan, Bob Baker, Travis
Pool, Henry Ridings managed to score a 64 to bring home first place.
Four teams tied for second place with a score of 66. After a score card
playoff the team of Audilio Cobos, Jim Marks, Jim Davalt and Jack Hill
took second.
Third was claimed by Billy and Dean Wells, Abe Collins and A.G. Whitwell.
Fourth belonged to Keith Hamilton, C.A. Hayes, Milt Benham and Larry
Jerry McDoanld, Russ Bowman, Jake Davis and Milbert Helm won fifth.
At sixth place with a score of 67 was Don Thresher, Clyde Smith, Charles
and Madge McNabb.
Seventh place belonged to Jon Spurgin, Glen Smithm Charles Jones and Joe
Connally with a score of 68.
Jack Higginbotham, Merve Harper, Bo Mooring and Dan Woods won eighth
with a score of 69.
The ninth place slot was taken by Bill Neace, Jr. Rodgers, bill Beair
and Bob Lee with a score of 71.
Johnny Jordan won the closest to the Hole Jackpot on the 11th hole with
a shot that landed eight feet from the pin.

Archery Club hosts rendezvous

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The Sandhills Archery Club is hosting it's second annual Traditioal
the event is set to take place on Apirl 19-20.
Catagories include:
Recurve - Men
Recurve -Woman
Long Bow - Men
Long Bow - Woman
Youth - Boys and Girls (10 & under) together.
Fees -
Men -$15
Pee Wees - Free
Family- $30
Novelty shots - Saturday and Sunday
Adults- first place -money.
second and third place - prizes.
Youth and Pee Wees - Medals.
There will be plenty of food and drink Saturday Night and Sunday noon.
For more information call: Rey Guzman (915)943-7466 or (915)943-2774
Michael Chamberlain (915)943-2828 or (915)943-2774.
Mike Harkins (915)943-4710.
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