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April 11, 1997


By Mac McKinnon

Keep retirement eggs

in several baskets

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Where do you invest your money for retirement or just to put aside a
nest egg?
As I've noted many times in this space, Social Security is not meant to
be a retirement fund, although many people have depended on that and
have been severely disappointed.

The government has made it possible to defer paying taxes on income by
putting it in retirement accounts such as 401k or Individual Retirement
Accounts. But, how do you best take advantage of those?

I'm not going to write something saying that I'm an expert in finances.
If I was so great in this field, I'd be rich. I'm not but I do want to
be secure when I get to old age, which is difficult enough with the cost
of living being what it is.

One of the best things for people to do is to start saving when they
are young. I'm sure everyone's been told that before, and it's difficult
because of the expense of getting started in a career, a marriage and a
family, getting a home, cars and the other luxuries and necessities of
day to day living.

We're told though it only takes a little bit each week or month to
build up to a pretty good sum over the years, if that sum is left
untouched and not tapped every time an "emergency" comes up.

One good thing about most retirement funds is that you're not allowed
to touch it without a very severe penatly.
nd it's also difficult to know just how much you need to save for
retirement. Many career fields offer retirement, which is great.
However, others don't have that fringe benefit, and many of those
retirement funds don't furnish as much retirement income as most people
would like to have.

I've had friends who thought they had plenty only to find out that the
cost of living doesn't go down a great deal when you retire. Only the
income goes down.

People need to plan their future, such as making sure their home and
other basics are paid before retirement so as to limit liabilities. I'd
encourage people to start talking to bankers and investment people at an
early age. I know some people believe retirement is a long way off, but
it gets there before you know it.

One thing I discourage is "get rich quick" schemes. As they say, it if
sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you want to gamble on the
stock market, be sure you don't invest more than you can afford to lose.
Get a stock broker you can trust and only invest in commodities you know
something about.

One thing I've learned is to never do business with family members. If
something goes sour, it can sure strain family relations. And make sure
your business dealings are in writing. Verbal communications are very
easily misunderstood.

Talk to several people about investing and saving strategy. And when
you hit on a sure-fire way to make lots of money, please let me know.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mac McKinnon is editor and publisher of the Pecos
Enterprise. His column appears on Friday.


King James Version not revision of bible

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Dear Editor:
There is a lot of disinformation concerning the Bible and the new
versions and the manuscripts they come from. The Authorized Version
(King James) Old Testament was translated from the Hebrew Masoretic
text. The New Testament was translated from a strand of the Majority
text known as the Textus Receptus of "received text." The Authorized
Version was translated, not revised, by 54, not 47, men who believed in
the inerrancy and authority of God's word. It is not a revision of any
other bible.

As for the new versions, they rely heavily on Rudolf Kittle's revised
Masoretic text for the Old Testament. Kittle did not believe in the
inerrancy of God's word. He was anti-Semitic and a devoted believer in

Almost all new versions base their New Testament primarily on the
Westcott-Hort Greek text. B.F. Westcott and F.J.A. Hort were liberal
evolutionists who based their work on two early Greek manuscripts known
as the Sanaiticus and Vaticanus manuscripts. These texts contradicted
each other and contained numerous flagrant errors.

The Westcott-Hort New Testament was largely updated by Eberhard Nestle
and Kurt Aland who were also evolutionists.

The fact that the new versions are corrupt is also made evident by the
testimonies of men like Dr. Frank Logsdon. Dr. Logsdon was a co-founder
of the New American Standard. He wrote the preface. After hearing that
the New American Standard was seriusly flawed he was humble enough to
investigate the matter. When he learned the truth he publicly renounced
the New American Standard and apologized for having had anything to do
with it, saying that it is "frighteningly wrong."

I have an unsoliticed letter from Dr. Kenneth Barker, executive
director of the International Bible Society, admitting that avowed
lesbian Virginia Mollenkott contributed to the New International Version.

Henry Morris, founder and president emeritus of the Institute for
Creation Research, served on the committee for the New King James
Version. After learning the truth he has returned to the Authorized
Version and written an excellent booklet exposing the heresy behind the
new versions.

Attempts at playing damage control haven't made the errors go away. The
new versions still say, in 2 Samuel 21:19, that "Elhanan killed Goliath"
and that is still not true. Who is the father of lies?

The fact that the fourth person in the furnace, in Daniel 3:25, is
correctly translated "Son of God" in the Authorized Version can be seen
in verse 26 where Nebuchadnezzar called the three men in the furnace
"servants of the most high God" and not "servants of one of the gods."

The Trinity is a major part of teaching in several mainline
denominations but the "three that bear record in heaven" has been
omitted in 1 John 5:7 in most of the new versions and "the Godhead" has
been changed to "divine being" in Acts 17:29.

Not surprisngly "but by every word of God" has been dropped from Luke

Although the American Standard Version came out in 1901, most of the
new versions became prevalent about the same time that prayer was taken
out of school and abortion was legalized.

For more than 350 years Christians were under the subjection of the
word of God through the Authorized Version but now we have put the word
of God under our subjection by choosing the "translation" we like best.

We have each gone our own way, doing that which is right in our own

How we respond to this information can give us a priceless look at
ourselves if we are willing to see.

-- R.L. Rich, Pecos
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