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Apr. 10, 1997

Bowling lanes big attraction

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In Monahans, the Ward Bowling Lanes is the place where folks from all
over come to knock down some pins. Monahans is attractive to the
surrounding smaller cities because the next closest bowling alleys are
in Odessa and Alpine.

"We get people from as far as New Mexico," said Franky Ramirez, owner of
Ward County Lanes.

"The alley in Kermit closed about 25 years ago; the one in Pecos about
18 years ago and the one in (Fort) Stockton about three years ago."
Ramirez has owned the bowling alley for the last 3 years. His lanes are
were the bowling leagues that appear weekly in the Monahans News and the
Area Spotlight play their games.

"The leagues each have their own Presidents and Secretaries," said
Ramirez, "They usually bowl for 32-36 weeks in the winter and 11-13 in
the summer, depending what the league votes on."

Ramirez feel that the lanes and his game room will provide the young
people of Monahans with an alterative to the norm.

"There is nothing in Monahans but Bars and Bowling", said Ramirez, "This
(bowling) is good for the kids. It keeps them out of trouble and off the

Ward Lanes has many special events and promotions including moonlight
bowling and color pin no-tap bowling.

Seventh Grade Girls

Monahans 'B' 20
4 2 6 8 20
Alpine 36
14 8 2 12 36
Free throws: 0-2 - 0%
April Gonzalez one rebound, one steal; Angela Campbell two points four
rebounds, one steal; Andi Montez two points; Nydia Corrales 10 points,
two rebounds, one steal; Lacy Sanders two points, five rebounds; Amanda
Porras two points, seven rebounds, six steals; Brin Melius two rebounds,
two assists; Stephanie Estrada two points, eleven rebounds; Amanda
Murphree three rebounds, one assists.
Coaches comments: "Their girls play a strong game. Alpine 'A' had one
girl who scored 24 points. The third quarter she sat out and Alpine only
scored two points."

Monahans Green 13
3 4 0 6 13
Kermit 44
11 15 5 13 44
Free throws: 1-4 - 25%
Emerald Setzler one rebound, four steals; Amber Swan two points, two
rebounds, four steals; Crystal Dominguez two points, one steal; Kourtney
Montgomery two points; Christie Bates two points; four rebounds, three
steals; Chastity Franco two points two rebounds, four steals; Nichole
one point, one rebound, one steal; Shawnee Molinar two rebounds, one
steal; Alexis Lewallen two points, three rebounds, three steals.

Monahans Green 9
0 3 2 4 9
Greenwood 41
10 15 10 6 41
Free throws: 3-10 - 30%
Emerald Setaler one steal; Stephanie Estrata one rebound; Crystal
Rodriguez two points, one rebound, five steals; Kourtney Montgomery two
points; Amber Swan one point, seven rebounds four steals; Dani Melius
four points, four rebound, one steal; Christie Pates five rebounds, four
steals; Alexis Lewallen one rebound; Nichole Vianes two steal; Shawnee
Molinar one steal.
Seventh Grade Boys
Monahans Green 19
0 0 13 6 19
Pecos 44
14 9 8 13 44
Leslie Easem four points; David Gallaher two points; Ryan Young two
points; Daniel Gaddis 11 points.

Eighth Grade Girls
Monahans Green 19
2 4 8 5 19
Kermit 34
2 12 5 15 34
Free throws: 3-6 - 50%
Maribel Yanez two steals, one assists; Alondra Alvarez eight, three
assists; Abby Romo four point, one rebounds, five steals, two assists;
Edith Garcia two steal; Kristy Almanza nine points, one rebounds, six
steals, four assists; Amanda Krone two points, five rebounds, four
steals; Miranarda Montez two points; four rebounds; Crystal Partida two
points, one rebound three steals, two assists; Julia Graves four rebound.

Monahans White 25
6 6 0 13 25
Greenwood 23
7 3 0 13 23
Free throws: 7-28 - 25%
Jennifer Show one rebound; Amanda McNutt one rebound; Stephanie Taylor
four points, three rebounds; Kafrena Tuxhorn four points, one rebound;
Patricia Cervates 10 points, one rebound; Leanna Walker four points,
three rebounds; Megan Loehman two points.

Freshman Girls
Monahans 35
11 11 4 9 35
6 4 9 7 26
Carleigh Melius eight points; Marie Chavez 10 points; Belia Gabaldon
five points; Mandy Fuentes four points; Cassitee Avary four points; Anna
Powers two points; Hollie Bates two points.

Monhans 28
4 7 10 7 28
Clint 42
12 10 13 7 42
Carleigh Melius 11 points; Hollie Bates five points; Marie Chavez three
points; Belia Gabaldon three points; Brea Ulrich two points; Cassidee
avary two points; Mandy Fuentes two points.

Girls set record in swim meet

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The Mean Green Water Machine had one of it's best outing this year at
the Lubbock Invitational Tournament where Candice Teague, Lindsey
Fredricks, Sandra Meeks and Kara Teagues set a meet and school record in
the 200 medley relay. The tournament was by far the largest this year
and welcomed 32 team and over 800 swimmers.

The schools represented at the tourney included Monahans Lubbock, El
Paso, New Mexico, Pampa, Abilene, Amarillo and San Angelo.

The girls scored 126 points to insure a fourth place finish just behind
third place Amarillo High, second place San Angelo and first place

The district meet for the swimmers will be Jan. 25 in Fort Stockton.

200 medley relay, second place Candice Teague, Lindsey Fredricks, Sandra
Meeks, Kara Teague, 2:01.68.

200 Freestyle, first place Sandra Meeks 2:04.64; fifth place Candice
Teague 2:17.12.

50 free style eight place Kara Teague 27.71.

100 butterfly Marina Martan.

100 free style third place Sandra Meeks 57.65

200 Free Relay third place Kara Teague, Candice Teague, Jennifer
Robinson, Sandra Meeks.

100 back stroke fifth place Candice Teague 1:08.23; ninth place Kara
Teague 1:08.48;

100 breast stroke Lindsey Fredricks.

400 free style relay seventh place Marina Martan, Lindsey Fredricks,
Jennifer Robinson, Fonda Moore.


50 free style second place Chad Claburn 23.59.

100 Free style second place Chad Claburn 51.78

100 breast stroke ninth place Chris Cain 1:13.13

Carrillo leaves Lobo employ

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Coach Martina Carrillo has been head coach of the Lady Lobo volleyball
team for the past two years. In this time she has had a record of 48-18
and gone to the semifinals in the 3-A state tournament. Over the last
five years Carrillo has had two state finalist teams, one semifinalist
team, a regional finalist team and a district runner up team and an
overall record of 136-35. Carrillo has also coached one state MVP and
eight all starters.

An impressive ressume, however, it will not be furthered here in
Monahans. Monday morning Coach Carrillo turned in her regeneration which
was accepted by the school board.

"We had a successful season," said Carrillo, "Good things happen for
players like awards and honors, and good thing happen for coaches like
job offers. This was the best volleyball team I have ever coached, We
did good things all year."

Carrillo is excited about going to the area where she is from.
"I'm form South Texas. I know lots of athletes and coaches form that
area and I should be as happy there as I was here."

Carrillo was happy to see three of her Loboes make the All-State team.
"Leah was great on offense, Randie and Crystal did an outstanding job on
defense. Making All-state is not about stats. It's about team work,
attitude and how the girl works with the rest of the team and coaches."
Football banquet honors many

The hottest ticket in town for the Lobo faithful was the annual Monahans
Lobo Football banquet.

The banquet is put on to honor the football team and everyone connected
to the team for their outstanding achievement for this year.

The event was kicked off with head football coach Windy Williams
introducing and thanking the many people responsible for a successful
season and banquet. The people included in Williams' recognized were the
parents, administration, booster club, coaches and the athletic off
assistant Pat Frithche.

The Wagon Masters provided dinner followed by the presentations of the
athletic awards and honors.

The winners were:
Outstanding Offensive Lineman James Willison.
Outstanding Offensive Back Tyler Lee.
Outstanding Offensive Receiver Zach Stevenson.
Outstanding Defensive Linebacker Garrett Williams.
Outstanding Defensive Lineman Trey Franco.
"Doug Burk" Outstanding Defensive Back Richard Montez.
Fighting Hear Kevin Douthit and Eric Fuentes.
"Todd Welch" Big "E" Award Michael Valencia.
Senior Lobo Academic Achievement Award Garrett Williams.
"Todd Welch" Scholarship Tyler Lee.
"Bud Rollins" Scholarship James Willison.
Monahans News "MVP" Tyler Lee.
Board extends Williams' contract

Head football coach and athletic director Windy Williams received a 7-0
vote to extend his contract till Jan. 1999.

There was an outpouring of community support at the school board
meeting, which was standing room only, for Williams.

"There were so many people we strongly considered moving the meeting to
accommodate everyone," said Mike Fletcher, Acting Superintendent MISD.
Coach Williams seemed happy with the out come of the meeting.

"You have to have the support of the community to be effective," said

"We play to coach some kids (next year), nothing changes. We are looking
forward to the kids coming up next year and hope to have some fun."

Williams led the Mean Green to an undefeated district championship.
Williams also coached a team that placed 10 first team all-district
players, six second team all-district players, 11 academic all-districts
players and the offensive and defensive MVP for district 3-3A.

Williams also had the opportunity to coach his son Garett Williams
during Garrett's senior year.
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