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Apr. 3, 1997

Sandhills relays coming Saturday

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Monahans will host the Sandhills Relays this weekend at Lobo Field and
the Walker Jr. High.

The events will begain at 9:30 a.m. The Division 2 high jump, long jump
and all 3200 meter runs will be held at the Jr. High.

Opening ceremonies and the finals will begin at 4 p.m.

Races will begin at the following times: 400 meter relay- 4:10; 800
meter relay - 4:25 p.m.; 100 and 110 meter hurdles - 4:45 p.m.; 100
meter dash - 5:05 p.m.; 800 meter relay 5:20 p.m.; 400 meter dash 5:25
p.m.; 300 meter hurdles- 5:45 p.m.; 200 meter dash- 6:05 p.m.; 1600
meter run- 6:20 p.m.; 1600 meter relay 6:50.

All field events will began at 9 a.m. The long jump and high jump will
be held at Walker Jr. High for all divisions.

The events will proceed ahead of schedule if possible.

The schools who will be represented at the Relays will be:
Division I: (3A and 4A)

Alpine, Artesia, Crane, Ft. Stockton, Greenwood, Kermit, Lovington,
Monahans, Pecos, Presidio and Seminole.

Division II: (A, 2A and JV Boys)

Alpine JV, Artesia JV, Ft. Stockton JV, Greenwood JV, Marathon, Marfa,
Monahans JV, Pecos JV, Seminole JV, Terlingua and Van Horn.

Division III: (Girls)
Alpine, Artesia, Crane, Denver City, Ft. Stockton, Greenwood, Kermit,
Lovington, Marathon, Marfa, Monahans, Pecos, Presidio, Terlingua.

Ladies lift to top Grandfalls-Royalty team

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Throughout this school year the cities of Monahans and Grandfalls have
given the community thrills and chills with their success in athletics.

Continuing in this rich tradition the two cities have begun,
Grandfalls-Royalty High School has claimed a State Championship in
Ladies Powerlifting.

This years State Championship makes it two in a row for the Cowgirls.

"It feels good winning back to back . It is a great accomplishment and
shows that girls can do as much as guys," said senior lifter Jessica

"We practice every day and work really hard.

"There are some days we don't feel like doing it but we push ourselves
to keep working."

"Everyone thinks guys are the only ones who can do this sort of thing,"
said lifter Susana Vasquez, "It's nice to show them that we can do it

"I was glad we got to go. The week before was very hectic, we had to
raise money just to go."

The Cowgirls scored 24 team points to win first followed by Runge who
had 21 points.

The Ladies individual totals were: Laura Porras 105 weight class, 500
pounds; Susana Vasquez 114 weight class, 540 pounds; Jessica Cavzos 123
weight class, 530 pounds; Stacey Miller 148 weight class, 590 pounds


Pinup League

Atkins Antique's 72.5-39.5
Hobbie ETC. 71.5-40.5
Trans State Energy 68-44
Pecos NAPA 59.5-52.5
Bonine Lumber 54-58
DEC Roustabout 53.5-58.5
K-Bob's 52-60
Mary's Deli 51-61
Williams Photography 50.5-61.5
Ser-J-Co 49.5-62.5
Specialty Printing 49-63
Dimensions USA 41-71

High Team Scratch Series
Pecos NAPA - 1481
High Team HPC Series
Pecos NAPA - 1844
High Team Scratch Game
Pecos NAPA - 551
High Team HPC Game
Dimension USA - 674
High Individual Scratch Series
Mary Taylor - 531
High Individual HPC Series
Judy Porter - 633
High Individual Scratch Game
Judy Porter - 223
High Indiviual HPC Game
Judy Porter - 259

Polly McQuess 3-10
Milly Gordon 3-10
Pat Cahill 3-1

Seniors scramble for low points

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Thirty-three seniors went out and enjoyed the clear warm weather last
Thursday for this weeks installment of the Senior Fun Day Scramble.

Two team grabbed a first place finish at 65. After a score card play off
the team of Bill Neace, Bo Mooring, Joe Urquidez and Jack Higginbotham.

Second place went to Johnny and Linda Jordan, Joe Bravo, Jim Davalt and
Henry Ridings.

Another set of team tied for the three place position with a score of
66. After a look at the score cards the team of Al Gallas, Clyde Smith,
Merve Harper and Audilio Cobos.

Fourth place was won by Keith Hamilton, Monda Ochoa, Vernon Rowe and Joe

Jon Spurgin, Bob Baker, Charles Jones and Russ Bowman finished fifth
with a score of 67.

Finishing sixth with a score of 69 was Jerry McDonald, Bill Beair, Jim
Marks and Dan Woods.

Billy and Dean Wells, Glen Smith and Charles McNabb won seventh place
with a score of 70.

At eighth place with a score of 71 was the team of Don Thresher, W.T.
Phipps, C.A. Hayes and Ray Price.

Jon Spurgin hit three feet for the pin to win this weeks Closest to the
Pin Jackpot.

Lobos wipe out Blue Devils

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The Monahans Lobo Baseball team kicked off district play with the right
foot. The Green ten run ruled the Presidio Blue Devils last Tuesday 11-1.

Joel Najar, on the mound for the Loboes, improved his record to 3-1 for
the season. Najar pitched five innings, giving up three hits, two walks
and striking out five.

The Monahans bats lit up the Blue Devils pitcher for 12 hits. Brandon
Stevens went 2-3 with two runs and a walk; Juan Moreno went 2-4 for
three runs and a stolen base; T.J. Bustos hit 2-4; Najar helped his own
effort by hitting 2-4 with a double and two RBIs; Jeremy Ornelas hit 1-3
for a run and a walk; Eric Fuentes hit 1-1 with a run; Roy Porras hit
1-2 with two RBIs; Anthony Aguilar went 1-3 with a run and two RBI's;
Nathan Swarb scored a run; Tyler Lee got two runs; Rocky Rivera was
walked twice.

The win moved the Green to 10-8 for the season, 1-0 in district.
Monahans' next test will come against Fabens in Fabens this Saturday.

Seventh Grade Girls

Triple Jump: first place Jaime Carmen, Wink, 30'5 1/2"; second place
Shanna Zachary, Greenwood, 29'5 1/2"; third place Christie Bates,
Monahans A, 27' 4 1/2".

Discus: first place Betsy Langon, Greenwood, 72'5 1/4"; second place
Kendra Kasner, Kermit, 64'9 3/4"; third place Ashley Cox, Zaval, 61' 10

Shot Put: first place Crystal Lopez, Ft. Stockton, 26'7"; second place
Melissa Fierro, Alpine, 26'; third place Ashely Cox, Zavala,
25'1/2";fourth place Bestsy Bailey, Greenwood, 24' 8 1/2"

Long Jump: first place Shanna Zachry, Greenwood, 14'6"; second place
Andela Campbell, Monahans, 4'1/2"; third place Jamie Carmen, Wink, 14'

High Jump: first place Shalayne Hobbs, Greenwood, 4'8"; second place
Katy Franks, Alpine, 4'2"; third place Jessica Hoy Alpine, 4'; fourth
place Marlayna Moore, Wink.

55 Meter Low Hurdles: first place Alicia Scott, Greenwood, 10.2; second
place Lindsey Lankford, Greenwood, 10.6; third place Alexis Lewellen,
Monahans A, 10.6.

600 Meter: first place Donna Jones, Wink, 1:55.1; Stephanie Estrasa,
Monahans, 1:56.2; third place Ysela Garcia, Kermit, 1:56.2

400 Meter Relay: Monahans, 55.8 (Campbell, Bates, Ulrich, Bouncher),
second place Ft. Stockton, 58.2, third place Greenwood 1.00.

300 Meter Dash: first place Jamie Carmen, Wink, 47.6; second place Donna
Jones, Wink, 50.2; third place Misty Wiberg, Greenwood, 50.4.

100 Meter Dash: first place Angle Campbell, Monahans, 13.0 (New Record);
second place Christie Bates, Monahans 13.7; third place Shanna Zachry,
Greenwood, 14.0.

800 Meter Relay: first place Monahans, 1:58.5, (Campbell, Estrada,
Bates, Ulrich); second place Pecos, 2:02.9; third place Monahans 2:06.1.

200 Meter Low Hurdles: first place Alexis Lewallen, Monahans, 35.7;
second place Sarah Estrasa, Ft. Stockton, 35.7; third place Yadira
Leyva, Ft. Stockton, 37.0.

200 Meter Dash: first place Brook Ulrich, Monahans, 29.7; second place
Jaime Carman, Wink, 30.1; third place Jessica Valdea, Presidio, 30.8.

1200 Meter Run: first place Marlayna Moore, Wink, 4:26.0; second place
Hooly Fort, Alpine, 4:40.2; third place Shalayne Hobbs, Greenwood,

1200 Meter Relay: first place Monahans 3:23.4 (Clements, Corrales,
Contreas, Galindo); second place Alpine, 3:24.2; third place Kermit,

Eighth Grade Girls

Triple Jump: first place Adria Walker, Crockett, 32'7 1/2"; second place
Zoreida Galindo, Ft. Stockton, 31'5"; third place Sally Smith,
Greenwood, 29' 3".

Discus: first place Kristy Almanza, Monahans, 78'5"; Adrienne Young,
Alpine, 77'5 1/4"; third place Jessica Brooks, Greenwood, 77'1".

Shot Put: Sussan Schmidt, Greenwood, 26' 2 1/2"; second place Julia
Graves, Monahans, 25' 7"; third place Jessica Brooks, Greenwood, 24'2

High Jump: first place Jennifer Johnson, Kermit, 4'8"; second place
Julia Graves, Monahans, 4'6"; third place Donna Hernandez, Presidio,

55 Meter Low Hurdles: first Brenna Belew, Greenwood, 9.8; second place
Lindsey Dickerson, Greenwood, 10.1; Aylnn Marquez, Ft. Stockton, 10.7.

600 Meter Run: first Aime Renteria, Presidio, 2:00.1; second place
Delphi Orosco, Marfa, 2:05.2; third place Crystal Childers, Greenwood,

400 Meter Relay: first place Pecos, 55.2; Greenwood, 55.9; Ft. Stockton,

300 Meter Dash: first place Adria Walker, Pecos, 45.4; second place
Melissa Shackelford, Wink, 48.0; third place Tiffany Shaw, Greenwood,

100 Meter Dash: first place Jennifer Johnson, Kermit, 13.2; second place
Yvette Barreno, Pecos, 14.0; third place Philonicus Fobbs, Crokett, 4.2.

800 Meter Relay:; first place Greenwood, 1:59.4; second place Pecos,
2:02.9; third place Monahans 2:02.9.

200 Meter Low Hurdles: first place Zoreida Galindo, Ft. Stockton, 32.6;
second place Sally Smith, Greenwood, 33.6; third place Brenna Belew,
Greenwood, 34.0.

200 Meter Dash: first place Kendra Martin, Greenwood, 28.8; second place
Jacindo Gonzales, St. Stockton, 29.0; third place Melissa Shackelford,
Wink, 30.4.

1200 Meter Run: first place Aime Renteria, Presidio, 4:34.9; second
place Jennifer Sanchez, Marfa, 4:46.7; third place Crystal Partida,
Monahans 4:48.3.

1200 Meter Relay: first place Pecos, 3:10.0; second place Greenwood,
3:14.2; third place Kermit, 3:16.6.

65 Meter Int. Hurdles: first place David Granado, Alpine, 9.3; second
Ramon Porras, Monahans, 9.6; third place Alvaro Navarette, Pecos, 1:40.2.

Seventh Grade Boys
High Jump: first place JD Powers, Kermit, 5'4"; second place Gene
Siller, Greenwood, 4'8"; third place Adrian Blanco, Ft. Stockton, 5';
third place Erick Alvarado, Kermit, 5'.

Pole Vault: first place Mason Abila, Zavala, 9'; second place Israel
Castilla, Kermit, 8'6"; third place Reed Melton, Greenwood, 8'6".

Shot Put: first place Chad Clark, Wink, 33' 10 1/2"; Jeff Madrid,
Greenwood, 33'6 1/2"; third place Tony Harris, Zavala, 33' 4 1/2".

Discus: first place Tony Harris, Zavala, 97'4"; second place Ricky
Plummer, Zaval, 96'1"; third place Jeff Midrid, Greenwood, 91'1".

Long Jump: first place JD Powers, 17' 1/4"; second place Mark
Cavington, Monahans, 11'9"; third place Brandon Audas, Greenwood, 16'1".

Triple Jump: first place Mark Covington, Monahans, 34' 5"; second place
Kendirck Eveans, Zavala, 33' 1/4"; third place Chad Greenfield,
Monahans, 33' 1/4".

400 Meter Relay: first place Pecos, 51.9; second place Monahans, 52.0;
third place Greenwood, 52.1.

1200 Meter Relay: first place Monahans (Gallaher, Hernadez, Heald,
Harkey); second place Pecos, 2:55.3; third place Greenwood, 3:00.5.

Eighth Grade Boys

High Jump: first place Marlon Espino, Ft. Stockton. 5'4"; second place
Chris Holguin, Ft. Stockton, 5'2"; third place Ricky Carrasco, Presidio,

Pole Valt: first place Courtney Freeman, Crockett, 9'0"; second place
Tavis Atwood, Monahans, 8'6"; third place Trinidad , Monahans, 8' 0".

Shot Put: first place Billy Lozano, Balmorhea, 43' 8"; second place
Manuel Fuentez, Crockett, 41' 1 1/2"; third place George Arroyo,
Monahans A, 40' 10 1/2".

Discus: first place Pifi Montoya, Crockett, 122' 4"; second place Billy
Lozano, Balmorhea, 120' 7"; third place Josh Melius, Monahans, 110' 5

Long Jump: first place Ben Cordova, Monahans 19' 3 1/2"; second place
Justin Myers, Kermit, 19'; third place Erby Porras, Monahans, 17' 5 1/2".

Triple Jump: first place Justin Myers, Kermit, 37' 1 1/2"; second place
Porras, Monahans, 36' 10"; third place Marlon Espino, Ft. Stockton, 35'

Team Results:

7th Grade Girls-Monahans first place 148 points.

7th Grade Boys- Monahans first place 156 points.

8th Grade Girls- Monahans fourth place 53 points.

8th Grade Boys- Monahans first place 133 points.
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