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Mar. 20, 1997

Monahan's Well

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By Jerry Curry

I didn't write the following.
This is sort of an introduction and a preface to it.
My daughter, Cheryl Jones, did make the report. It's part of the story
of the birth of granddaughter Cheyenne Rebecca, who under current
federal guidelines would have been killed as a result of the legislation
allowing legal baby-killing in the third trimester of pregnancy. Cheryl
fought for her child. Some weaker parents might not have fought. The
focus here is on Cheyenne. It also could have been on Jackie who is her
older sister and who also was born prematurely.
In an era when babies are sacrificed in so-called partial birth
abortions, it is proper to note killing children is not now, nor has it
ever been, a viable means of birth control.
To be aware the federal government subsidizes such murder approaches
horrific. Jackie and Cheyenne are only two examples of children who are
alive today who it would have been legal to kill. The great terror is
that many like Jackie and Cheyenne are killed each day.
Read Cheryl's notes, her report on beautiful, intelligent children who

26 Weeks - I started having problems. I already had been put on limited
activity. At this time I was put on bed rest and I prayed every day,
every hour. The longer I could carry my baby the better our odds.
27 Weeks - I went into labor. That's when we started to fight for every

Dec. 7, 1995 - Cheyenne was born.
Then we started a new battle. This time, it was for my tiny baby's life.
The doctors say it was only three minutes after birth she was intubated
but seemed like a life time.
I watched a team of doctors (who ever they were) work on my baby.
She didn't cry.
I never got to hear her cry until she was 10 weeks old.
I didn't get to hold her until she was two weeks old.
When she was born, she weighed two pounds, five ounces and she was 15
inches long.
She was so little and weak.
She needed a strong name.
Those are the reasons we named her Cheyenne Rebecca, something strong
and beautifully.
January, 1996 - Cheyenne was a little over seven pounds when she went
home at three months.
March 1997 - Now she is 30 pounds and she is still a fighter.

In a kind of epilogue I would like to say, ChiChi is a fighter for a lot
of reasons but at least two of those reasons are Jess and Cheryl,
father and mother.
As noted earlier Cheyenne was not the only one who fought her way into
the world past the seemingly unlimited powers of the baby-killers. Her
sister, Jackie, also beat the odds.
These are two wonderful little girls who could have been killed under
the laws allowing partial birth abortions.
Do you want ChiChi and Jackie dead?
If you favor third trimester abortions, you do. You might even applaud.

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