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March 19, 1997



By Rosie Flores

Make a checklist

and hang onto it!

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Organizational skills come so easily to some people, yet to others it's
an unattainable dream. Something they long for, but know they will never

Maybe its in our genes, we were destined to be one way and no matter
what, we won't ever change.

It's one of the mysteries in life, like the mystery of the missing
socks. No matter how closely you try to monitor everything that is put
into the washer, taken out and put into the dryer, you still end up with
only half a pair of socks.

Where do these socks go to? Sock heaven?

Everybody must have at least 10 (some of us have more!) socks that
don't match any others. And no matter how hard you try to keep track of
them its useless.

I'm always amazed at those individuals who have their act together. You
know the type! The irritating ones, that actually have matching socks.
The ones who are always on time for everything. No matter how hard I try
that's just one of those things I can't master.

I can start off from wherever to head to my destination and still be
late for everything.

These individuals that are organized have everything in order. They
know exactly where they're going and how long it will take them to get
there. And they actually do! How they do it I'll never figure it out.

Martha Stewart, the "gracious living" guru, was asked by one of her
many fans "How do you get organized?" First, many of you may not even
know who Martha Stewart is.

She rose to fame in her "Living" programs and now even has several
books out along with household items on sale at discount stores.

Her program focuses on household programs, crafts and entertaining
leisurely along with recipes and many other items that are of interest
to "homebodies."

Her response to the question was, "Focus on what you love. Whatever
you're passionate about deserves to become a priority."

Unfortunately that's not as easy as it sounds, since most of us would
rather be doing one thing, while it's another that takes priority at the

Make checkslists. This will only work if you don't lose the checklists.
Done that, been there.

If you've been meaning to take a class, plant a garden...start now.
Mark your calendar with dates to celebrate; plan well in advance. The
only problem with this advice is, "best laid plans" - you know the rest!

Days can slip by at an astonishing rate - but only if you let them.
Isn't this the truth? Whole months can disappear, and it'll be a year
later before you realize this.

If you're like many of us, lacking in organizational skills, not
realizing what date, month, year it is, maybe seeking a buddy that fits
this description will help you out.

If nothing else, you will at least have some company!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rosie Flores is an Enterprise writer and editor of
Lifestyles and Golden Years. Her column appears each Wednesday.


Calling student misfit no role for teacher

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Dear Editor:
This letter is written in response to remarks (allegedly) made by PHS
teacher Roger Russell and the letter in the March 14 edition of the
Pecos Enterprise.

... Anyone who goes around calling students, and I quote (Russell's)
words, "stupid, losers and misfits," should not be allowed to teach our
students. I'm sure you remember these naive remarks you made to the
students the first few times they were sent to the auditorium for not
abiding by the school's new dress code.

Where do you come off calling our children names? Do you not feel that
the world is full of hate, without you turning this hate towards our
children, your students, at school?

Next, what is this nonsense about "teacher bashing?" You want to know
the very truth? It's not teacher bashing, it's mothers and students
standing up for what they believe is true! I know there are several
teachers that wish parents would just keep their mouths shut and let you
intimidate our children, but guess what? Not my child! If the students
have to suffer consequences for not abiding to dress code standards,
then when are you going to be punished for calling our children names?

Also, I would like to remark that we understand that teachers were
doing their jobs by enforcing the new dress code, but everything has its
limits! How dare you take advantage of this situation to belittle our
children! Could it have been that the auditorium was filled with mainly
Hispanic students? I do not know why you did it, but you did.

In closing, I would just like to comment on the fact that parents do
not send their children out into the world to be criminals, or to even
get pregnant in high school These things happen, and unfortunately, we
have no more control than you do about this matter. Do you have a
solution, besides stating that we need to "concentrate on our real
problems?" I can go around giving the same advice, but this would lead
me nowhere!

The fact about teachers leaving the district is not just related to the
parents either. It is not the parents' fault that this district pays
teachers such poor salaries. I feel that this is the choice that
teachers make, and don't cover up for problems that go on that "we" the
parents do not ever learn about! I hope that parents continue to support
the good for our children.

I wish the district could pay the teachers millions of dollars to teach
our children, but to belittle, intimidate, no thank you!

Your letter was about focusing our attention on education. Well,
practice what you preach.

-- Louisa Rivera
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