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Mar. 13, 1997

Loboes grab two top spots in track meet

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MONAHANS, Mar. 13, 1997 - The Lobo track team competed in the West Texas
Relays last weekend. The team had two kids grab first place wins, two
second place finishes, one fourth and two sixths.
The men's next meet will be March 21-22 in San Angelo.

400 Meter Relay: M. Thompson, R. Montez, D. Phillips and D. Williams,
46.28 sixth place.
110 Meter Hurdles: M. Thompson, 15.23 first place.
High Jump: D. Williams 6'2" first place.
Long Jump: D. Williams 20'8" second place, D. Phillips 19' 8" sixth
Shot Put: Q. Melius 48'11" second place.
Discus: Q. Melius 136'1".

Earlier this month the boys varsity and JV went to the Andrews meet. The
varsity won 5th with 64 points and the JV won third with 101 points.

Varsity Results
400 Meter Relay: Lucas Jacques, David Williams, Garett Williams and
Chris Allen, 45.94 third place.
110 Meter Hurdles: Dewayne Lowe 16.11 sixth.
100 Meter Dash: Garett Williams 11.39 fourth.
200 Meter Dash: Chris Allen 24.03 fourth.
1600 Meter Relay: Dewayne Lowe, David Williams, Chris Allen and Garett
Williams 3:38.63 second place.
High Jump: David Williams 6'2" first place.
Long Jump:
David Williams 20'8".
Shot Put: Quint Melius 46' 10 1/2" second.
Discus: Quint Melius 128'10" fifth.

JV Results
3200 Meter Run: Justin Heath 12:07.30 third.
400 Meter Relay:
Rocky Reed, Frank Vela, Dephil Phillips and Raul Hinojos 48.18 second
800 Meter Run: Lief Tefertiller 2:21.5 third place; Levi Colwell 2:29.53
100 Meter Dash: Dephil Phillips 12.47 fifth place.
300 Meter Hurdles: Victor Juarez 44.27 first place.
200 Meter Dash: Rocky Reed 24.11 first place Raul Hinojos 25.79 sixth
1600 Meter Relay:
Dephil Phillips, Leif Tefertiller, Frank Vela and Victor Juarez 3:54.74
first place.
Triple Jump: Victor Juarez 40'30".
Long Jump: Dephil Phillips 18'4" second place; Rocky Reed 17'10" third
Discus: 108'5" fourth place.
Ninth Grade
Monahans 2
Midland Lee(Soph) 12

1. Efren Juarez, 8 hits, 2 K's, 2 BB.
2. Eric Avila, faced three batters, scored 3 K's.

Leading Hitters:
Brandon Lee 1-3, Avila 2-3, Sominic Sanchez 1-2 with a double, Josh
Swarb 1-3, Chris Adams 1-2.
Record 0-3.

Monahans JV

Monahans 12
Greenwood JV 9

1. Josue Carrasco, 24 AB, 5 hits, 7 earned runs, 5 K's, recorded the win.
2. Jr. Cordova, 6 AB, 0 hits, one earned run, one K, recorded the save.

Leading Hitters:
Pete Cantu 2-3, 2 RBI's; Cordova 1-2, 2 RBI's; Todd Passmore 1-2, 2
Coaches comments:
"The kids played great. We came out strong and finished."
Record: 1-1

Monahans 6
Pecos Fresh. 7
1. Josh Speed 27 AB, seven hits, seven runs.

Leading Hitters:
Cantu 2-3, 3 RBI's; TJ Navarette 1-3, one RBI; Gabe Ontiveros 1-3.

Coaches Comments:
"This was a heart breaker. The kids palyed hard and fought until the end.
Record 1-2

Monahans 1
Andrews JV 8

1. Todd Passmore, five innings pitched, five K's, four runs.
2. Cordova one innings pitched, tow runs.

Leading Hitters:
Ben Acosta 1-3, Todd Passmore 1-3, Cordova 1-3.
Record 1-3

Monahans 1
Andrews JV 9

Gabe Ontiveros, three innings pitched, 6 K's.
Leading Hitters:
Todd Passmore 1-2; TJ Navarette 1-2.
Coaches Comments:
"The kids played hard but we have to many areas to improve in."
Record 1-4

Powerlifters fall short of state meet

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MONAHANS, Mar. 13, 1997 - The Monahans Powerlifting team had a good
showing Saturday but failed to qualify anyone for the state meet.
Senior Garett Williams came close with a fourth place finish in the 198
lb. class. Williams squatted 455 lbs., tied a regional meet record in
the bench press at 320 lbs., and deadlifted 410 lbs. for a total of 1160
Junior Angel Orona finished fifth in the 114 lbs. class. He squatted 265
lbs., bench pressed 175 lbs., and deadlifted 305 lbs. for a total of
745 pounds.
The most experienced Lobo lifters, Williams and Orona, participated in
the regional meet last year.
Also representing the Green in the meet were Scott Lackey, Lucas Jaquez,
Aaron Swartzfager and Luciano Hinojos.
Lacky, a junior, lifted in the 242 lbs. class squatted 450, benched 335
and deadlifted 450 to total 1235 pounds. Lackey finished the season
eighth in his weight class.
Hinojos, who lifted in the 275 lb. class, totaled 1160 lbs., with a
squat of 430, bench of 260 lbs. and a dead lift of 480. Hinojos, a
junior, also finished eighth in his weight class.
Unfortunately, Jaquez and Swartzfager were disqualified early in the
Coach Satterwhite is extremely pleased with the efforts of this years
"We were very competitive this season despite the fact this is only our
second year to compete in the sport.
"We are already making plans for bigger and better things next season."

Tennis teams fall to Mustangs

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ANDREWS. Mar. 13, 1997 - The Monahans seventh and eighth grade tennis
teams traveled to Andrews last week. Although the teams made a good
effort they were unable to over come the 'Stangs.
The seventh grade lost 11-7 and the eighth grade fell 11-8.


Boys: Aashish Chopra vs. Cooper Smart Monahans, 8-5; Ren Hawkins vs.
Jarret Ribble Monahans, 8-5; Ryan Sutter vs. Logan Sherrill, Andrews
8-1; Jared Polanco vs. Randy Stein, Andrews 8-1; Aaron Sanders vs. Aaron
Pitkin, Andrews 1-8; Jason Leyva vs. Aaron Armstrong, 0-8.

Boys Doubles: Chopra/Hawkins vs. Smartt/Ribble, Andrews 5-8;
Sutter/Polanco vs. Sherrill Stien, Andrews 4-8; Sanders/Leyva vs.
Pitkins/Armstrong, Andrews 1-8.

Girls: Tarrah Oliver vs. Mimi Deveza, Monahans 8-1; Josie Kuy Kendall
vs. Korey Lynch, Monahans 8-6; Prairie Chamberlain vs. Candice Minatra,
Monahans 8-4; Kristin Hall vs. Tara Thatcher, Monahans 8-1; Lori Yoho
vs. Miranda Frkerty, Andrews 5-8; Angela Stafford vs. Shelly Snow,
Andrews 5-8.

Girls Doubles: Oliver/Kuy Kendall vs. Deveza/Lynch, Monahans 8-3;
Chamberlain/Stafford vs. Minatral/Lightfoot, Andrews 3-8; Hall/Yoho vs.
Snow/Nguyen, Andrews 4-8.

Final Score:
Monahans 7
Andrews 11


Boys: Curtis Gibson vs. Ricky Bintz, Monahans 8-6; Robert Wilbur vs.
Ryan Miller, Monahans 7-6; Curtis Gibson vs. Kent Rogers, Monahans 8-0;
Nickolas Ledingham vs. Tye Fowler, Monahans 8-4; Michael Inman vs. Bryan
Fritz, Andrews 2-8; Michael Inman vs. Wes Burns Andrews 2-8.

Boys Doubles: Wilbur/Ledingham vs. Bintz/Miller, Monahans 9-7;
Gibson/Inman vs. Roger/Burns, Andrews 5-8; Wilbur/Ledingham vs.
Fritz/Fowler, Andrews 8-9.

Girls: Megan Shawn vs. Amanda Long, Monahans 9-7; Melinda Convensky vs.
Shamra Gray, Monahans 9-7; Casey Gatzki vs. Nicole Craig, Andrews 6-8;
Crystal Passmore vs. Cymbre Grissom, Monahans 8-4; Lynsey Stout vs.
Courtney Pool, Monahans 8-4; Achley Neace vs. Amy Gardner Andrews 2-9;
Lynsey Stout vs. Crystal Thompson, Monahans 8-2.

Girls Doubles: Shawn/Covensky vs. Long/Grey, Andrews 2-8;
Gatzki/Passmore vs. Craig/Pool, Andrews 5-8; Stout/Neace vs.
Grissom/Gardner, Monahans 8-6.
Final Score:
Monahans 11
Andrews 8

Molina knocks out El Paso boxer

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ARLINGTON, Mar. 13, 1997 - Chris Molina of Monahans competed in the
Texas State Golden Gloves last week in Arlington.
Molina, a 178 lb. light weight, scored a second round knockout in the
quarter finals against Juan Rios from El Paso to move on to the
Molina lost the bout by decision to Albert Leal who went on to win the
state title.
Molina's next fight will be in Pecos this weekend and then in Odessa on
March 22.

Six-pound bass is winner

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MONAHANS, Mar. 13, 1997 - The 1997 BOD Tournament saw some nasty weather
last month. The lake was on a rise, it was cold, the wind blew and the
fish were not biting. However, 38 people caught 20 fish in two days. The
results of Big Bass Saturday were first place Nicky Weaks - 6 lb..
second place Ronnie Bicknell - 4 lb.. Sunday first place Wallace Langley
3 lb..- second place Raymond Dodd and Steve Steen 1 lb.
The next tournament will be March 15 & 16 at Amsted Lake. The April
tournament will be 12 & 13.
The 1997 standings are:
1. Ronnie Bicknell - 6.14
2. Nicky Weaks - 6.0
3. Kenneth Watts - 4.9
4. Garland Newton - 4.0
5. Doug Watts - 3.8
6. Billy Fine - 3.3
7. Wallace Langley - 3.0
8. Bradly White - 2.9
9. Gary McMillan - 2.0
10. Raymond Dodd - 1.13
Steve Steen - 1.13
11. David Uechi - 1.11
12. Dennis Rasberry - 1.7
Ladies Major
Texas Moon 66.5-25.5
Brantley Trucking Co. 63-29
First State Bank 57-35
G & N Pumping 56.5-35.5
Boren Consulting 54-38
Williams Photography 49-43
Weight of Life Clinic 49-43
Coors Girlz 44-48
Ball Busters 42-50
Curley's Girley's 34-58
Tazz 34-58

Rhonda Johnson - 206
Karen Marshall - 243
Rhonda Johnson - 575
Rhonda Johnson - 659
Curley's Girleys - 1024
Weigh of Life - 2924
Pinup League

Atkins Antiques 63.5-36.5
Hobbie's Etc. 61.5-38.5
Trans State Energy 60-40
Pecos NAPA 54.5-45.5
Williams Photography 48.5-51.5
Ser J Co. 48.5-51.5
K-Bob's 48-52
Bonine Lumber 47-53
Spicialty Printing 45-55
Mary's Deli 44-56
D & C 43.5-56.5
Dimensions USA 36-64

High Team Scratch Series
Trans State Energy - 1413
High Team HPC Series
Trans State Energy - 1809
High Team Scratch Game
Trans State Energy - 570
High Team HPC Game
Trans State Energy - 702
High Individual Scratch Series
Jo Amaine - 508
High Individual HPC Series
Polly McQueen - 650
High Individual Scratch Game
Polly McQueen - 223
High Indiviual HPC Game
Polly McQueen - 271

Milly Gordon 3-6-10-7
Judy Purter 3-6-8-10
Sandra Jarrett 3-10
Liz Gonzales 6

Ladies softball team pounds Eunice

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MONAHANS, Mar. 13, 1997 - The Monahans Softball team made their first
home appearance of the season last Tuesday against Eunice NM. The
Ladies pounded Eunice 11-0 to move the Green's record to 6-4.
The Lady Loboes put the game away in the second inning, sending 15
batters to the plate and racking up nine runs.
Kaycee Huckabee pitched four innings and recorded four strike outs, five
walks while giving up only two hits.
Vikki Lopez came in to pitch the fifth inning to strikeout one batter
and walk two.
Lopez, Mandie Balderaz and Stacy Sotelo each hit triples and Tabetha
Chaney hit a double to help put the game away.
Balderaz batted three runners in and Lopez tallied two.
Sarah Carrell got on base three times and scored twice in the second
This weekend the Ladies will be in the Snyder Tournament in Snyder.
The next home game for the Green will be Tuesday, March 18 against the
Midland High Sophomores at 5 p.m.
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