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Friday, February 21, 1997

CCRC optimistic on Head Start reforms

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Staff Writer

PECOS, February 21, 1997 - Frank Perea has earned his $300 per week
salary in his first four days on the job as interim executive director
for the Community Council of Reeves County, the board agreed in their
regular monthly meeting Thursday in Monahans.

Recognizing his good work in correcting deficiencies in the Head Start
program and keeping harmony among the staff, the board agreed to up his
salary to the same amount former CCRC director Yvonne Martin was making.

Clark said today that is $1,064.42 every two weeks, or $27,674.92 per

Martin's last day on the job was last Friday, but her salary continues
until Feb. 27. She said the council does not have funds to pay two full
salaries at the same time, so the board last week voted to pay Perea
$1,200 per month.

On his first day, Perea put Rosa Mosby back to work as director of the
Pecos Head Start center and filled three vacancies in that center:
janitor/maintenance, co-teacher and bus driver.

"It is going super," said board president Linda Clark. "Everybody is
talking about how great it is down there."

Clark said she is seeking applications for Head Start director, giving
applicants a March 3 deadline.

Perea had retained CPA Phil Sigala of Albuquerque, N.M. to write
accounting procedures, not only for Head Start, but for all council
programs, Clark said.

Sigala charges $50 an hour, but said he can complete the work in three
days, Clark said. "It will be worth it if he can correct that

However, the board approved the contract with Sigala only if he would
wait until the procedures are approved by the Dallas regional office of
Head Start before being paid.

Sigala refused that condition, Clark said, and Perea hired local CPA Dan

Perea said he has taken steps to ensure that criminal background checks
are made on Head Start employees, and that the investigations can be
documented. That is one of the six deficiencies noted by the monitor.

"I think things are shaping up in Head Start," Clark said. "The whole
board is real impressed with the work Frank has done. We are pleased
he's jumping on this and getting as much done has he has in four days."

Turning from deficiencies, the board heard a report from Painter on the
monthly fund balances and from program directors on their work.

"Everything seems to be going well in the other programs," Clark said.

In response to complaints from board members in Monahans and Kermit,
Clark had hoped to re-schedule regular board meetings to rotate between
the three towns. However, she learned that the by-laws will have to be
amended in order to do that. Currently most of the board's meetings are
held in Pecos.

The bylaws also provide that documentation be filed on appointment of
board members. Those from the public sector must be appointed by a
government entity, such as a commissioner's court. Those from the
private sector are appointed by an organization. And those from the
participant sector are elected by their peers.

Clark said in the past participants in commodities distribution were
given a ballot when they came to receive food, and they cast a vote for
the member of their choice. However, since the council no longer
receives commodities from the federal government for distribution, a new
method must be devised, she said.

"We will have to get a meeting place and send letters to everyone and
tell them to come in and vote," she said. "Bill Wendt is in charge of

Speeds higher, deaths lower within county

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Staff Writer

PECOS, February 21, 1997 - Preliminary figures for 1996 motor vehicle
accidents in the Permian Basin/Trans-Pecos area indicate that fatal
accidents increased by 8.6 percent from 1995 to 1996, though for Reeves
County, the accident rate fell by over half despite an increase in speed
limits at the start of last year.

A report Wednesday by the Texas Public Safety Commission showed that
statewide fatalities rose 17 percent from 1995 to 1996. According to The
Associated Press, state auto insurers are blaming the increase in speed
limits which were approved in December of 1995.

Last year's numbers are preliminary and reflect figures for January
through October 1996 only, according to a statistician for the Accident
Records Bureau of the Austin office for the Texas Department of Public

DPS numbers show that Reeves county had a 57.14 percent decrease in the
number of fatalities as compared to 1995's numbers for the same time
period. Fourteen fatalities were recorded in 1995 between January. and
October, while only six occurred during the same 10-month period in

Ward County had no change revealing 3 fatalities in the Janaury-October
periods for both 1995 and 1996.

One other decrease was noted within the area. Martin County (Stanton)
had a 33.33 percent decline, from six fatalities in 1995 to four in 1996.

Andrews County had three more fatalities in 1996 than in 1995 when no
fatalities were recorded.

Crane County also had no fatalities in 1995. That number rose to 2 in

Ector County officials recorded 18 deaths by motor vehicle accident in
1995 and 20 in 1996, while Midland County showed a 22.22 percent
increase, 9 in 1995 and 11 in 1996.

The most significant increase was registered for Pecos County, climbing
from in 1995 to 14 in 1996. All figures are for the first 10 months of
noth years, as given to Greg Larum public information spokesman for the
Texas Department of Transportation District Office in Midland.

Daytime speed limits were increased from 65 to 70 miles per hour in
Texas interstate highways in December, 1995. Speeds were raised from 55
miles per hour to 70 during the day and 65 at night on U.S. and state
highways and farm-to-market roads during the early part of 1996.

Incumbents seek new terms

in city, school, RCH races

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PECOS, February 21, 1997 - Town of Pecos City Council and
Pecos-Barstow-Toyah School board election officials are reporting only
one candidate apiece has officially entered the May 3 election race,
since the filing period opened on Monday.

Dr. Elvia Reynolds is the only candidate to enter the Pecos City
Council race, said City Secretary Geneva Martinez. He's one of three
incumbents whose two-year terms are up this May.

Other councilmen whose terms expire are Randy Graham and Gerald Tellez

In the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD race, two three-year terms will be voted
on this May, and one of the two current incumbents, Steve Armstrong,
submitted his name Tuesday, according to school secretary Jo Allgood.

He is currently serving out the unexpired term of Oscar Saenz.

The second spot up for grabs is the seat now filled by trustee Hugh Box.

In the Reeves County Hospital District election for directors, board
president Jeannette Alligood and Marcella Lovett have filed for
re-election. Their two-year terms are expiring.

Candidates have until March 19 to file for the May 3 election.

Early voting begins April 14 in the Pecos Community Center, 508 S. Oak

Band goes on road trip to improve music skills

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Staff Writer

PECOS, February 21, 1997 - Impact is what a Christian music group hopes
to have on audiences who hear their original compositions.

Eddie Vasquez, 36, is the "grandfather" of the group, "Sudden Impact,"
that includes his brother Mickey Vasquez, 28, their nephew, Issac
Vasquez, 21, and Jason Alvarez, 24.

The band is in Dallas for a two-day Gospel Music Association seminar
that they hope will improve their skills.

"It will cover various topics from professionals in the industry,
including Margaret Becker," said Eddie. "Topics include how to better
run your ministries, plus how to make yourself available. They also
offer song-writing critiques."

Since the seminar offers two tracks with differing topics, the four
planned to split up and attend all of them.

"One is geared more toward performances, and the other toward song
writing," Eddie said.

All four write both lyrics and music, which the group then performs.
Issac is the only one who has formal musical training. He is majoring in
music at the University of Texas at El Paso.

"The rest of us just learn through doing - trial and error," Mickey said.

"We also hope this weekend will improve the skills God has given us,
that this next project will be polished up better," said Alvarez.

Eddie said the group is hoping to go into a studio this year to record a
dozen or more of their original compositions on cassette tape and
compact disk.

They already have two completed projects. The first offers 10 songs on
cassette tape. The second has 14 songs on tape and CD. Billy Woodard and
Mary Apolinar each contributed a song to that project.

"We have several originals for the new one," Eddie said. "We have so
many songs, we may have to cut some. That's never happened before."

Alvarez said he usually hears the music first, then puts the lyrics to a

"With Mickey it is something different," he said.

Eddie said he sometimes gets the words first; sometimes the music.

"Sometimes I sit and try for hours. Sometimes, maybe on the road, it is
Pow! It just comes," he said. "I just wrote one that, lyrically, I had
started years ago. I found some of the lyrics in old papers and
continued from there. It is my first Country song."

Country and Tejano music will be included in the new project, along with
light rock and the contemporary sound the band is known for.

"A lot of people, when they hear about Christian music, they immediately
think of church music," Eddie said. "But ours is like what you hear on
the radio. We have used rock in the past, and now use the alternative
rock style on a song or two."

Some dance tunes will be included, but no rap, as the last project had.

"Then we'll have some kind of ballad, slow stuff. Our styles are
varied," he said.

Most of their sales come at concerts, and cassette tapes are the most
popular. Some Christian bookstores stock the tapes and CDs. Some carry
them on consignment.

"We hope to re-release the first 20 on CD," Eddie said.

Sudden Impact's unique sound has traveled as far as Utah and Phoenix,
Ariz., but most of their gigs are in Texas. They have had tentative
invitations to Dallas-Fort Worth and Florida, but so far no plane

"If we went everywhere people said they wanted us, we would be all
over," Eddie said. "We usually have to take equipment, and it is a
drive. San Antonio flew us in and provided sound equipment," he said.

Their equipment includes a professional sound board like the "big boys"
use; four speakers that pull 1200 watts of power; amplifiers and

Mickey plays keyboards and bass, Eddie guitars. Jason runs sound and
digital machines and plays bass; and Issac plays percussion. All sing.

Now in its 11th year, the band hopes to continue to minister through
music and personal testimony. But they don't expect to make a living at
it any time soon.

All but Issac work at Vasquez Home Furnishings and take time off as
needed to pursue their love of music and Jesus.

Retired Pecos reverend Bailey dies in New Jersey

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PECOS, February 21, 1997 - A former Pecos reverend who was active in the
local community has died, and funeral arrangements are being made for
next week.

Lon Bailey, a former Pecos resident, who was instrumental in getting
the Carver School built and worked on many other projects in an effort
to help people, died in Newark, New Jersey.

His family will be in Pecos on Monday setting up funeral arrangements
and welcoming friends, according to his sister-in-law, Lillie Mae Bailey.

Bailey moved to Pecos in 1945 with his wife, Ira Lee and their family.
He was pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church for 50 years before

Bailey had worked at Old Mill Restaurant for a number of years, before
beginning a landscape business. He also worked on electric crews, was a
Mason, a member of the Ministerial Fellowship of Pecos and the Lovely
Sunset Association, a church oriented group.

Bailey also helped get the new building where the Mt. Zion Baptist
Church is currently located. An older building had been utilized before
the new structure was completed in 1959.

He helped several Pecos students in achieving their dreams of attending
college and was an active supporter of the Pecos Christian Home.

He was preceded in death by a son, Harvell Bailey and two brothers,
Gabe and Henry Bailey.

Survivors include his wife of over 50 years, Ira Lee Bailey of Newark,
N.J.; three sons, Lenard Leon Bailey of N.J., Milford Lee Bailey, Lon
Bailey, Jr. of Oklahoma; two daughters, Odessa Bailey Livingston of
Newark, N.J., Marilyn Yvonne Bailey Rhymer of Austin.


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EDITOR'S NOTE: Information contained in the Police Report is obtained
from reports filed by the Pecos Police Department, Reeves County
Sheriff's Office, Texas Department of Public Safety, or other agencies;
and from interviews with officers of those agencies.

Danny Salcido, 27, 115 N. Alamo St., was arrested after having been
served a warrant by police the evening of Jan. 30 in the 500 block of
East Fourth Street. He was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm.

Ector Hinojos Martinez, 34, 213 W. Seventh St., was served a warrant at
310 S. Oleander St. for outstanding municipal fines. He was issued the
arrest order the evening of Jan. 31.

On Jan. 31 at 2:55 p.m., police served Jose Luis Garcia, 33, 611 S. Pine
St., a warrant for forgery. The warrant was served in the 300 block of
South Pine Street.

On Jan. 31, Ralph Montano reported that a Pioneer stereo and speakers
were taken from his vehicle while parked at 2401 Cactus St., between the
hours of 8 a.m. on Jan 30., and 5:45 p.m. on Jan. 31. The equipment and
damage to the broken window was estimated at $345.

Miguel Carrasco was arrested by police the night of Jan. 31 for having
outstanding DPS warrants - no liability insurance, expired license plate
and failure to appear. He was apprehended in the 1800 block of Alamo
Street. His age and address were not indicated.

A male juvenile was taken into custody for violating his probation
during the early morning hours of Feb. 1 in the 400 block of North Alamo

On Feb. 2, John Natividad was arrested during a warrant service by
police charging him with two grand jury indictments for burglary of a
habitation in the corner of Eighth and Mesquite streets. His age and
address were not given.

Albino Tarango and Raymundo Vega were arrested on Feb. 2 at 12:44 a.m.,
at the Illusions bar in the 600 block of Second Street for disorderly
conduct and resisting arrest. Their ages and address were not available.

Krystal Garcia, 18, and a female juvenile were arrested for theft under
$50 at Wal-Mart, 1901 S. Cedar St., the evening of Feb. 5.

Delma Lee Meadows, whose age and address were not given, was arrested by
police Feb. 5 at the Flying J truck stop for violating her parole as
charged by the City of Austin.

Police served Matt Williamson with a warrant for his arrest on Feb. 5 at
the Pecos Municipal Court. The warrant charged him with violating a
promise to appear and allowing an animal to run at large.

Police arrested Francisco Orona Medrano, 32, 1302 S. Martinez St., in
the 100 block of West "C" Street for public intoxication during the
early morning hours of Feb. 7.

David Fuentez was arrested Feb. 7 at 2:23 a.m., in the 300 block of
Locust Street. He was charged with resisting arrest and public
intoxication. His age and address were not given.

On Feb. 9 at 6:23 p.m., police arrested Esteban Lozoya, Jr., 18, in the
1200 block of West Fourth Street on a warrant for assault causing bodily

Police arrested Epifano Reyes for aggravated assault the morning of Feb.
9. He was taken into custody in the 800 block of West Eighth Street. His
age and address were not indicated.

David Martinez Dominguez, 46, was cited for failing to yield right of
way at a stop intersection to Sergio Legarda, 33, after striking
Legarda's Ford pickup with his 1981 Buick, four-door. The incident
occurred in the intersection of Third and Pine streets on Feb. 10.

Francisco Salcido Menchaca, 24, 115 N. Alamo St., was arrested by police
at the Dollar General Store in the 1900 block of South Eddy Street for
theft over $50 and evading detention. During his apprehension he was
served a warrant for criminal trespass. The incident occurred Feb. 11.

Paul Diaz was arrested by police after he was turned over to them by DPS
for DWI during the early morning hours of Feb. 12, he was also found
responsible for having a defective headlamp and not wearing a seat belt.
Location of the traffic stop and Diaz's age and address were not

Feb. 15, police served Lee Vega Leon with a warrant for possession of
stolen property. He was taken into custody in the 800 block of South Oak
Street about 5 p.m. His age and address were not given.

Chris Rodriguez was arrested by police for assault in the 500 block of
South Peach Street. He was taken into custody the night of Feb. 15. His
age and address were not indicated.


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High Thursday 71, low last night 43. Rainfall, .05 inch. February
rainfall, .90 inch. Year-to-date 1.27 inches. Tonight, fair. Low in the
lower 20s. North wind 5-15 mph. Saturday, mostly sunny. High in the
lower 50s. North wind 5-15 mph, becoming east by afternoon.
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