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Monday, Feburary 17, 1997

DC expansion County OKs start for RCDC

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Staff Writer

PECOS, February 17, 1997 - After much discussion, an architectural
services contract for the expansion of the Reeves County Detention
Center was approved during a special meeting of the Reeves County
Commissioners Court held Friday afternoon.

Several ideas were "tossed around" and the court received informational
recommendations from both former county attorney Bill Weinacht and
county surveyor Frank X. Spencer.

The contract in question was for Dailey, Rabke and Gondeck to provide a
conceptional design and variance, agency review and prepare all
documents for the expansion of the center in the amount of $30,000.

Both Spencer and Weinacht agreed that this was a fair price for the
initial stages of the construction.

County Judge Jimmy B. Galindo suggested that a group be formed which can
meet in a workshop concept to discuss all aspects of the construction
and to follow it closely.

"These architects have done a very good job before and their job
performance speaks for itself," said Weinacht.

Galindo estimated that it would take from 9-10 months for construction.

The project is based on the concept of using day-room space as detention
space which would allow an additional 300 beds at the facility, brining
its capacity to just under 1,000 inmates.

"In addition we will request that travel time to Pecos be limited and
that we own the documents," said Galindo.

In other business, the court agreed to talk to Robert Construction
Company of Pecos about doing the roof repairs for the Reeves County
Sheriff's Office.

The roof has been a constant problem at the sheriff's office and fixing
it is a big priority, according to sheriff Andy Gomez.

"I think the sheriff's concern is that we get it done, whether by
patching it up or re-doing the whole roof," said Galindo.

Re-doing the whole roof would be estimated at about $50,000, which has
not been budgeted.

"I suggest we go ahead and get the repairs done, since it has a
five-year warranty and save up money in the meantime to replace the
whole roof later on," said Precinct 2 Commissioner W.J. Bang.

The contract was for $14,880 and payment will be in one lump sum upon
completion of construction.

"He said it would only take about a week to get it done," said Gomez.

Inspection of roof after it has been repaired will be done by Road and
Bridges Administrator Russ Salcido.

"He will look over the roof before construction and after, to make sure
everything is all right," said Galindo.

A change order for the Reeves County Detention Center Fence project was
approved. Additional fence material was requested by CEO Rudy Franco,
who asked that the second perimeter fence be built all the way to the

An Immigration and Naturalization Service Lease for the use of the
courtroom at the RCDC was approved. The lease called for a one-time lump
sum of $11,000, a reimbursement sum for having the built the courtroom
and a monthly fee of $455 a month.

The courtroom was completed last year and has been in use since then.

A new delinquent tax collection service was appointed at Friday's
meeting. Former collectors for Reeves County, Callum, Lineberger and
Pena got back the contract for tax collection services due to
circumstances involving the firm which replaced them last year.

"The firm we had contracted with (Parmer, Steen and Young) has gone
through some organizational changes and has lost some personnel," said

He suggested that they go with Callum, Lineberger and Pena, which had
previously handled the county's delinquent taxes and is being currently
utilized by other local entities.

"This is a mutual agreement between Reeves County and the firm, Parmer,
Steen and Young," said Galindo. "They have handled Reeves County before
and realize we have a large tax roll."

An request for the extension of an oil and gas lease was tabled until
further information can be obtained.

Ward officials probe stabbing, fatal accident

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Staff Writer

PECOS, February 17, 1997 - Ward County law enforcement officials were
kept busy over the weekend, as a joy ride ended in death Saturday
morning for two Monahans teens, while another man was flown to a Lubbock
hospital early this morning following a stabbing incident just east of

Two other teens were injured in the early morning crash between Monahans
and Kermit on Saturday. Ruben Franco, 17, 705 S. James, Monahans, and
Raymundo Franco, 16, 1800 N. Carol, Monahans, were pronounced dead at
the scene by Ward County Justice of the Peace Ronald Ray at 1:38 a.m.

Both victims were wearing their seat belts when the crash occurred, some
5.8 miles north of Monahans. Next of kin were notified later Saturday

Texas Department of Public Safety was contacted about 12:22 a.m. and
dispatched Monahans Trooper Eric White to the location at FM 1219 and
Texas Highway 18, where the 1993 Dodge sedan, driven by Ruben Franco,
was engulfed in flames.

The driver was reportedly eastbound on FM 1219 when he approached a stop
sign and went through the intersection at a high rate of speed and went
through a fence before being catapulted about 300 feet.

The vehicle then landed at the bottom of a caliche pit, struck a dirt
embankment and burst into flames.

The two survivors, Ramon Olivas, 16, 706 W. Sixth, Monahans, and
Evaristo Yanez, 17, 607 E. "A", Monahans, were not wearing their seat
belts and were ejected out of the car from the back seat.

They are listed in stable condition at the Ward County Memorial Hospital
in Monahans with lacerations to the face and upper body.

The Monahans Fire Department was at the site to aid in distinguishing
the flames and extracting the deceased.

The DPS report indicates that road and weather conditions were dry and
clear and alcohol was a factor in the accident.

As a result of this morning's incident, Heriberto Morales, 21, of Pecos,
is in satisfactory condition at University Medical Center in Lubbock
after being stabbed in the abdominal area early this morning at the
Chapparral Village bar, just across the river from Pecos.

Ward County Deputy Steve Vestal said this morning that officials are
continuing an investigation to identify Morales' assailant. They were
called by Pecos Police, after that were first contacted by someone at
the scene of the attack, about 12:18 a.m. today.

Morales was transported by private vehicle to the local hospital, then
was flown to the Lubbock facility

RC staff, New director holds meeting with CCRC

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Staff Writer

PECOS, February 17, 1997 - Frank Perea began his interim position as
executive director of the Community Council of Reeves County this
morning with a staff meeting to clearly delineate the chain of command.

"We are developing an organizational schedule so everyone can have a
clear understanding of what their roles are, their duties and
responsibilities," Perea said.

Even though he was on the job at one minute to 8, Head Start Center
director Rosa Mosby was ahead of him. She reported to the Pecos center
at 7:30 a.m., the time she was accustomed to opening the gates before
being fired last month.

Perea said he was told that the Head Start policy council re-instated
Mosby, and he telephoned her Sunday night with instructions to return to
work this morning.

Head Start Director Norma Rubio resigned rather than re-instate Mosby.
CCRC executive director Yvonne Martin followed suit, leaving her post

Perea said he found a breakdown in the chain of command - "who
supervises whom," - and that was one of the deficiencies cited in a
recent Head Start monitoring visit.

Head Start policy dictates that the policy council have the last word in
hiring and firing. However, CCRC policy gives the executive director
authority to hire and fire.

Board president Linda Clark said Perea's assignment is to correct the
six deficiencies that threaten to shut down Head Start funding.

Since Martin will be on the payroll through Feb. 27, she said the
council would not have enough money in the budget to pay Perea the same
salary she makes.

The board agreed to pay Perea the minimum, $1,200 per month. However,
Clark said he asked for more, and that will be discussed in Thursday's
board meeting, which is scheduled for Monahans.

Cops handle child driver, suicidal man

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Staff Writer

PECOS, February 17, 1997 - Pecos police were called to deal with a
suicidal man and a nine-year-old driver in seperate Saturday incidents
that sent one person to jail and four others to Reeves County Hospital.

Saturday about 4 a.m. Police Patrolman Armando Garcia found Nicholas
Hernandez, 31, 605 S. Orange St., with a six-inch knife to his throat
and a handgun in his pocket in the corner of Third and Almond streets.

In his report, Garcia's said that Hernandez was asking police to take
him to the hospital or he would shoot himself in the heart. He was found
to be highly intoxicated on aerosol paint.

The police statement indicates that Hernandez was disarmed with injury,
and Garcia drove the man in his unit to Reeves County Hospital, but a
hospital spokesperson said there is no record of his being treated.

Hernandez was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon and abusing
aerosol paint. No other details were released.

In the second incident, at 7:10 p.m. Saturday, police investigated an
accident in the private parking lot at the Allsup's convenience store,
708 S. Cedar St.

Patrolman Cosme Ortega stated in his report that Robert Lee Salgado, 9,
was at the wheel of a standard trasmission Geo Prizm when he attempted
to back up and, "popped" the clutch.

He then lost control of the car when it accelerated and struck a parking
guard on the southside of the lot.

Four occupants were treated at Reeves County Hospital and released
including Salgado and his father, 31-year-old Amador Salgado, who was
seated in the front passenger's side.

Others taken to Reeves County Hospital were: Isaiah S. Ornelas, 5, whose
last name was listed as Valles in Hospital records and was sitted in the
middle, rear seat, and Jesse Rodriguez, 12, who was the right, rear

Guadalupe Salgado, 4, was seated in the left rear seat and was not

No citations were issued.


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The Fort Stockton Pioneer

FORT STOCKTON, Feb. 13, 1997 - Town Hall meetings over the next week
will let citizens see underneath Pecos County Memorial Hospital, where
damage has caused growing alarm among hospital administrators and
building professionals. Commissioners must soon pick a site for a new
hospital and consider a bond election to pay for it. In the interim,
engineers are working to shore up the crumbling foundation.

Jeff Davis County Mountain Dispatch

FORT DAVIS, Feb.13, 1997 - Residents at the Davis Mountains Resort are
hoping they can convince the U.S. Postal Service that new mail boxes for
the DMR on Hwy. 166 are an unwanted expense. Just days before Christmas
postal service was suspended because of concerns over the ongoing Rick
McLaren and Republic of Texas bouts with state and federal law
enforcement. McLaren has vowed not to be taken alive by U.S. Marshals,
who have a civil warrant for his arrest. Mail service resumed recently
after new mail boxes were constructed on Hwy. 166, some four miles from
the entrance of the DMR and as far as eight or nine miles from some
residents who live in the resort.

The Big Bend Sentinel

PRESIDIO, Feb. 13, 1997 - A 16-year-old Presidio boy suspected in a rash
of recent burglaries made a daring escape from authorities Monday
evening and now is considered armed and dangerous. The boy jumped out of
a vehicle driven by Community Supervision Officer Kelly Baker of Marfa
five miles north of Shafter. He had apparently freed himself from
handcuffs, took off his belt and wrapped it around Baker's throat. Baker
was not seriously injured. He was enroute to Pecos to place the boy in a
juvenile detention center when he escaped.

The Alpine Avalanche

ALPINE, Feb. 13, 1997 - Paracelsus Health Care Systems' board of
directors this week chose to table the Alpine project. Big Bend Regional
Medical Center administrator Tom Lawson said they told him the project
is too risky to stand on its own. "The hospital project was linked with
Paracelsus' letter of intent to purchase 60 percent of Primary Medical
Clinic, and this transaction was approved with several contingencies,"
he said. Paracelsus will take 60 days to work out all the contingencies.

The International, Presidio Paper

PRESIDIO, Feb. 13, 1997 - Herb Myers asked the Presidio City Council
Tuesday to give property owners tax relief in the form of a 10 percent
reduction. He submitted a petition bearing some 150 names and said he
plans to bring this same request before the county.

The Sul Ross Skyline

ALPINE, Feb, 13, 1997 - Sul Ross vet tech students can now clean their
pets' teeth, thanks to new equipment. Actually, the equipment is for
animal patients worked on through the program. Dr. Ernest Reesing,
professor of range animal science, said students need to be familiar
with it because it is the kind of equipment they'll encounter when they
go into practice.

The Crane News

CRANE, Feb. 13, 1997 - A complex employment dilemma involving two former
sheriff's deputies has embroiled the commissioners' court, county
attorney and the sheriff's department in a tangled web of federal and
state laws and the county policy manual. At issue is the employment and
payment of benefits for Bill Boyd and Janie Butler. Both worked for
former Sheriff Tommy Jones, whose term in office ended Dec. 31, 1996.
After the general election in November, Boyd and Butler began sick leave
for undisclosed reasons. Both remained on sick leave when Sheriff Danny
Simmons took office on Jan. 1. Neither applied for employment with him,
and Simmons said their employment ended on Dec. 31. But since they filed
for medical leave under the federal Family Medical Leave Act, the
question was raised whether they are still county employees and should
be paid for accrued benefits. After a long argument in which County
Attorney Gene Clack recommended the two deputies be kept on staff to
avoid a lawsuit, the court voted 3-2 to grant Butler unpaid medical
leave, effective Jan. 1, for 12 weeks and to pay medical health
insurance premiums for both while they are on medical leave.

The Monahans News

MONAHANS, Feb. 13, 1997 - Ward County Commissioners voted 3-2 Monday to
loan Memorial Hospital $450,000 to purchase and install a computer
system. The hospital will pay back the loan over a five-year period at
5.4 percent interest. The court also approved transfer of $110,000 from
the hospital's equipment fund to pay for emergency repairs to the
conditioning system. Jesse Saucedo, chief financial officer at WMH, has
resigned to seek employment in the private sector.


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Antonio Barrera III

A rosary will be said for Antonio Barrera III, 9, tonight at 7:30 p.m.
at the Martinez Funeral Home Chapel.

Funeral services are scheduled for 10 a.m., Tuesday, at Santa Rosa
Catholic Church. A burial will follow at the Greenwood Cemetery.

The Pecos Elementary student died Feb. 14 at the University Medical
Center Hospital in Lubbock. He was a lifelong resident of Pecos.

Survivors include: mother, Judy Corralez of Pecos; father, Raul Barrera,
Sr. of Pecos; step-father, Alvaro Perales of Pecos; three brothers, Raul
Barrera, Jr., Patricio Barrera and half-brother Jacob Barrera, all of
Pecos; maternal grandparents Rafael and Natividad Corralez and paternal
grandparents, Antonio Barrera of El Paso and Aurora Barrera of Pecos.


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