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FEBRUARY 13, 1997

Letter from the Editor

By Steve Patterson
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Henry Cutbirth, former candidate for county commissioner and a current
member of the hospital board, has told me that he does not plan to seek
reappointment to the board when his term expires in a couple of months.

In one way, it's too bad Ward County will lose a board member with about
seven years experience, but in another it is perfectly understanable.
Hospital board members sever as unpaid volunteers appointed by the
county commissioners. They spend long hours poring over complex
information that may concern high-tech medical equipment, obscure
accounting terms or sensitive personnel issues.

Henry and I laughed that in order to truly be qualified to serve on the
board, someone would almost need a degree for Rice University.

Anyway, these board members serve their community with the best
intentions, all the while knowing that iat any time they cna find
themselves in the middle of a controversy, or possible even a lawsuit.

Henry and I are in agreement that the current problems at our local
hospital are not unique to Monahans. Many rural hospitals throughout
West Texas are having major problems. But Henry took it a step further
by pointing our that public health care is in a real mess throughout the
U.S. Ward County, like our nation, needs some level heads to make some
tough decisions about health care.

If you, or someone you know, may be qualified band interested in serving
your community in a thankless, unpaid but very important position,
please contact County Judge Sam Massey and ask him to put your name on
the list... something tells me it'll be a short-list.
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