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Letter from the Editor

By Steve Patterson

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I went to Dallas for a convention last weekend and was forced to share a
room with Mac McKinnon, publisher of the Pecos Enterprise. those of you
who know Mac know how loud he can be during daylight hours, but I'm here
to tell you, you haven't heard loud until you've heard the man snore.
I came back one night to our fourth-floor room and found the halls
crowded with panicked guests screaming "Earthquake!", but it was only
Mac sawing logs faster than an East Texas lumber baron.
Mac told us during dinner that he served in the Far East during his
military career, but said little else of the experience. I suspect that
in the bowels of the Pentagon there are some secret files stashed away
about the effects of loud snoring on enemy troops; Code Name/Big Mac
I figure that if the town of Marfa can put itself on the map with those
eerie, glowing natural phenomena, then Pecos should be able to cash-in
as being home the "The incredible Snoring Man". If they could only
harness the energy given off by Mac's nocturnal eruption, they would
have a relatively clean source of cheap energy.
The good people of Reeves County have not read anything the Pecos
Enterprise about the snoring because Mac, as publisher, has been able to
keep it quiet - if such a thing is possible.
Remember, you read it here first.

Letters to the Editor

To Superintendent Mike Fletcher:

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I'm curious. Why doesn't the Monahans Wickett Pyote Independent School
District observe the Martin Luther King holiday or Black History month?
It's a state holiday (King's birthday). Banks are closed, the post
office is closed, yet the MWPISD opts to forfeit the observance of this
holiday. Why?
There have been several occasions when my daughter in 2nd grade have
spent 2½ hours in school (the complete school day), just so district
members could attend out of city games. Now, don't get me wrong. I have
nothing against football or basketball games. But, I can't help but
wonder about the messages we are out sending our children, when ball
games take precedence over observance of a holiday that means so much to
the Black community. In fact, considering what Dr. King stood for,
nonviolence and equality for all, to name a few, I would think that
observance of this holiday would be a priority for a community that
prides itself on Christian virtues and morals!
I respectfully request that the MWPISD would make it a priority to at
least make an "Honorable Mention" of Black History month. We've lived
here for 2½ years, and my son in 8th grade says that Black History month
goes by every year without even a mention of its existence! Why? there
are literally hundreds of examples of Black citizens that have
contributed to this great country. Black citizens whom would serve as
positive role models for the Black youth of our community. Persons who
have used their brains instead of just their muscles on the playing
Isn't this what a school district's goal is, to begin with? To educate
ALL the children? I would hate to think that the need of a segment of
our population are being ignored, not to mention a wealth of information
that could benefit the education of ALL our children, simply because God
has blessed them with a "terrific tan"!
Alberta R. Sigh
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