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Jan. 22, 1997

By Rosie Flores

Everyone benefits from recreation plan

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Individuals trying to get a YMCA into Pecos were disappointed when the
idea didn't pan out. They had alternate plans that will require the
cooperation of three entities in order to get it off the ground.

It seems like getting new ideas incorporated into Pecos is a very hard
thing to do. The key word is cooperation, something a lot of people
claim they don't have the time for.

The YMCA is only one of the many ideas floating around in an effort to
boost Pecos, make individuals want to stay and raise their children
here, instead of leaving for greener pastures.

We hear a lot of complaints about Pecos, how boring it is, the lack of
places to shop, the lack of things to do, but yet we never hear from
these same individuals doing the complaining their ideas about how to
make it a better place for all of us.

There are things to do, if we only look for them. As for places to
shop, we have several smaller shops that will be happy to accomodate
anyone. As for it being boring, what's better than spending an afternoon
with friends and family?

Getting involved in the many efforts the clubs and organizations in
Pecos are trying to bring in, is the key to finding out what Pecos is
all about. It's understandable that many of us are so busy just working
and raising our children, but a lot of these ideas are aimed at trying
to bring entertainment and beneficial ideas to our children.

The gym for example, would not only benefit adults, but youngsters
trying to better themselves through exercise.

A recreation center would also provide the same type of exercise and
regimen that a YMCA would, and could become a reality through the
cooperation of the city, county and schools.

And even if there's individuals out there who don't have children, this
type of facility could benefit them by helping them keep fit and trim.

Pecos can be a better community through cooperation and togethernes~s!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rosie Flores is an Enterprise writer and editor of
Lifestyles and Golden Years. Her column appears each Wednesday.


Student seeks facts about state of Texas

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Dear Editor:
I am in the fifth grade at Northeast Elementary in Kerney, Neb. I have
adopted your state as a class project. I will be doing a report and
other projects. Then in April or May my class is having a "States Fair."
I will display and report everything I have learned about your state.

I am writing in hopes of getting some postcards, maps, brochures and
any other information that will help me report about your state. It
would be helpful to me if you could print this letter in your newspaper.

I am hoping some of your readers could drop me a postcard from your
state. I hope to get many different postcards to display during our
"States Fair." I also hope some will take time to write a short note on
the postcards telling me something interesting or special about your
great state. Any maps, crochures or other information would also be

I have always wanted to visit your state, so I chose it for my state to
study this school year. I hope your readers can help with my project. I
will write the newspaper again in May if you would like and let you know
how everything went. Thanks for your help.

Dusty Johnson
Mr. Haas' Class
910 E. 34th St.
Kearney NE 68847


Calling all Eagles for Scouting social

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Dear Editor:
The Big Bend District of Boy Scouts of America are searching for all
Eagle Scouts. There are no "former" Eagle Scouts. Once an Eagle, always
an Eagle.

As an adult, we have a great opportunity to help boys discover their
potential. The young men and boys of the Big Bend District are often
surprised to find men they have looked up to and admired are Eagle
Scouts. They are even more surprised to find out the variety of men that
were in scouting.

This is your opportunity to show our young men they are involved in
something they can be proud of all of their life. If you or someone you
know is an Eagle Scout, please contact me at 837-1464.

So that we can issue you a formal invitation to our district Sunday
social, where our boys can meet you. The Big Bend District social will
be held on Sunday. Feb. 9.
Robert Culpepper
Big Bend District
Boy Scouts of America
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