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Jan. 20, 1997

By Mari Maldonado

Beauty queen murder evokes many


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For anyone who has watched even a minuscule part of the news stories
regarding the JonBonet Ramsey murder, it is evident that the incident
has - to say the least - sparked controversy regarding mutiple issues.

Baby beauty pageants, the media's role into murder cases, how far
should a tabloid go, the amount of police attention given to
investigative procedures involving a wealthy family, etc., etc.

Last week an interesting phenomenon occured. I actually sat through
most of a talk show about all these controversies.

Portions of the series were dedicated to interviewing people off the
street on the notion of why they were so interested in this story, while
parents of other slain children sat on the "Leeza" stage with the
argument that their children's cases were not given nearly the attention
that the little Ramsey girl's case is being given.

One Afro-American female, whose son has been missing without a trace
for two years, compared the Ramsey case with O.J. Simpson's in the fact
that both the former football star and the Ramsey family are wealthy.

For some reason or another I, too, have become ensnared by all the
stories and, for what's it worth, made my own deductions about the case,
in its entirety.

In spite of the Boulder police's attempt to keep the facts of the case
as concealed as humanly possible, upon hearing most of the accounts
about JonBonet's murder, including a former FBI profiler's input, one
can only conclude that someone close to her sexually molested and killed

It's a sad, sad story, especially for the parents, but I think despite
their sympathy, a lot of people hold the parents responsible.

One: Although baby beauty pageants popularly continue, most people feel
that they're not a healthy childhood experience. The parents, of course,
are blamed for their child's exposure to them. And probably a lot of
them feel that her participation in these such pageants may have
something to do with why she was targeted and murdered.

Two: The family's wealth and suspicious behavior - mother and father
hiring separate lawyers - leaves a lot of people thinking that wealthy
people can and will get away with murder.

Take O.J. for instance. I'm not saying he's guilty, but if he's not,
who is?

Then there's the attention given to them by the authorities, police,
FBI or whoever else, who some have been documented as stating 30 of
their officers were working on the case - far more than the regular
citizen would be provided with under the same circumstances. This only
creates more indigination, with the blame directed towards the family.

Hardly constructive, these are merely my conclusions.

It would take a case as profound as this one to make me watch a whole
talk show, but nonetheless, I do hope it is solved and the child be left
to rest, peacefully.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mari Maldonado is an Enterprise reporter whose column
appears each Monday.


Soldier in Bosnia likes online Enterprise

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Dear Editor:

Hi. During my whole military career I've been trying to keep up on
what's going on back home for seven-plus years. I am in the United
States Army.

My name is David L. Orozco, and I was born in Pecos. I went to high
school in Balmorhea and lived in a small ranch called the Alamo Ranch,
about 15 miles southwest of Pecos. My parents now live in Pecos after
all the kids grew up, that is eight total.

What made me send this e-mail was that person who wrote to you from
Austin. Well guess what, you got me from a couple of thousands of miles
reading the Pecos Enterprise here in Bosnia Yugoslavia. All due to the
high-speed world we live in now due to computers. Which happens to be my
job in the Army. My job title is "Telecommunication Terminal Device
Repair/ TacFire." I program and fix almost every computer the Army's
got, very big field.

Well to make things short; I would like to thank the Pecos Enterprise
for putting their services through the Internet for people like me to
keep in touch on what's going on back home. Thank You.

David L Orozco

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