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Jan. 16, 1997


Nixon ghost in White House

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The ghost of Richard Nixon has come back to Washington and lives in the
White House and in Congress. The generation of political leaders who
were 20 years old in the Seventies, the same young Americans who watched
angrily the great American Republic bring shame upon itself, have become
in January 1997 more similar to their fathers than to the idealistic and
generous boys they once were.

In the next few weeks, the two highest political offices of the country
- the President of the United States Bill Clinton and the Speaker of the
House Newt Gingrich - will be formally nominated.

And, for the first time in United States history, on the highest chairs
of executive and legislative power will sit two men haunted by handcuffs
and by the shadow of criminal justice. Two men who are not clean. Two

The thread linking Nixon to his ``sons'' of today is the same one that
runs like a fuse through all industrial democracies, from Japan to the
United States. This thread is the unsolved and increasingly acute
tragedy of the financing of politics. It is the diabolic election
machine that, in the era of spectacle politics, crushes ideological
differences, devours money and forces even the best idealists and the
most honest men to bend to the sordid and relentless need to finance
--La Repubblica, Rome


Shared sovereignty no option

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President Carlos Menem has suggested Argentina and Britain could share
sovereignty of the disputed Falkland/Malvinas islands. But Britain has
scorned the idea.

The error of much of this debate stems from the idea that Britain and/or
the islanders ``must'' at some stage negotiate with Argentina. However
appealing, that is unlikely to take place now, or for that matter after
a general election in Britain, even if the Labor Party wins.

Even if shared sovereignty is one option in the myriad of alternatives
available, now is not the time when such matters can be debated

Neither Britain nor the islanders are willing to discuss sovereignty -
nor is Argentina willing to drop its claim. It is absurd to believe that
this dispute is on the verge of being resolved one way or the other. The
dispute remains now as unsolved as it ever was.
--Buenos Aires (Argentina) Herald
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