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Nov. 2, 1995

'Home work' is carnival for second grader

Staff Writer
Pecos, Nov. 02, 1995 -A student at Austin Elementary School
displayed his artistic talent and took it to school to share
with his classmates this morning.

Justin Natividad, an 8-year-old, second grader who was
chosen as Austin Elementary's Star Student of the Week, has
a special knack for making different carnival rides and
items out of Kleenex and Leggo's.

"He's just really very artistic and talented," said
Austin Elementary Teacher Debbie Garcia "I just think it
takes a lot of talent and patience to work on these."

"He went to the carnival, but not to get on any of the
rides, but just to observe them and see what they really
look like, then he home and made them out of his game pies
said Garcia.

His numerous attractions range from Ferris Wheel to a
sports car.

"I also did a roller coaster which took about a week
and a whole night to finish," said Natividad. "I stayed up
all night to make the roller coaster, but I enjoyed do ing

Some of the other items on display in the classroom
included a "Baskets Ride," and fort and carnival swings.

"The Ferris Wheel has a lever which can be pushed to
make it work, and the baskets ride and swings work also,"
said Garcia. "I couldn't believe it when he showed it to us,
that it even works."

"My real dad works at Fiest, Texas (the San Antonio
them' park) painting shirts, so I guess I got some of the
talent from him, said Natividad.

He enjoys playing with his friends, drawing and playing
will his baby brother, James Donovan His favorite book is
the Jungle Book.

He has a collection of Leggo's and Kinex's sets and enjoys
making small wooden crafts also. "I got a real power tool
set for Christmas and I enjoy making things with it," he

"He's very creative and is also good in math, I tell
him he may become a famous engineer someday," said Garcia.

Natividad is currently living in Pecos with his
grandparents Nicholas and Margarita Natividad while his
mother, Erlinda Natividad, gets established at her job in
Orlando, Fla.

"Some of the things I do take from a day to three days,
but most of them I can do them in a day," said Natividad.

About sharing his talent with others, Natividad doesn't
know if they can learn it from him. "It's just something
that I can do, but I don't know if someone else could."

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