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Friday, January 6, 1995

Victim of I-20 crash tentatively identified

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By Jack King
Staff Writer

PECOS, Jan. 6, 1995 - One of the victims of an accident that killed four
people on Interstate 20 around noon Wednesday has been tentatively
identified as Stanslav Yampolsky, a student at the University of
California, Los Angeles, who was on his way home to Atlanta, Ga.

Yampolsy's mother, Ella Yampolsky, of 300 W. Peachtree St. N.W. in
Atlanta, was in Pecos today, buying flowers to put on the spot where the
accident occurred, at mile marker 11 on I-20, 11 miles west of Toyah.

She said her son had left Los Angeles a few days before the accident
with a group of friends. The group had planned to drive from Los Angeles
to New Orleans, then from new Orleans to Atlanta.

Neither Yampolsky nor any of three other victims have been officially
identified as of early this afternoon by Department of PUblic Safety
officials. However, Ella Yampolsky said she was notified Wednesday night
by an officer in Atlanta that an accident had occurred.

"An officer came to my apartment at 7 p.m. and gave me (DPS Trooper)
Richard Jacobs' number, Jacobs told me a piece of paper with Stan's name
on it had been found in the wreck. He told me that no positive
identification had been made yet, but asked me to obtain dental
records," she said.

She said she was in Pecos to provide the dental records and to collect
her sons remains, if he is identified as one of the crash victims.

If he was a victim, Yampolsky said she plans to have Stanislav's remains
cremated and to return with them to Tallinn, Estonia, to bury them
there, where she has a number of relatives.

She and her son came to the United States Feb. 4, 1980. After
travelling, they settled in Atlanta, where Stanislav attended Wheeler
High School.

"He was a very good student, active in sports, and strong in languages.
At U.C.L.A., he was an international Business/Accounting major," she

A family friend, Bogusia Malinowska, who accompanied Mrs. Yampolsky to
Pecos, added that Stanislav was very popular while in high school.

"This was a very loving person. Over Christmas, he called me to wish me
`Merry Christmas,' then told me that he had left my Christmas present
under my bed. It was a gold UCLA watch," Yampolsky said.

"Stanislav was born in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1975. Now, he has died not
one hundred miles from Odessa, Texas," she said.

Mrs. Yampolsky said the car involved in the accident, a green Acura
Legend had been involved in one accident before.

"Before he left L.A., he called me and said it had electrical problems
and was pulling to the left. I told him to be sure to have me brakes
fixed before he left," she said.

The car carrying Yampolsky and the three other passengers reportedly
spun out of control while eastbound on I-20, crossing the center median
and into the path of a Freightliner truck-trailer, which struck the
vehicle broadside. All four passengers were pronounced dead at the scene
by Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace J.T. Marsh of Toyah.

County to discuss PIF funding withdrawal

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By Jack King
Staff Writer

PECOS, Jan. 6, 1995 - Reeves County Commissioners will discuss/take
action on notice of withdrawal on notice of withdrawal of the county's
revolving loan funds and administration from the Pecos Industrial
Foundation, during the commissioners' regularly-scheduled meeting Monday

Dick Alligood, chairman of the Industrial Foundation, said, "The
commissioners can't abolish the Industrial Foundation. It wasn't created
by them and exists under its own charter.

"But the money to administer the Industrial Foundation comes from
interest on the Revolving Fund, and the money that has been loaned to
businesses on the approval of the Industrial Foundation comes from
another fund of the revolving Fund. They could be contemplating taking
that away," he added.

The Industrial Foundation began audits of its three on-going clients,
Pecos Valley Farms, Ben's Spanish Inn and a restaurant to be built by
Ismael Dutchover, several weeks ago.

Alligood said only one of the audits, Ben's Spanish Inn, is near
completion. That enterprise looks good, he said.

Betty Greear, owner of Ben's Spanish Inn, said today she is very
optimistic about the chances of completing an agreement with Wal-Mart to
distribute Ben's Spanish Inn's frozen chile rellenos at many of its

"Wal-Mart doesn't give contracts. They tell what conditions you have to
meet and you try to meet them. Then they decide whether or not they will
agree to distribute your product and offer you a price," Greear said.

"We went to Atlanta and they were very enthusiastic about our product.
We have met their conditions and I feel strongly we will have something
to announce next week," she added.

Along with the commissioners court's PIF discussion, and such regular
business items as budget amendments, approving bills, personnel/salary
changes and department reports, there will be a discussion of Reeves
County's financial situation, which is the last of 19 items on Monday's

The court is also scheduled to award bids for automobile and general
liability and auto damage coverage and will discuss/take action on LEC
outdoor restrooms.

It will confirm new County Judge Jimmy Galindo as a member of the
Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission, and also confirm him as
contact/contract person with the Bureau of Prisons and select grievance
committee members for 1995.

It will approve official bonds and deputations, approve a reserve
deputy, discuss/take action on LEC Hospital Duty Correctional Officer
compensation, discuss/take action to advertise for a permanent Roads and
Bridges Administrator, discuss/take action on the reclassification of an
LEC part-time security position and part-time administrative position.

It will approve a change order for phase two of the sanitary sewer
improvements at Green Acres (Lindsay Addition).

The meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m. in the third floor courtroom at the
Reeves County Courthouse.
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