Jan. 4, 1995

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Galindo seeks state funds for county roads

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By Jack King
Staff Writer

PECOS, Jan. 4, 1995 - Reeves county Judge Jimmy Galindo said Tuesday that his office will talk
with the Texas Highway Department about declaring some county roads
Farm-to-Market Roads, as part of a campaign to save the county money and
improve services.

Galindo, who was sworn into office on Monday, said the county's Roads
and Bridges department is projected to end 1994 with a positive balance
of about $160,000. Former County Judge Mike Harrison said in a December
Commissioner's Court meeting, however, that part and Bridges Department
didn't spend allocated funds to seal coat some county roads.

Spending money in 1995 to seal coat county roads will steeply reduce the
department's positive balance, Harrison said.

"Roads in Balmorhea were seal coated this year and we will be looking to
seal coat other roads in the county, especially those where commerce is
vital, such as to feed lots and dairies," Galindo said.

In addition, he said his office is looking at the prospective
designation change.

"Every year the state asks us if we have any roads we'd like to see
changed to state (Farm-to-Market) roads. Russ (Salcido, county road
supervisor) and I have talked and I have talked and he has come up with
a map of roads we'd like to have designated state Farm to Market roads,"
he said.

"They're primarily in the Balmorhea, Verhalen, Saragosa areas -
agricultural areas," he added.

One possibility would be the stretch of dirt road where Farm to Market
Road 2007 would intersect with State Highway 17, near Balmorhea, he
said. That road currently runs west from U.S. 285, about 15 miles south
of Pecos, to a site about seven miles east of Highway 17.

Another possibility redesignation is the stretch of road from Saragosa
to the Kesey Feeders feedlot, Galindo said.

"When the state takes over the road, they take over the maintenance.
This would save the county money and, also, improve service to some
agricultural areas," he said.

"I think we'll know in about a year whether they've agreed to take over
these roads," he added.
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