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Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Smokey Briggs


By Smokey Briggs

Chicken Little presents,

"The sky is warming."

Well the United States stands alone as the rest of the world embraces the Kyoto Protocol _ a treaty touted as the first binding treaty meant to combat global warming.

And I am proud to be an American today.

If you actually read some of this treaty, you will be too.

I am pretty sure that the first draft was written when someone secretly added gin to the punch at a suburban California yuppie/pseudo-hippie's bridge party and the air conditioning went out.

Besides the fact that the treaty generally abolishes all individual rights in favor of global regulations there is one other small problem _ the entire idea of global warming.

Global warming suits many people's agendas but doesn't have much science to back it up.

So far, the only science involved is an average worldwide temperature that has climbed a few degrees in the past 100 years or so.

Everything else is conjecture based on this one "fact." Chicken Little had similar scientific evidence as basis for telling the king the sky was falling. Foxy Loxy put an end to that foolishness, although Turkey Lurkey, Goosey Loosey, and Cocky Locky all paid dearly for their combined stupidity

If you have never had children and do not know who Chicken Little is, it is sufficient to say that she was a very stupid hen who decided the sky was falling after an acorn hit her on the head. Foxy Loxy managed to turn Chicken Little and company's collective stupidity into his gain (and a full stomach).

Anyone with a small knowledge of statistics will tell you that the average temperature data we have is far too little to be a valid starting point for scientific research. We have been collecting temperature data for about 100 years. The earth has been warming and cooling for a few years longer than that.

We do know that the average temperature of the earth changes over long periods of time in natural cycles. Sometimes it gets warmer and sometimes it gets colder.

Most of us have heard of the Ice Age and most are glad some global warming took place thereafter.

We also are pretty sure that it was a global cooling spell around 700 A.D. that made more and more of Scandinavia uninhabitable and urged small hordes of Norsemen across the North Sea in search of new ways to make a living and new places to live.

The early Englishmen who fell victim to these raiding Vikings undoubtedly blamed their plight on global cooling caused by too few fires burning peat to create the necessary greenhouse gases needed to hold in the heat.

The Magna Fireo Charta was then drafted and ratified dictating that more wood be burned so that global cooling could be reversed and the pesky Vikings would go back to warmer homes.

I guess it worked and now we are feeling the final effects _ more heat, and fewer Vikings.

Today the Chicken Little's of the world have seized upon a few degrees upswing and decided the sky is falling. The Kyoto Protocol is the result of their combined pecking.

My question is, "Where is Foxy Loxy?" I suspect he is one of the Kyoto Protocol's biggest supporters.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Smokey Briggs is the editor and publisher of the Pecos Enterprise whose column appears on Tuesdays. He can be e-mailed at:

Our View

Amnesty is wrong answer for illegal immigrants

Another amnesty for illegal immigrants is the wrong answer to any immigration woes between the United States and Mexico.

A lot of different folks have a horse in the immigration race and it is making for some interesting bedfellows. President Bush is courting the Hispanic vote and sees an amnesty program as worth more than a few points with the Hispanic community.

The Democrats see hordes of newly minted democrat-minded voters.

The Republicans see the same thing and do not like it. Yet they do acknowledge the role of illegal labor in the economy and understand the significance.

Added together it looks like another amnesty program for existing illegal aliens is on the horizon.

Such a program is wrong. Another amnesty for existing illegal aliens rewards an illegal act and such rewards invite more of the same behavior.

It is also terribly unfair to all of the people who have legally immigrated to America, folks who jumped through the hoops and did what it took to come here legally.

The justification for such a program, aside from who might vote for whom, is that America needs the labor force provided by illegal immigrants, primarily Mexicans.

Maybe so. But justification does not make something right. Lots of people need money. Robbing banks is still illegal.

A common sense solution would be to start a work program that facilitates workers coming to America legally for a period of time. That would bypass the necessary red tape of immigration, allow people to go where the jobs are, and maintain a viable workforce.

It would also cut out the political posturing for votes that is going on between the Democrats and Republicans.

The saddest part of this problem is that any justification is possible _ that without illegal immigrants, many low-paying, manual labor jobs would be left undone despite plenty of people left on the unemployment and welfare rolls.

That is a sad commentary on the welfare state we have created in America _ a welfare state where citizens can and will draw government checks rather than work.

Your View

Guests should be recognized at events

Dear Editor:
Well, another year of festivities during the 4th of July has come and gone. As far as I was concerned, most of the activities went well. But, I was really disappointed in the Golden Girl Revue this year. I realize my opinion is only one opinion, and it's from the mother of a former Golden Girl. I do understand that the most important issue, is the nominees and that it is "their special day." However, I do not think that everything else should be overlooked.

An invitation is extended each year to the former Golden Girls to come and be recognized as an "Oldie Goldie." I believe that if a person takes the time to send back the invitation stating she will attend, take off of work and drive over 200 miles, then she should at least be recognized. I understand that their were six former Golden Girls in the audience, but were told not enough showed up to recognize them. Even if only one shows up, she should be recognized, as she took the time to come.

Also, at the brunch, only one hostess even acknowledged that a new person was in their midst, along with one current nominee, not to mention, there weren't any introductions or comments on behalf of the former Golden Girls. If it had not been that a friend of ours was in the revue, the day would have been just a total waste. This was the first time, and believe it will be the last time, that she was able to attend the brunch and the revue.

I hope that in the future, the chairperson takes into consideration some of the above mentioned items, so another tradition will not die.


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