Reeves County Emergency Management Agency
Who to Contact
Ricky Herrera, emergency management coordinator, 432-445-5418
Reeves County Judge Sam Contreras
Pecos Mayor Dick Alligood
Balmorhea Mayor
Toyah Mayor Bart Sanchez

Law enforcement, ambulance volunteers, fire departments, utility companies and others have their assigned duties.

What to Do
Citizens can prepare for disasters by learning what to expect in stormy weather, during a fire involving hazardous materials, a chemical spill or other emergency.

Emergency Management Coordinator Ricky Herrera urges everyone to learn how to spot dangerous clouds, where to get National Weather Service warnings, and what to do when a storm approaches.

Where to Find Information
When disaster strikes, watch this site for updates

See: Tornadochemical spill, fire, map of hazardous materials, chain of command, National Weather Service Radar, State Emergency Management

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