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Thursday, December 12, 1996

Council begins search for city manager

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Staff Writer
PECOS, December 12, 1996 - Pecos City Council this morning accepted the
resignation of City Manager Harry Nagel and agreed to advertise for a
replacement, with applications due by Jan 31, 1997.

Nagel is retiring after five years as city manager. His resignation is
effective Dec. 31, but the council agreed to contract with him to serve
as consultant "as needed" at $3,000 per month, giving them time to
select and interview applicants.

City Attorney Scott Johnson recommended the council use the same
criteria for applicants that was used when Nagel was hired.

Also to be advertised is a request for bids on landfill and collection
equipment for solid waste.

Wes Tex Waste Services has made an offer for the collection equipment,
and manager Jackie Reid said they would like to purchase trucks and
dumpsters by Jan. 1, when their five-year contract begins.

Councilman Randy Graham said they could lease the equipment until the
sale bid is awarded. He was to meet with Reid and Johnson immediately
after the council meeting to work out dumping fees and ordinances that
need to be changed to conform to the contract.

Questions arose in the last council meeting about the charge for dumping
roofing and other construction materials that cannot be placed in a
dumpster - designated Type IV waste.

WTW is placing such waste in the city's Type I landfill at the present,
but will haul it to the Charter Waste landfill near Penwell once the
transfer station is in operation.

City sanitarian Armando Gil said the landfill south of Pecos will be
full in about four months. Then the city will need to spend about
$550,000 to close it.

The council agreed to apply for permits to mothball the Type I landfill
and to dig a new Type IV trench if needed.

In other action today, based on an audit showing the cost to pump and
transport water, the council voted to raise the rate charged Barstow
citizens from $1.35 per thousand gallons to $1.52.

Barstow citizens were notified of the planned increase, said City
Secretary Geneva Martinez. None were present.

Toyah Mayor Charlotte Waight, who had asked for the Pecos animal control
officer to help them out, was not present, either. The council noted
that the contract with Barstow is to provide a temporary, part-time
animal control officer, with Barstow to reimburse all costs.

Gil said he would work with Toyah to obtain animal control for the
entire county through the Reeves County Commissioners Court.

Guidelines for hiring an election coordinator for combined elections of
city, hospital district and school district were amended to create a
selection committee composed of city manager, hospital chief executive
officer and school superintendent.

Debbie Thomas has been hired as the first coordinator. Should she
resign, the selection committee will interview applicants and report to
the full committee on elections.

Also today, the council agreed to give full-time employees $50 and
part-timers $35 as special recognition at Christmas; approved the tax
collection report showing $49,681 collected in November and $1.5 million
outstanding; approved the municipal court report sowing $6,099 in fines
collected during November; and learned that Holiday Inn still owes
$8,900 in delinquent hotel-motel occupancy taxes.

Fire Marshal Jack Brookshire reported the Pecos Volunteer Fire
Department responded to 13 alarms in November, seven inside the city and
six outside.

Bills totaling $300,477 were approved for payment.

Mayor Dot Stafford presented Pecos Police Captain David Montgomery a
plaque of appreciation for his service and said she is trying to talk
him out of leaving. He has accepted a position with the police
department in Aurora, Colo.

"I am going to go ahead and accept this," Montgomery said. "I appreciate
the council. I think it is a good representation from the community. I
could not have done my work without the dispatchers, police officers and
office people at the police department. I thank you."

The next council meeting date was changed from Dec. 26 to Dec. 23, with
City Hall closed on Dec. 25 and 26.

Following executive session to evaluate Police Chief Troy Moore, the
council voted to give him a 1.5 percent increase in salary, with another
evaluation in six months.

Teachers, family of first grade girl

seek help funding new hearing aids

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Staff Writer
PECOS, December 12, 1996 - Being in first grade is tough for any
youngster, but for one little girl it is a big accomplishment and dream
come true.

"She is doing extremely well, and we are very pleased with her," said
interpreter Karen Pogue of Stephanie Laurence, who she has had the
privilege of interpreting for and teaching since kindergarten.

Stephanie is a 6-year-old attending first grade at Austin Elementary.
The daughter of Paul and Vicki Laurence, Stephanie has a profound
hearing loss and depends on the use of two hearing aids.

But the family is seeking to get her a new hearing aid system that would
help her learning abilities.

"She is a very bright girl with some speech capabilities," Pogue said of
Stephanie, adding she has many friends, is outgoing, friendly, courteous
and inquisitive.

"She's the class' little sweetheart, everyone just loves her," said
teacher Jane Green, who is Stephanie's teacher.

"She's using a lot more speech this year and she's made a lot of
progress," said Pogue.

Speech is something the teachers are striving for, and what they
eventually hope they can teach Stephanie.

"She's already reading and that's something we thought we wouldn't work
on until next year, so we're really excited," said Pogue.

During class Stephanie wears an auditory trainer. The trainer has two
parts, a transmitter with a microphone and a receiver with ear molds.
The instructor wears the transmitter and speaks directly into the
microphone and Stephanie's receiver picks up sounds from the microphone
as well as surrounding sounds.

This device amplifies all environmental sounds. However, it's limited in
the way it filters noise such as coughing, paper shuffling, loud voices
and whispers.

"The hearing aids she currently has are outdated," Pogue said.

Stephanie has had the same hearing aids since she was three years old,
she added, and is in dire need of new ones which can be adapted to her
as she grows.

Stephanie's Audiologist, Lourdez D. Zamora-Fierro of Odessa, has
recommended the ReSound Hearing Aid System. The cost of this system is
about $4,400 and can be adapted to be used with an auditory trainer for
even greater benefit.

"With this new hearing aid, it would help us tremendously in teaching
her and in her learning abilities," said Pogue.

The new hearing aid would boost the range of what she's learning from
loud noises to soft whispers, according to Pogue.

However, she added "No insurance covers these items, which are really
expensive," said Pogue.

"She's grown since then, and these new hearing aids are adapted to her
size also," said Pogue.

She and Green are asking the community for some help in achieving their
goal with their beloved student.

"We want to raise the funds for the new apparatus, to help us and to
help her," said Green.

Individuals wishing to donate to the Stephanie Fund, can do so by
contacting the Lions Club or Bill Oglesby at Security State Bank.

"The Elks Club is also planning something to help us," said Pogue.

"Private donations will also be accepted," said Green.

Any donations made through the Lions Club are tax-deductible.

"The other big news is that the children in the classroom are picking up
sign language also," said Pogue.

The students in the class have been learning sign language on their own
in an effort to become better acquainted with Stephanie.

"There's one student who has really mastered it and is very helpful to
us," said Pogue.

First grade student Luke Serrano, has picked up the sign language really
well and has become a self-appointed "little" guardian to Stephanie.

"It's really interesting to see how these other students react and how
well they have adjusted to little Stephanie," said Pogue.

When Pogue has to leave the classroom for any reason, Luke sits by
Stephanie and interprets for her.

"It's really great, he's such a big help and the way he picked up the
sign language is truly remarkable," said Pogue, who sponsored a sign
language class last spring and is planning another one for this coming

"It was a huge success and we're planning to have another one, there
were just so many interested individuals who are in need of this
service," said Pogue.

She is the only certified interpreter in the district and will continue
to move up in grades with little Stephanie.

"It's lucky that I got her so early, so that we could start learning
everything and she wouldn't be behind the other students," said Pogue.

Stephanie is still in speech therapy and has become a well-adjusted
first grader who hopes to move on to second grade next year.

Individuals who would like to know more about Stephanie or have any
questions can contact Jane Green or Karen Pogue at Austin Elementary
School, 447-7248.

November's arrests rise for

Border Patrol in area

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PECOS, December 12, 1996 - U.S. Border Patrol agents operating in the
Marfa Sector located and removed from the country 1,053 illegal aliens
during November, while seizing $3.3 million worth of illegal drugs.

The Border Patrol reported this week that illegal alien apprehension is
up from 982 in October of this year and 833 for November, 1995.

Of the November apprehensions, 147 were nationalities other than
Mexican, reported chief Border Patrol Agent Richard Morrissey. Last
month that number was 72.

Agents seized 4,217 pounds of marijuana and 143 units of Rohypnol during
the month. This represents 32 separate cases involving 20 U.S. citizens,
eight resident aliens and six illegal aliens.

Besides the narcotics, agents seized 19 vehicles and one weapon used in
the commission of smuggling attempts.

The Marfa sector covers the Big Bend and Trans-Pecos regions of West

Eagles cancel games next week

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PECOS, December 12, 1996 - Two Pecos Eagle boys basketball games
scheduled for next week have been canceled, head coach Mike Sadler said.

Pecos' varsity and junior varsity games next Monday at Carlsbad and
their varsity, JV and freshman games set next Tuesday at home against
Kermit have been dropped, due to school rules prohibiting
extracurricular activities next week, Sadler said.

The Eagles will finish up their pre-Christmas schedule Friday and
Saturday by hosting the 5th Annual West of the Pecos Shootout, and
resume play on Dec. 26, at the Reagan County Tournament in Big Lake.

Former Pecos firefighter given paramedic award

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PECOS, December 12, 1996 - A former Pecos resident has been honored as
Paramedic of the Year recently by a Dallas suburb.

David Trammell has been employed with Lewisville Fire Department since
March of 1988.

He started his firefighting career in Pecos as a member of the Pecos
Volunteer Fire Department.

In 1991, he became a paramedic for the Lewisville Fire Department and
has functioned in that capacity since that time.

Trammell has received numerous commendations for the way he does his
job, whether he is making a routine call, assisting with a public
education presentation, or making a CPR save, according to department

Probably the most consistent thing about him is that he shows real
concern for the patients he treats, they added.

His attitude of caring shows in the way he treats patients as if they
were his own family members. He is professional and refuses to give up.

According to his superiors, his commitment and determination regarding
his job really showed after Feb. 26, 1990, when Trammell was injured in
a house fire. Upon entering the burning structure with the first-in
crew, he was burned over four percent of his body when a solar heating
panel containing extremely hot water collapsed on top of him.

Trammell received second and third degree burns to his back, neck, and
face and had several weeks of painful rehabilitation. But with his
characteristic determination, he made it through all that to return to
work eager to do his job and continue with his commitment to LFD and the
citizens it serves.

He is the son of Bob and Ann Trammell of Pecos.


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EDITOR'S NOTE: Information contained in the Police Report is obtained
from reports filed by the Pecos Police Department, Reeves County
Sheriff's Office, Texas Department of Public Safety, or other agencies;
and from interviews with officers of those agencies.

David Galindo reported to sheriff's deputies that sometime between 7
a.m. and 4 p.m. on Nov. 4 someone kicked open a door to his residence,
located one mile north of West "F" Street on County Road 404, and took a
VCR, 13-inch television set, .22 revolver handgun, six-shot, wedding
band, pinky ring, hunting knife, two bows and arrows. Estimated total
for the stolen merchandise was put at $2,400.

Christopher Thomas Rodriguez, 19, 419 S. Pecan St., was arrested by
sheriff's deputies for terroristic threat the afternoon of Nov. 6 at 807
S. Cherry St.

Francisco Medrano, 32, 308 E. Eighth, was arrested the afternoon of
Nov. 7 for public intoxication and having no driver's license. He was
stopped in the 400 block of East Seventh Street.

Sheriff's deputies conducted a warrant service when they arrested Rowdy
Wade Curry, 32, 2416 Cactus St., for two outstanding traffic violations
the morning of Nov. 9 in the 900 block of South Cedar Street.

Salvador Nichols reported to sheriff's deputies that sometime between
Nov. 10, 11:30 p.m. and Nov. 11, 10 a.m., someone took 113 compact discs
from the back seat of his 1991 Nissan four-door while parked at his
residence, 501 S. Almond St. The value of the stolen merchandise was
estimated at $1,695.

On Nov. 12 a sheriff's deputy investigated a report of a burglary of a
habitation as described by Edward Daniel, who told the investigating
officer that someone entered his home, located south of Interstate 20,
four miles west of Pecos, by kicking in the back door. Daniel said a
$300, Samsung VCR was missing.

Danny Salcido was arrested for outstanding fines by police the night of
Nov. 14 in the intersection of Sixth and Walnut streets. His age and
address were not indicated.

Maribell Pacheco was served a warrant for criminal trespass and
arrested by police the afternoon of Nov. 15 in the 300 block of North
Cypress Street. Her and address were not indicated.

Police arrested Joe Arthur Salas, 19, 1014 E. Eighth St., on Nov. 16 in
the 500 block of South Oak Street on a warrant for terroristic threat,
criminal trespass and assault.

Antonio Castelo Salmon was arrested for assault under the Family
Violence Act in the 200 block of Locust Street the night of Nov. 16. His
age and address were not indicated.

Arnulfo Lujan, 33, 1401 S. Cypress St., was arrested by a sheriff's
deputy at Gibson's True-Value, 810 W. Walthall St., for theft under $50.
He was arrested on Nov. 18.

On Nov. 21, about 4:45 p.m., a sheriff's deputy met with John Barfield
at his home, located near the intersection of Reeves County Road 125 and
Texas Highway 17 in reference to a burglary. Barfield reported that
sometime between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. that day an unknown party had
entered his residence by kicking in the front door. Taken from inside
were an RCA satellite dish, a Savage, level action rifle 243 with power
scope, 30.06 U.S. Calvary/ Issue 1906 rifle, and Century dual range, 55
amp. battery charger from a 1974 Prowler trailer outside. Estimated
amount of damage to the door was put at $100 and value of items was
estimated at around $1,800. The investigation continues.

Maria G. Matta reported to sheriff's deputies that someone took a radio
and damaged the dash to her 1979 Chevrolet van while parked at the
Saragosa Hall parking lot, in the 300 block of Locust, on Nov. 22. The
incident occurred sometime between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. that day, she
reported. Damage was put at $200 and the stolen radio was also put at

Sheriff's deputies took into custody Herby Armendariz, 42, 400 block of
East "D" Street, on a warrant for violating his administrative release.
He was apprehended in the 300 block of Peach Street the night of Nov. 22.

About 2 a.m., Nov. 24, Pedro Acosta, Sr., reported to a sheriff's
deputy that the driver's side door, window to his 1996 Dodge pickup had
been broken out with a beer bottle in the Saragosa Hall parking lot in
the 500 block of Peach Street.

On Nov. 27, police investigated a report of theft under $50 filed by
Allsup's clerk Stanley Aguilar, who stated that a male suspect entered
the store at 708 S. Cedar St., and took and 18-pack of Bud Light without
paying for it.

Theft of service was reported by Manuela Avila, of the Town and Country
convenience store at 800 W. Palmer St. She told police that a vehicle
had driven off without paying for $20 worth of gas the morning of Nov.

During an investigation of a two-vehicle accident Nov. 28, police cited
Ricardo Ralph Arreguy, 16, for unsafe backing, after he struck a 1995
Ford Taurus, driven by Juan Prieto, Jr., 22, in the 2000 block of South
Eddy Street. Arreguy was driving a 1995 Oldsmobile Delta 88.

Johnny Montoya told a sheriff's deputy that someone had entered his
home, at 403½ N. Oak, through a window and took a 25-inch Magnavox
television set. He estimated that the crime took place sometime between
2:40 p.m. Nov. 28 and 2 p.m. Nov. 29.

Police arrested Maribell Pacheco Morales the night of Nov. 30 for
criminal mischief, in the 1000 block of Palmer. She was again arrested
on Dec. 6 on two warrants for perjury in the 300 block of North Cypress.
Her age and address were not given.

Ignacio Suarez, 54, was arrested by police just before 1 a.m. Dec. 1
at the Saragosa Hall for public intoxication.

On Dec. 1, about 12:30 a.m., police took into custody a female juvenile
from a Farm Labor Housing unit in the 300 block of West County Road
after she attempted to assault her mother.

On Dec. 1, Manuel Salcido reported to deputies that the gate to his
ranch on Reeves County Road 401 was damaged by a hit-and-run vehicle.
The damage occurred sometime between 8 a.m., Nov. 30 and 3 p.m. Dec. 1,
Salcido said. Damage was estimated at $1,000.

Police arrested Tomas Carmona for public intoxication in the 500 block
of Locust Street on Dec. 1. His age and address were not indicated. On
Dec. 2, he was arrested again at the Town of Pecos City Municipal Court
on warrants for criminal mischief and terroristic threat.

On Dec. 2, about 10 a.m., police arrested Carla Muro for outstanding
fines at the Pecos Municipal Court. Her age and address were not given.

On Dec. 2, about 10 a.m., police arrested Sylvia Valdivia for assault
causing bodily injury at the Town of Pecos City Municipal Court. Her age
and address were not given.

Police arrested Teresa Garcia for outstanding fines at the Pecos
Municipal Court the morning of Dec. 2. Her age and address were not

Teresa Garcia Bradley was arrested during a warrant service conducted
by police at the corner of Eighth and Hackberry streets on Dec. 2. Her
age, address and the warrant charges were not listed.

Gilbert Rayos Ortega was arrested for theft after police checked out a
report of a shoplifter the afternoon of Dec. 2 at Wal-Mart in the 1900
block of South Cedar. His age and address were not available.

Leslie Woodard reported to police that money was taken from his place
of business, Woody's Barber Shop, 104 E. Ninth St., prior to the morning
of Dec. 2.

Florentino Torres Flores, 43, of the 300 block of West Fourth Street,
was arrested at his residence on a warrant for forgery the evening of
Dec. 2.

Raul Lujan Barrera was arrested for criminal trespass the night of Dec.
3 in the 800 block of South Eddy Street. His age and address were not

Police arrested Christopher Sims the afternoon of Dec. 3 in the 800
block of South Eddy Street on a probation revocation warrant. The
original charge was delivery of a controlled substance. His age and
place of residence were not indicated.

Pedro M. Morales was taken into custody by police during a warrant
service conducted at the Town of Pecos City Municipal Court the morning
of Dec. 4. He was served with two warrants for outstanding fines and
another for allowing an animal to run at large. His age and address were
not given.

Eric Florez was arrested by police the night of Dec. 4 for having no
driver's license, deadly conduct, running a stop sign and public
intoxication, other than alcohol. His age and address were not indicated.

The night of Dec. 5, police arrested Willie Rayos for public
intoxication in the 500 block of South Hickory. His age and address were
not given.

Kenneth P. Stoeckman reported to sheriff's deputies on Dec. 5 that
sometime between 6:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. an unknown party entered his home
without consent and took 20 dozen, plastic sunglasses for women, valued
at $960; one microwave oven, $125; one electric burner, $25 and assorted
pots and pans, $50.

Joaquin Gervacio was arrested by sheriff's deputies for public
intoxication in the corner of Fifth Street and Rancho Road during the
early morning hours of Nov. 24. Police arrested him again for family
violence, Class A Misdemeanor, during the early morning hours of Dec. 6
in the 500 block of Rancho Road. His age and address were not available.

Police arrested Ramon F. Natividad for possession of a controlled
substance on Dec. 6 in the 300 block of North Cypress. His age and
address were not indicated.

Leticia Natividad reported to police that on the night of Dec. 7, about
10:55 p.m., a male subject walked into the Amigo's Texaco at 14th and
Cedar Streets and left without paying for two 18-packs of beer.

During the early morning hours of Dec. 7, police arrested Jesus
Hernandez for public intoxication at the corner of Plum and Walthall
Streets. His age and address were not given.

Police took into custody Carlos Carrillo Garcia on warrants for burglary
of a habitation, possession of drug paraphernalia and evading detention.
The arrest occurred at the corner of Third and Cedar Streets on Dec. 8.

Oscar Dominguez, 44, 1926 Hackberry, was arrested at Space #56,
TraPark, for disorderly conduct the night of Dec. 10.

Michael S. Lippe was arrested by police for outstanding warrants
charging him with violating a promise to appear, outstanding traffic
citations and fine at the municipal court the morning of Dec. 9.


Frank Olivas

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Frank Olivas, 27, died Sunday, Dec. 8 in Ingalls, Kansas.

Rosary will be held At 7:30 p.m. today in the East Side Community Center.

Mass is scheduled for Friday at 2 p.m. at Santa Rosa Catholic Church
with Father Antonio Mena officiating. Burial will be at Santa Rosa

He was born June 5, 1969 in Ojinaga, Mex., was a Catholic and employed
as a maintenance worker for a feedyard.

He was preceded death by his mother Cruz M. Olivas.

Survivors include his wife, Vicky Carrasco Olivas of Ingalls, Ks.; one
daughter, Kori Cruz Olivas of Ingalls, Ks.; his father, Bruno Olivas of
Ingalls, Ks.; grandfather, Thomas Olivas of Andrews; one brother, Bruno
Olivas, Jr. of Ingalls, Ks. and one sister, Melissa Olivas of Ingalls,
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