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Thurs., Dec. 5, 1996

Former Lobo Joe Flores shooting hoops at ASU

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In 1993 Joe Flores was the 3-4A All-District first team tight end in
football and first team all district on the basketball team at Monahans
High School.

In 1996, Flores is proving that athleticism at Angelo State. Flores has
hung up his cleats and has committed to the hard court. An injury to
small forward Corey Edwards has opened a spot for Flores on the Rams
basketball squid where he has been pretty impressive.

Flores has attend Angelo State since he was graduated from high school.
He played on the junior varsity and was the film man for the varsity.

During his freshman ASU season Flores still had not decided if he wanted
to play basketball or tight end on the football team.

At 6'2", Flores looks like he is tight end on the court, as he uses his
body to muscle his way down court.

Flores' best game came against McMurry, where he played for a semester
after first attending ASU and then returning. Flores scored a college
career high 21 points which is 17 points shy of his career high of 38
points against San Angelo Lake View while he was still in high school.
Flores should continue to play at small forward till Edwards comes back,
until then he continues make the most of this opportunity.

Flores is the third leading ASU scorer with 40 points in five games,
averaging eight points a game. He is 16-36 from the floor, 4-15 behind
the three point line, 4-7 in free throws and has 18 rebounds, fourth on
the team. He averages 19 minutes a game.

That's Rich

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By Richard Acosta
Whew... what a season. Let me just say they sure know how to break in
the new guy around here.

Since Aug. 30 while covering Lobo football, Lady Lobo volleyball and
Grandfalls-Royalty Cowboy football and Cowgirl volleyball, I have driven
a grand total of 2265 miles. Using the little I know about math, it
comes out to 32.35 hours on the roads of Texas. Over a ton of miles and
over a full day in just three months, and Fat's without adding in all
the times I ended up taking the scenic route, almost finding my way
into another country (one wrong turn in El Paso and you're in Mexico)
or got lost, which I did a quite a few times. In fact the only place I
didn't get lost was in Monahans.

In both Ft. Stockton and Pecos, I could not find the road back to
Monahans; in Big Spring, I could not find the school; and in Clint, I
could not find anything. By the way, no matter what anybody else tells
you, there are no hotels in Clint.
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