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Thurs., Dec. 5, 1996

A letter From the Editor

Gadzooks! Our motto results are in!

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By Steve Patterson
Bar the door! Shutter the windows! Stop the presses! There will t
absolutely no further entries accepted for the Monahans News Great Motto


Be still my heart and let me regain my composure. This is the moment we
have ail anticipated since we removed "Combined with the Monahans
American and the Ward County News" from our flag on the front page a few
weeks ago.

Listed here for your consideration are all the entries we received prior
to Monday's deadline. Next week, in this space, we will announce the
first, second and third place winners.

The order of the listing does not imply any editorial endorsements. nor
those who made multiple entries, we may have shortened your list due to
space limitations. Our readers are welcomed to comment on the entries.
No gouging, here. No kicking... let's make this a fair fight.

Frank Heslin: "If it didn't affect Ward County, it didn't happen."

Van Dickson: "The Life & The Times of Monahans, an Oasis in the Sand."

Mrs. Jocile Franklin: "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you
play the game."

Elizabeth Heath: "Aggressively Serving Monahans and the Surrounding

Nancy Ross (Four entries total: (1)Stroll through the pages of the
Monahans News then sit awhile with a friend. (4)"Through rain, hail,
sleet or snow.. well, then sand! The Monahans News get through!"

Edith Grissom (10 entries total:) (1) "Reports the happenings in this
part of the world." (3) "Provides knowledge needed for times such as
these."(5) How to make the most of desert living." (6) How to make the
best of life in the West."

Shauna R. Alderidge Moore: "If you need to capture news, look no further
than the Monahans News... we've already caught it for you."

Carolyn E. Cook: "The Monahans News: Another very good reason to live in
Monahans, Texas."

Letters to the Editor

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It started about five months ago, with a team from Lake Arthur. No one
really thought much of it, it wouldn't go much farther.

Pre-season came with one win after the another, it took guts and great
will to foot this bill!!

Then came district, when everyone said they would just have to fall, for
you see they were picked fifth after all.

But guess what, they beat the odds there too, Oh yeah, they won their
district all the way though.

The Cowboys were proud each time they walked onto a field, a team they
had become, their heads they all held high. We all watched with pride, I
bet the Angels up above could hear all our sighs.

With team work, determination and boundaries that had no end, they woke
up the State of Texas with the words, "We are a team that can and will

For people that do not know you see; it has been many years of sorrows,
even though we all knew our town was full of heroes.

They won Bi-district, won Regionals, and played in the quarter finals
too, but unfortunately our biggest and only fear came true.

It was just by two points, proof that it was a tough game fought, but
"Cowboys" let me tell you, you are the champs without another thought.

So until next year, until we meet on those fields again, take pride in
all you have done, for all of our hearts, you have won.

Thanks Cowboys for a great 96' football season!! Good luck Cowboys and
Cowgirls in Basketball

Dawn Santiago,
Grandfalls, Texas
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