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Thursday, November 28, 1996

Lady Swimmers win first in Monahans Invitations

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The Lobo girls swimming team scored first place, while the boys took
seventh at the Monahans Invitational.

Coach White and the swim team would like to extend their thanks to all
the parents.

Girls: 200 medley relay: first place time, Monahans 2:01.89, Candice
Teague, Lindsey Fredericks, Sandra Meeks and Kara Teague.

200 freestyle: third place time, 2:16.70, Candice Teague, seventh place
time, 2:28.92, Fonda Moore.

50 freestyle: first place time, 26.36, Kara Teague, second place time
26.39, Sandra Meets, eighth place time 29.55 Jennifer Robinson.

100 butterfly: eleventh place time I :22.22 Marina Martin.

100 freestyle: tenth place time I :06.26 Fonda Moore, eleventh place
time I :08.18, Jennifer Robinson.

500 freestyle: first place time 5:44.68, Sandra Meets.

200 freestyle relay: first place time Monahans 1:51.50, Kara Teague,
Candice Teague, Lindsey Fredricks, Sandra Meeks.

100 backstroke: first place time I :07.76, Kara Teague, second place
time 1:09.73, Candice Teague.

100 breaststroke: sixth place time 1:20.53, Lindsey Fredricks.

400 freestye relay: fifth place Monahans 4:31.65, Marina Martin, Audrey
Cox, Lindsey Fredricks and Fonda Moore.

Boys 200 freestyle; fifth place time 2:10.72, Bobby Dawson, tenth place
time 2: 16.45, Chris Cain.

50 freestyle: first place time 24.30, Chad Claburn.

100 freestyle: third place time 53.39, Chad Claburn.

200 freestyle relay: third place time Monahans I :42.58. Brandon Sutter,
Chris Cain, Robby Dawson and Chad Claburn.

100 breaststroke sixth place time I :05.94, Brandon Sutter.
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