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November 25, 1996

By Mari Maldonado

Lowriding an art

that deserves attention

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This past weekend was the Tejano Super Car Show in Odessa, hosted by
Colores del Barrio, Texas Tours and Tejano 96.1 (KMRK).

I know there was more than one Pecos entry in the event, however, as
this column was written last week, results of the show were not known.

I think the idea behind lowriding has been misconstrued, as I once held
a narrow-minded and naive notion about it. However, I feel the craft
deserves some attention.

I had the same conception about lowriders as many people do. They're a
nuisance on the road, only society's most notorious citizens take up the
hobby, etc., etc.

True, many negative aspects are linked to lowriding, but in actuality,
there are many hard-working individuals with families and straight lives
that dedicate their time, creative efforts and large amounts of money to
this hobby.

Of course, some of the movies that lowriders are featured in don't give
the hobby its due credit.

I consider it an art, because the heart and talent that these people
put into these creations is up there with any Picasso or DeVinci, and
certainly commendable. You have to admire anyone that can express their
inner selves on canvas, clay, stone, music or auto.

I didn't realize this until I met Martin, some five years ago. He made
me see the true form of lowriding. Since then, I've really enjoyed
getting out to area car shows and seeing the colorful displays of
people's emotional and heart-felt beings.

I'm particularly fond of old model restorations.

The colors come in an assortment of your basic tones or an array of
mixtures, and textures that one can only imagine how much time was spent
in creating the effect.

Then there are those with mystic and skillful murals, clever upholstery.

Not all entries are lowrider, some models have been restored to their
original states, some are hot rods and then there are bikes, as well.

I'm particularly fond of old model restorations, especially the 1964,
65 Chevrolt Impala and 1958 Ford Thunderbird.

Of course, I do hold my convictions about magazines that feature these
works of art with a half-naked female standing next to them. I think the
lowriders and other pieces speak for themselves without having to demean

This may be one of the reasons lowrider art is not always taken
seriously. Then again, this is merely my belief.

Mari Maldonado is an Enterprise reporter whose column appears each


Farewell to Pecos

and to all, Thanks

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Dear Editor,
Please allow me, again, to use your paper to convey my messages. You
have been kind to print my opinions in the past. Perhaps you will see
fit to print my farewells.

I want to thank the Pecos Enterprise and KIUN radio for helping to
carry the message regarding dangers of drug abuse among our youth. It is
important the community be involved in this problem that affects us all.
I see the media as important links in a chain that can help connect our
community to the real world. You two have been of great assistance in
showing our citizens that we are a part of the real world, with all its
problems...including drug abuse.

I thank all the principals and teachers (past and present) at
Balmorhea, Barstow, Pecos Kindergarten, Lamar, Mrs. Walker's and Ms.
Herron's classes at Austin, and Mrs. Peacock's classes at PHS. They
shared their teaching time with me because they also believe every child
deserves a chance to learn and recognize something good about himself or

Greg Moore...I will think of you often. I'll carry you with me when I
start some new program in Oklahoma.

Linda at Hubbs...Thanks for all the help and attitude you gave me. It
was fun.

Nancy Ontiveros, I owe you the most. Without you, I never could have
attempted the grant that gave the Reeves County Sheriff's DARE program
an extra two years to reach our children.

Louise and Alma at the JDC...I'm skipping town before you make me pay
up all the malts and sodas I owe you. You've been a great help whenever
I called for just one "teeny tiny" favor.

Sheriff, Hilda, Rosalinda...You've treated me well over the years.
Thank you for all you've done for DARE. I love you bunches.

Most of all, I want to thank all my kids. Out of the hundreds I've met
over the years, I hope I have provided some useful information you can
pull from when you are in a tough situation. I still shed many tears
over missing you.

Keeping with my tacky attitude...To those of you who tried to tear down
the DARE program or hold it "hostage," it's OK. I find your games to be
rather amusing. I still wouldn't miss a chance to tell you to bite my __
__ __, but you probably have rabies. So, never mind. Even you have been
a learning experience for me.

Tommy and Timothy Hooker, I love you most of all. You gave up an awful
lot for me to do "my" thing. You are my world.

Sue Thee-Hooker
1402 W. 8th
Pecos, Texas
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