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Friday, November 15, 1996

P-B-T selects appraisal board members

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Staff Writer

PECOS, November 15, 1996 - Pecos-Barstow-Toyah school board members
swiftly worked through Thursday night's agenda, appointing three new
members to the Reeves County Tax Appraisal Board.

Representing the school district on the tax appraisal board will be
School Board President Linda Gholson and Board Members Hugh Box and
Frank Perea.

Two of the three will serve in the seats previously occupied by former
school board members Jaroy Moore, who served for three terms, and Billie
Sadler, who finished out two terms.

Estella Ornelas, who was appointed to the board in the spring, to finish
out Oscar Saenz's term following his resignation, was the third person

Her appointment on May 9 was a surprise, since she was a former
appraisal district employee who had filed a complaint in November, 1994,
after her employment there was changed from full-time to part-time.

The suit claimed she was discriminated against by Chief Appraiser Carol
King Markham because of her national origin. She later said she was
terminated in July 1995, after writing a letter to the district's board
of directors.

The Texas Commission on Human Resources later ruled against Ornelas'

Board members heard letters from the Texas Education Agency, commending
the district for their work with migrant children, and another from the
Region 18 Education Service Center regarding Permian Basin School
Association meeting dates.

An update on roofing plans for the Pecos High School Building "B"
indicated that slight changes were being made to the contract between
the Frank X. Spencer engineering firm, whose services were employed
during last month's school board meeting.

The board also voted to hire a trainer to come to Pecos and conduct a
workshop for board members on evaluating the superintendent.

Board member Steve Armstrong, who heard the trainer at a Houston
workshop said, "It was a really good workshop. I think it would be
worthwhile for the board to hear what he (the trainer) has to say."

Trustee Alberto Alvarez, who was also at the Houston presentation, said,
"it (the workshop) really focuses on what it is we're suppose to be

Gholson told the board that it was discovered that, "it would be
financially feasible for the trainer to come to Pecos."

She also said a presentation by the Campus Restructuring Committee has
been postponed, but stressed, "one more time, that nothing will be done
until it (restructuring plan) comes to the board. The community will be
made aware of any action."

The committee is looking into possible changes and/or consolidations of
campuses in the P-B-T district.

Action was postponed once more on adopting an employee handbook.
Superintendent Mario Sotelo did note, "we are not entertaining," the
idea of changing the work hours in the handbook design.

Board members unanimously voted to approve Policy Update 52, which
integrates new rules regarding Health Requirements and Services and
Student Activities.

The most significant change in the HRS regulations, is the additional
requirement of one dose of DTP/DTaP/DT vaccine for children 18 months
through 6 years of age. The rule was handed down in April by the Texas
Board of Health. Also, the TBH can now require the hepatitis B vaccine
for elementary and secondary school students.

The latter part of the policy allows ineligible students to participate
in extracurricular activities if the student is enrolled in a
state-approved course; their performance is open to the general public
and the requirement for student participation in public is stated in the
essential knowledge and skills of the course.

It also stated that a school board can identify additional advanced
courses prior to a semester; districts are prohibited from scheduling
any extracurricular activity or public performance on the day evening
immediately preceding the day on which TAAS testing is scheduled and
districts that use Block Scheduling, such as P-B-T, must follow new
guidelines related to daily practice for extracurricular activities.

A chain of command was adopted at Thursday's meeting, with few changes
made in the transportation, instruction, food service, athletic and
alternative education departments.

The board also approved a dress code for school district employees and
alternative education students. Rules for the Carver Center were also

Board members awarded the fuel bid to the lowest bidder, West Texas Gas,
and authorized Crissy Urias, personnel director, to sign service records.

After an executive session, appointments were approved for: Kimberly
(Davis) Burner to Bessie Haynes Teacher, Fourth Grade and Michelle
Marquez to Lamar Sixth Grade Special Education.

Approved resignations were for: Tony Broaddus, of PHS from Special
Education Teacher and Calvin Howard, Food Service Director.

During the audience portion of the meeting, Marge Timmerman extended her
gratitude to the board, "for listening to our requests about the CAI Lab
at Bessie Haynes," and to Cookie Canon, business manager, "for finding
us the money."

Peggy Salcido and Freddy Lujan requested to be put on the December
agenda to discuss the notion of setting up a Girls Fast-Pitch Softball
league at the high school level. "We're here to speak on the behalf of
the Pecos High School students," added Lujan.

John Armstrong told the board, "I don't know if you are aware," but the,
"discipline problem at the high school is getting worse."

"It doesn't have to be this way," said Armstrong, who introduced himself
as a concerned citizen, parent and husband to a teacher.

Grand jurors don't indict PBRPC staff

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MIDLAND (AP) - A grand jury has decided not to return any indictments
against officials of the Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission,
which had allegedly not followed state guidelines in the handling of
travel expenses.

Among other things, they allegedly spent $700 in commission money at a
topless bar in Austin.

The ruling was made public Thursday after an independent audit of travel
expenses by the commission.

The Texas House of Representatives Appropriations Committee turned up a
number of questionable expenses while conducting a study of local
councils of government. Elms, Faris & Co. was then hired to perform the
audit of the commission's expenses over the past three years.

District Attorney Al Schorre said the ruling is not a declaration of
innocence, but means that no criminal activity could be determined by
the review.

``After going over it, they decided not to take any further action
unless there are further developments,'' Schorre said.

Among the issues under investigation were several instances of travel
expenses charged without documentation. The commission spent $742,705 in
travel expenses according to the audit. It was unclear how much of the
expenses were undocumented.

PBRPC executive director Ernie Crawford apologized to the board of
directors of the COG and personally repaid $1,500 of the money.

The board unanimously voted to let Crawford keep his position. He has
worked for the PBRPC for 25 years.

The commission also announced two initiatives aimed at eliminating
future spending problems.

All future travel expenses will be presented as detailed claims in
advance of all board meetings and personal travel expenses for meals are
limited to $30 a day within the state and $50 a day out of state, the
commission announced.

State and federal agencies funnel public money through the state's 24
COGs. They collect matching funds from participating local communities
and distribute the money to local programs.

The councils are made up of locally elected officials from participating
cities and counties in West Texas, including Reeves County.

Copyright 1996 Pecos Enterprise. All rights reserved. AP contributed to
this report.

Federal grand jury indicts gunfight suspect

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Staff Writer

PECOS, November 15, 1996 - Fleeing across the Rio Grande into the United
States while engaged in a running gun battle is a felony, government
prosecutors alleged Thursday in presenting charges to the federal grand
jury against Pascual Levario Quiroz.

Levario, who will spend his 30th birthday Saturday in Brewster County
Jail, was one of 24 persons indicted Thursday in Pecos.

He allegedly entered the United States at a place not designated for
entry by the Immigration and Naturalization Service; brought in a
firearm and transported a firearm into the U.S. while under federal
indictment, the grand jury alleged in a three-count indictment.

The weapons charges are felonies punishable by up to five years in
prison and a $250,000 fine. Illegal entry is a misdemeanor punishable by
three to six months in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Mexican police, who chased Levario across the river dodged at least
eight shots from a .223 caliber rifle while putting one bullet into
Levario's upper chest, claim the defendant shot and killed a rival drug
dealer in Ojinaga, Mex. Nov. 5.

Levario went to the home of his mother in Redford, where an ambulance
was summoned to take him to the Big Bend Regional Medical Center in
Alpine. Upon his release from the hospital, U.S. Border Patrol agents
arrested him on the illegal entry charge.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Billy K. Johnson said Levario will be brought to
Pecos for arraignment. He is well known in Reeves County Jail, where he
set fire to his mattress shortly before being extradited to Mexico to
face a capital murder charge for shooting a state police officer.

The grand jury also re-indicted alleged bank robber Felix Joseph Bretz,
37. Bretz was previously indicted for robbing the Van Horn State Bank on
July 1, but that charge was dismissed.

Elizando Rodriguez-Cruz, 25, and Marisol Granado, 24, are charged with
conspiracy to import, importation, conspiracy to possess and possession
with intent to distribute marijuana on Oct. 12.

David Humberto Gonzalez-Roja, 40, of Brownfield, is charged with
conspiracy to possess and possession with intent to distribute marijuana
on Oct. 12.

Dalton Knight Wilson, 40, of Carol City Fla. is charged with possession
of marijuana seeds with intent to manufacture marijuana, and attempt to
manufacture and possess with intent to distribute marijuana on Nov. 11.

Thomas Brient Sykes, 28, of Van Nuys, Calif., is charged with possession
with intent to distribute methamphetamine on Oct. 27.

Carmen Rios, 23, of Presidio, is charged with importing and possessing
with intent to distribute cocaine on Nov. 15.

Israel Maldonado-Gonzalez, Joel Nunez Mendoza and Carlos Leyva are
charged with conspiracy to import, importation, conspiracy to possess
and possession with intent to distribute marijuana on Oct. 29.

defendants are charged with importation and possession with intent to
distribute marijuana. Names and dates of alleged violation are:

* Ricardo Lozano-Greigo, July 13.

* Lauro Alphonso Weber-Salgado Oct. 31.

* Claudio Leon-Huerta, Nov. 1.

* Miguel Corona, Nov. 6.

* Saul Antonio Chavez-Villagran, Nov. 9.

* Steven Anthony Zacarias, Oct. 28.

Robert Garcia Jr., 19, is charged with possession with intent to
distribute over 50 kilograms of marijuana on Oct. 11.

Charged in separate indictments with possession with intent to
distribute marijuana are:

* Esther Rodriguez Berner, 44, of Kress, Jan. 19;

* Isidro Hernandez-Zuniga, Oct. 23;

* Kim Zion-Collier, Nov. 1;

* Jesus Jose Pena, Oct. 24;

* Concepcion Samaniego-Urias, 34, Oct. 10;

* Ricardo Lozano-Greigo, July 13.

Work continues on tax incentive proposal

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Staff Writer

PECOS, November 15, 1996 - Dick Alligood, chairman of the economic
development committee, told Pecos Chamber of Commerce directors on
Tuesday that work is going forward on a tax incentive proposal.

In a meeting Monday afternoon, the committee elected Jesse Stephens
chairman, with Louis Matta and Bob Curry as co-chairs. They will meet
again in two weeks to formulate proposals to be presented to Reeves
County, Reeves County Hospital District and the city of Pecos, Alligood

He reported the economic development committee held a seminar with Chip
Bauer last month and will meet at 7 a.m. Tuesday in the Swiss Clock Inn.

Chamber executive director Tom Rivera said he and Harry Nagel attended
an economic development conference in Austin last week and made a lot of
good contacts at the department of commerce and state comptroller's

Work is underway on the 1997 budget and the annual chamber banquet,
which will be Jan. 24, 1997, he said.

He asked for nominations for citizen of the year, hidden hero and Ruiz
Profile of Courage awards.

Pecos Ambassadors were holding a ribbon cutting at the Reeves County
Detention Center's telephone conference center at the time of the
meeting, and they had held another at Bessie Haynes Parenting Center,
Rivera said.

The next one is set for 10 a.m. Monday at the Classic Cable office next
door to Fonville Jewelry.

Jennette Smallwood said the women's division is sponsoring a holiday
bazaar at Pecos Valley Country Club today from 6-9 p.m. Wine and cheese
will be served, and the bar will be open.

Church members from Cuba

seeking hurricane relief aid

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Staff Writer

PECOS, November 15, 1996 - Two members of the Presbyterian Church in
Cuba are visiting Pecos, and seeking needed items for the people of that
nation, following last month's destructive hurricane that swept over the
Caribbean island.

Nelson Davila and Xiomara Arenas, both members of the Presbyterian
Reformed Church in Cuba, will be in Pecos for the weekend as guests of
the First Presbyterian Church.

"Nelson had been here about three years ago, and this weekend he will
have a chance to renew old friendships he made and visit with the
congregation," said First Presbyterian Church Reverend Bob Sebesta.

The two had the opportunity of attending the Annual Conference of Camp
and Center Association of the Presbyterian Church held in Ghost Ranch,
N.M. recently.

"In all we've been here in the United States about three times," said
Arenas, who is the vice president of the church in Cuba.

Davila is the secretary of the agency of program and work at the church.

"After the conference we attended we had the opportunity of visiting
many Presbyterian churches in New Mexico," said Arenas.

Nelson stated that he is delighted to have been invited to spend the
next three days as guest of the Pecos church.

The two will be traveling to Louisiana and then on Richmond, Virginia.

"We will be the guests of the Presbyterian school of Christ Education in
Richmond," said Davila.

"This weekend I will have a reunion with the church and church members I
had the privilege of meeting the last time I was here," said Davila.

They will be talking to church members at 10 a.m. on Sunday about their
own church in Cuba and life in Cuba.

Americans have been barred from travelling directly to Cuba, and most
trade between Cuba and the United States was cut off 35 years ago, after
Fiedel Castro came to power. But Cuba is in dire need of other
necessities due to the destruction left behind by Hurricane Lily, which
passed over the island earlier this fall, and U.S. officials made a
special exemption for aid under the emergecny situation.

"Cuba is in dire need of humanitarian aid right now, because of the
destruction left by the hurricane," said Davila.

The hurricane did a lot of damage especially the central communities in
Cuba, according to Davila.

"We are also gathering over-the-counter medication to take back to
Cuba," said Davila.

Over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol, cough syrup, ointments and
vitamins are scarce in Cuba.

"We just can't go to the drugstore and buy these items, they are very
scarce and the children need vitamins," said Davila.

The two will take the medication back to Cuba for those individuals in
need of over-the-counter medication.

"There's a great need for this type of medication," said Davila.

Anyone wishing to make donations for to Cuba can contact Bob Sebesta at

"We will be accepting donations of medication to package for them to
take back to Cuba," said Sebesta.

"Nelson will also be learning what we've been doing at the church for
the past three years, since he was last here," said Sebesta. "He worked
with the children and adults the last time he was here and formed many


Iria Ephriam

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Iria Ephriam, 87, died Wednesday, Nov. 13, at his residence.

Viewing will be at Martinez Funeral Home all day today until 10 p.m. and
on Saturday until service time.

A chapel service is scheduled for Saturday, at 2 p.m. at Martinez
Funeral Home Chapel with burial at East Side Cemetery.

He was born April 7, 1909 in Egypt, Tx., was retired and had been
self-employed, was a lifetime resident and a Baptist.

Survivors include his wife, Loraine William Ephriam; three sons, William
Ephriam of Colorado Springs, Colo., Rev. Iria "Bubba" Ephriam, Jr. of
Abilene and Ivory Joe Walker of Abilene; six daughters, Ora D. Tillis of
Pecos, Ruby L. Brooks of Colorado Springs, Colo., Ora Lee Davis and
Jennie "Jackie" Robinson of Abilene, Bernice Loraine Allen of Arlington,
Nancy Jane James of Kennard, Tx.; two brothers, Thurman O'Neil "Jack"
Ephriam of Houston, Frank Williams, Sr. of Pecos; one sister, Marjorie
Horton of Pecos; 60 grandchildren; 50 great-grandchildren and 18
great-great grandchildren.
Martinez Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.


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