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Thursday, November 7, 1996

Lady Loboes down number 10 Abilene 16-14, 15-13

Leader of the Pack

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District 4-5A is home to the number 10 team in all of 5A, the Abilene
Cooper Cougars. The Cougars finished the season unbeaten to win a
district championship, and were considered one of the most feared teams
in Texas... no problem.

The Lady Loboes came up big Monday night with a 16-14, 15-13 come from
behind victory over Abilene in Big Spring. This was the warm up match to
prepare the Ladies for the play-offs.

"I glad to be back," said senior Randie Brannon, "This was an important
win, If we could beat Abilene then we are ready to go."

"It was a tense game," said sophomore Tracie Jasso, "They are a real
tough team. We knew we had to play harder and work together to win."

Head Coach Martina Carrillo was extremely happy with the outcome of the

"This was the match of the year," said Coach Carrillo, "I was pleased
with the starters and the players off the bench, we worked hard to come
back and win."

Crystal Looney was hurt in the first game and was replaced with a very
nervous junior, Jessica Lopez.

"I was really nervous," said Lopez, "But this game proved a point, we
are the best and we are going to state."

"We proved a lot tonight," said senior Elisa Alvarez, "we can step up to

Cooper put the first points on the board after two tough plays.

The serve was broken by Leah Johnson, giving Alvarez the ball. The
ladies went up three points before Cooper broke the serve.

Abilene began to pull away moving the score up to 3-7.

Sarah Carrell went up to serve. Great team playing set Johnson up for a
pair of kill to bring the Loboes in closer 5-7.

The game continued to go back and forth. Cooper went up 9-8, but the
Loboes came back and took the lead 11-9.

Cooper began to come back inching the score along to 12-14.

The Ladies, facing game point turned on the defense as did the Cougars.
Five serves came and went but the score remained 12-14.

Sophomore Shayla Terry served and the Loboes got a point which set them
on fire.

The score was 15-14. Terry served for game and scored an ace to give the
Lady Loboes a one advantage over Abilene.

The Loboes picked up where they left off with Lopez, who was in for the
injured Looney, scoring two service points to put the Ladies up 2-0.

Both sides fought to hold momentum as neither team was able to break

Monahans held on to a slim lead which slipped away to put Cooper on top
8-10, but the Ladies held tough and came on strong to begin their

The Loboes began to break away and jumped to a 13-10 lead.

However, Abilene was not ready to give up this game. Cooper tied up the
game before Monahans could break their serve.

Brannon worked her way back to the service line and quickly got a point
to put the Loboes in a position to win the match.

Brannon scored an Ace to put away Cooper and to clinch the victory for

Monahans Loboes in search

of district championship

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The Monahans Loboes are 22 points favorites over their last opponent in
district 3-3A play; The Alpine Bucks.

The Bucks have more talent and have put up better numbers this season
than the other district opponents Monahans has faced.

Alpine has 3372 yards of offense, 2555 coming by rush, 1045 coming off
the pass.

Bucks quarterback, Jason Garcia has thrown for 904 yards and has 1004
yards rushing this season.

Garcia's favorite targets are Adam Alanez who has 409 yards on 18
receptions, and Jonathan Cozart who has 223-yard.

This will be the toughest team the Loboes have faced in district play. A
win will clinch a district.

The Mean Green have torn throw district opponents like they were melted
butter. It is clear why this Lobo team has received the number seven
ranking in the state and is predicted to go far in the playoffs
receptions and is their go-to guy when they need a big play.

The Loboes have put up impressive numbers themselves this season.

Thus far this season the Loboes have out-scored their opponents 355-64,
recorded 31 sacks and put up 2689 yards of offense.

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