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Thursday, November 7, 1996

Letters to the Editor

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Dear Editor:

The Grandfalls-Royalty I.S.D. really has something to be proud of in our
volleyball and football teams making the playoffs. On Saturday, Nov. 9.,
the Cowgirls will be playing Bronte. OUr kids will be playing hard to
get where they are now and they need the support of our community.

I would like to extend my special congratulations to all the athletes
for a job well done. It takes hard work and determination to get this
far and, rest assured, the parents and fans will be there to support
you. Good luck Cowboys and Cowgirls. We are proud of you all.

Volleyball & Football fans
Kenneth and Darla Miller

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Dear Editor:

This letter is in regard to our public library and its services.

I personally consider the library that we have it this community to be a
wonderful asset to our community. The hours, however, do not convenience
the entire society. This concerns me because our library is effectively
closed to our youth from the Junior High through the High School. I have
spoken to many in charge and have been told anything from "Our kids need
to make choices to the appropriation of moneys cannot cover the
employee's pay for any extra hours". All I would like to see is for the
library to open and close later one or two days of the week. This would
not cost the county any more and would afford our youth another place -
that we are paying for with our taxes - for research, if not the
pleasure of a different book.

I would like to point out that our youth off from the library now will
hurt them today and the City of Monahans tomorrow.

Kathy Martin

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Dear Editor:

What a loss Monahans has suffered! A.G. Adair is gone!For 34 years he
gave complete loyalty to his chosen home of Monahans. He put down his
roots here and spent his life making Monahans a better place in which to
live and bring up his children while doing what he loved best to do:

A.G. served honorably in World War II and after he left the service, he
worked tirelessly to keep his county strong. His service in the National
Guard and the TExas State Guard was outstanding. In spite of his heavy
workload at the newspaper, he found time to spend with the younger
generation, teaching them love and respect for their country and its

We are always seeking role models for our children. We need look no
further than Monahans to find one of the best role models possible.
Honest, loyal, patriotic, hard-working, A.G.had the qualities of the
pioneers who built our great country and gave it the solid foundation
upon which it stands. His words was his bond. You could put your trust
in him.

Since I, too, was trying to make Monahans a better place to live and
bring up children when A.G. moved here, I found a kindred soul in him
and over the years he helped me with more projects than I can count.
Each time I took an article to the newspaper, he welcomed me in for a
chat, listened attentively to what I had to say and always had a word of
encouragement for me.

I feel honored to call A.G. Adair "friend". Since I am still involved in
community projects I shall continue to take articles to The Monahans
News, but it will never be the same. No one can fill his shoes!

Kitty Dunagan
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