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Wednesday, November 6, 1996

Arredondo scores write-in win

to regain commissioner's post

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Staff Writer

PECOS, November 6, 1996 - One write-in candidate is still "in shock" and
very excited about regaining his former post on the Reeves County
Commissioner's Court in an upset victory Tuesday.

Felipe Arredondo, who was a write-in candidate for Commissioner Precinct
1 stated that, "I had my doubts, there for a while," after beat
incumbent Lupe Garcia and write-in candidate Mickey Vasquez.

Arredondo netted 406 write-in votes to 339 for Garcia, while Vasquez
received 192 in the only contested local election on Tuesday's ballot.

"I'm just very excited that the voters chose me," said Arredondo, who
served as Precinct 1 commissioner eight years ago. He was defeated by
the man he beat in 1984, Marcos Martinez, in his 1988 bid for
re-election, while Martinez was defeated by Garcia in the 1992
commissioner's race.

Vasquez had tried to be a participant in the March Democratic primary
election, but he failed to signing the filing petition submitted to
Democratic Party chairman Bob Dean, just prior to the filing deadline.

Dean also failed to note the mistake while notarizing the petition, and
the mistake was not found until after the deadline.

Vasquez was disqualified from the primary election. He later chose to
run as a write-in for the November elections.

"I think the election went really well," said Vasquez. "I was hoping for
a better turn out, but everything went really well," he said.

Vasquez he doesn't know whether or not he'll run again next time, but is
going to wait and see how the new commissioner works out.

"I'm hoping he'll make some changes, we'll wait and see," said Vasquez.

Arredondo stated that this is a message from the voters, the people of
this county, that they want a change.

"I want to thank everyone for their support, their confidence and
especially all their help," said Arredondo. "Now, I hope I can return
the favor by doing the best job possible for them," he said.

"I think the commissioners court should listen to the message these
people are trying to send out," said Arredondo. "The odds were against
me, but I think this will be a good change," he said.

Arredondo stated that the individuals on the court should listen to the
people and their problems.

"I promise to work really hard and help as much as I can," said

"Everybody told me that it's very difficult to win as a write-in, but I
tried anyway and it paid off," Arredondo said. "I had my doubts, but the
people just wanted a change," he said.

Garcia was unavailable for comment as of noon today.

County-wide, a total of 3,681 people voted in Tuesday's election,
representing 48.2 percent of all registered voters. In Precinct 1, 1037
votes were cast.

One other write-in candidate, Reeves County Attorney candidate Walter
Holcombe, was unopposed in his quest for that position.

"Even though I was unopposed, I want to thank all those who voted for
me," said Holcombe. "I appreciate the confidence they have in me."

Holcombe, who received 447 votes, stated that he will work diligently to
prosecute crime and juvenile matters in county-court-at-law.

"I will work hard toward gaining a better outlook for Pecos and Reeves
County," said Holcombe, who replaces Bill Weinacht, who did not seek a
second four-year term.

The new District Attorney Randall Reynolds, who was also unopposed in
the November elections, stated that, "I'm very happy about my new

"I'm excited and looking forward to January," said Reynolds. "I
appreciate the voters, the confidence and the support I received."

Reynolds, who will represent Ward and Loving counties as well as Reeves
County as 143rd District Attorney, stated that he hopes that he can
serve them well in his new position.

"I will do my best to prosecute all crimes and represent the people," he

Reynolds picked to 2,782 votes within the county, while incumbent
District Court Judge Bob Parks got 2,804 votes.

Other unopposed candidates in county-wide races included Republican Gary
Walker, who picked up 1,575 votes in his re-election to a second term as
State Representative; Sheriff Andy Gomez, who had 2,771 votes in
officially gaining his second term; and Tax Assessor-Collector Elfida
Zuniga, who picked up 2,795 votes.

Incumbent Precinct 3 Commissioner Herman Tarin won a second four-year
term with 656 votes, as did Precinct 3 Constable Tommy Martinez.
Precinct 1 Constable Arnulfo Granado had 734 votes, Precinct 2 Constable
Warren McHorse got 567 votes, and Precinct 4 Constable Eddy Rodriguez
received 587 votes.

Orla voters face runoff for Texas Senate race

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Staff Writer

PECOS, November 6, 1996 - There may be more election officials than
voters involved in Reeves County next month, when a runoff election is
held in one precinct box as a result of Tuesday's general election.

With a tiny portioof State Senatorial District 28 located within Reeves
County, Orla voters will looking at a runoff election between Robert
Duncan (R-Lubbock) and David Langston (D-Lubbock) for the unexpired term
left vacant by the resignation of Democrat John Montford.

Montford, also Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, resigned his
position earlier this year to become chancellor of Texas Tech
University, leaving seven Republican and Democratic candidates vying for
his post.

Orla voters (Box 9) favored Gary L. Watkins (D-Odessa) with three votes
cast in his favor and 2 for Duncan in the special election.

Totals showed that Langston trailed Duncan with 36,066 votes (30
percent), with the Democrat favorite receiving 45,320 (34 percent).
Watkins came in fourth with 18,527 (12 percent) behind Republican Tim
Lambert who received 18,866 (13 percent).

Also vying for the vacant seat were: Republican Monte Hasie, who
received 13,306 votes (9 percent); Democrat Lorenzo "Bubba" Sedeno, who
received 12,447 (8 percent) and Republican Dick Bowen, who brought in
4,066 votes (3 percent).

Duncan is the former District 84 State Representative, while Langston
has the title of former Mayor of Lubbock on his resume.

While the county has fewer than 20 people eligible to vote in the race,
it has major statewide implications. As a result of Tuesday's voting,
Republicans and Democrats both control 15 seats in the Senate, so the
District 28 vote will determine overall control of the chamber in the
1997 Texas Legislature.

Bailey captures Jeff Davis sheriff's race

Loving voters don't love president

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Staff Writer

PECOS, November 6, 1996 - Loving County voters went strongly Republican
in voting for president, U.S. Senate and U.S. Representative Tuesday,
while voters in Ward County gave President Clinton a narrow victory and
Jeff Davis County did the same for challenger Bob Dole.

Dole took Loving County with 48 votes, while Reform Party challenger
Ross Perot beat out Clinton for second place, gaining 15 votes to 14 for
the president.

Rep. Henry Bonilla easily defeated Democratic challenger Charles P.
Jones in Loving County, where he took 54 votes to Jones' 20. Linda J.
Caswell, Libertarian candidate, got one vote.

Gary Watkins of Odessa led all comers in the District 28 state senate
race with 40 votes in Loving County, though he failed to earn a berth
district-wide in the runoff election. Others are Monte Hasie 1, Robert
Duncan 8, Dick Bowen 6, Tim Lambert 5, David Langston 4, and Lorenzo
Sedeno 1.

Langston, a Democrat who currently serves as Lubbock mayor, and Duncan,
a Republican State Representative for Lubbock, qualified for the Dec. 10
runoff, which will also determine if the Republicans or Democrats
control the Texas Senate. Both parties have 15 members in the Senate
following Tuesday's elections, with only District 28 undecided.

In uncontested races in Loving County, Gary Walker of Plains received 61
votes for state representative, District 80; Bob Parks 57 for 143rd
District Judge; Randal W. "Randy" Reynolds, 53 for district attorney,
Richard Putnam 65 for sheriff; Ann Blair 62 for treasurer; Harlan Hopper
22 for commissioner, Precinct 1; Skeet Jones 22 for commissioner,
Precinct 3; and Newt Keen 60 for constable.

In Ward County, Julian Florez of Barstow won the Precinct 1 commissioner
race with 703 votes to 148 for challenger Jesse G. Garcia.

Johnny Molina garnered 1,118 votes for Precinct 1 constable in an
uncontested race.

County-wide, Ward voters gave Clinton a 24-vote victory over Dole. The
president received 1,644 votes to 1,620 for Dole and 446 for Perot.

Former Pecos resident Steve Bailey won the sheriff's race in Jeff Davis
County with 533 votes to W.W. "Wid" McCutcheon's 416. Bailey is chief
deputy, and McCutcheon is a former sheriff.

Jeff Davis voters also favored Dole by a 23 vote margin over the
president. He gained 254 votes to 231 for Clinton, with Perot picking up
75 voters.

One killed in border gun battle

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Staff Writer

PECOS, November 6, 1996 - A shootout between two alleged drug dealers in
El Mulato, Mex. Tuesday left one dead and the other in an Alpine
hospital with a bullet in his chest.

Pascual Levario Quiroz claims that Esau Ramirez Franco, 32, shot him
first, and he fired back, killing the Mulato resident. Both men have
been defendants in Pecos federal court criminal cases.

Quiroz fled across the Rio Grande to Redford, where he lives, and an
ambulance was summoned from Presidio to take him to the Big Bend
Regional Medical Center in Alpine.

Johnny Cardenas, chief deputy for the Brewster County Sheriff, said that
no charges have been filed against Levario in this country, and he will
be free to leave the hospital when he is able.

"We have some people at the hospital for the safety of the staff,"
Cardenas said. "There have been a lot of phone calls asking about him,
with no names given. We feel like the retaliation factor is high right

Mexican officials have obtained a warrant for Levario's arrest, but
extradition proceedings could take six months, Cardenas said.

Levario was extradited to Mexico once before after being convicted of
killing a state police officer. He was held in Reeves County Jail before
being turned over to Mexican officials.

Since his release he has lived in Redford and is a legal resident alien,
Cardenas said.

He could be charged with illegal entry for crossing the Rio Grande at a
point not designated a legal port of entry. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jim
Blankenship said this morning he had not decided whether to file charges.

Cardenas said the first reports received Tuesday were that Levario had
shot a police officer. Later they were told that one "bad guy" and one
officer was dead.

"As far as we know, it was just Franco," Cardenas said.

Franco was wanted on a federal warrant for kidnapping Levario's mother
in 1993. He eluded FBI and other law enforcement officers in Pecos and
returned to Mulato.

Cardenas said he believes the feud between the two young men came to a
head Tuesday. "It was inevitable," he said.

Franco has been a federal fugitive since 1990 when he failed to appear
in Pecos federal court on a marijuana possession charge. A second
warrant was issued when the FBI charged him with kidnapping Aurelia
Quiroz Levario on April 19, 1993.

Spotted in Pecos with a companion, Jesus Soria Baeza of Ojinaga, Mex.,
Franco eluded officers, while Baeza was found hiding at Martinez
baseball field south of I-20.

An indictment returned by the Pecos federal grand jury alleges Franco
and several companions abducted Levario and held her in Mexico for

Levario was released in Presidio after giving two of her abductors $50.

New committee given info on tax incentives

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PECOS, November 6, 1996 - Six representatives of local taxing entities
held their first meeting Tuesday night to work on a tax incentive
recommendation for the city of Pecos, Reeves County and Reeves County
Hospital District.

Dick Alligood, chairman of the economic development committee, presented
information on tax abatement, "what it does and what it doesn't do,"
said Jesse Stephens, a city council appointee.

The committee's assignment is to draw up a plan for taxing entities to
consider and submit the plan to the state for recognition of a
reinvestment zone.

Tom Rivera, Pecos Chamber of Commerce executive director, said it is
recommended that the whole county be designated as a re-investment zone
so that existing businesses can apply for tax incentives.

The committee will meet again at 5:30 p.m. Monday in the Reeves County
Civic center to select a leader.

Holiday out, Quality in, motel's new owners say

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Staff Writer

PECOS, November 6, 1996 - After a long, drawn out negotiation period,
the shrouds will come down and Pecos will be seeing a new name on a
motel in town.

A Quality Inn will be established at the former Holiday Inn, located at
U.S. 285 and Interstate 20.

"It took a long time," to get the deal worked out, said Sam Patel, the
new manager.

Monday was the official date of the takeover, Patel said for the new
owners, Arvind Patel and Raj Bhakta, of the R.A.S.U. corporation of
Crane, though the men were still working out the details of the purchase
this morning.

Arvind Patel, Sam's father, has over 15 years experience in the
business, and his son said he has learned from his experiences how to
run the business.

Sam said the new owners are planning, "to make it a lot better," while
at the same time, dismissing rumors about other aspects of the motel.

Sam said the restaurant and bar will stay open and Arvind and Bhakta
plan to restore them to, "what they used to be."

He added that the business will be, "more community involved," and,
"managed with a friendly atmosphere...with a personal touch."

"We're going to spend a lot of money," said the younger Patel, in
implementing some, "drastic changes." He agreed that motel already is,
"a gold mine."

He predicted the edifice will, "look like a new building by the time the
contractors are finished." Sam said they're looking at a time window of
about "two months."

The newcomers say they plan to use local contractors for the renovation,
"because we know it helps the community."

"We'll run it (the motel, restaurant and bar) as a local business with
local influence," added the new manager.

When asked what attracted the entrepreneurs to the motel, Sam said the
community caught their attention. The motel manager said he and the
owners have been in Pecos for almost a month and have met a lot of the

"We believe the community is great," and, "seem to be involved."

The change to Quality Inn is the fourth name change in the past decade
for the motel. It was established as a Holiday Inn, then spent time as
Plaza Inn and Park Inn before being regaining its Holiday Inn franchise
five years ago. The Holiday Inn signs have been shrouded for the past
two months, after the motel again disassociated from the chain.

Like Holiday Inn, the Quality Inn chain is one of the largest motel
chains in the United States, and will give the Pecos motel access to its
national reservation system.

Teen suffers broken back in Monday car accident

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Staff Writer

PECOS, November 6, 1996 - A local youth will be returning home Thursday
from a Lubbock hospital after being treated for a broken back suffered
in a Monday afternoon accident.

Chris Davis sustained the injuries from a one-car rollover Monday
afternoon while driving on Reeves County Road 112.

According to a family member, the vehicle was a 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier
that had been purchased by Davis' uncle for his wife just three days
prior to the accident.

Details of the accident were not available.

Department of Public Safety Trooper John Henley investigated the
rollover. He was dispatched about 3:56 p.m. to the county road that
branches off Texas Highway 17.

A Pecos ambulance unit arrived at the scene. The teen was airlifted from
the local hospital to a Lubbock University Hospital.

While family members said Davis would come home tomorrow, his is listed
in satisfactory condition.

County backs Democrats in national, state elections

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Staff Writer

PECOS, November 6, 1996 - Democratic challengers for the U.S. House of
Representative and U.S. Senate seats, Charles P. Jones and Victor M.
Morales, were favored by Reeves County voters Tuesday, although they
came up short overall in their races.County voters.

County voters did back a winner in President Clinton, who scored better
than a 2-1 win over Republican Bob Dole locally, while winning by nine
percent in the national race.

Jones (D-San Antonio), who ran against Representative Henry Bonilla
(R-San Antonio) in the District 23 race, scored a 20-vote win locally
over the two-term incumbent. The totals showed Bonilla received 1,704
votes and Jones, 1,724.

The district-wide totals showed Bonilla took 62 percent of the votes,
Jones had 36 percent and Linda J. Caswell, who run on the Natural Law
Party ticket, brought in two percent. Votes were tallied at 101,340 for
Bonilla, 59,549 for Jones and 2,911 for Caswell.

Clinton was by far the favorite in the county's 1996 presidential
balloting. He received 2,279 votes, while Dole got 1,007 votes and
Reform Party candidate Ross Perot collected 245 votes.

Reeves County votes for other presidential candidates were: 11 for Harry
Browne, on the Libertarian Party ticket; 0 for John Hagelin, on the
Natural Law Party ticket and 4 for Howard Phillips, on the U.S.
Taxpayers Party ticket.

Texans supported Dole overall, with 2,736,244 (49 percent) votes for the
Republican candidate; 2,459,444 (44 percent) for Clinton; 377,738 for
Perot (7 percent); 20,269 for Browne (0 percent); 7,526 for Phillips (0
percent) and 4,427 for Hagelin (0 percent).

Nationwide, Clinton received 49 percent of the votes with 45,389,735
ballots cast in his favor. He won 32 states including the District of
Columbia with 379 electoral votes.

Dole had 37,731,302 votes, 41 percent and won 19 states with 159
electoral votes.

Perot gained 7,837,703 votes, 8 percent. The independent candidate won 0
states with 0 electoral votes.


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