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November 5, 1996



By Peggy McCracken

Yellow pages put

traveler in touch

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Now here is something I would like to find in my stocking Christmas
morning. "Yellow Pages for Mobile Phones: Texas" lists telephone numbers
for services/stores along the Texas interstate highways.

Most of us use a mobile phone when we travel these days. But you may
have noticed, as I have, the phone does little good when you don't know
the number you need to call. For example, as I approach a town, I may
want to stop for a quick sandwich. But where? If I get off the
interstate to hunt for a place to eat, I might find one and I might not.
And public phones these days don't provide a telephone book. I've
started carrying area telephone books in my car, but the trunk is not
big enough to carry one for all of Texas.

Maybe "Yellow Pages" has the answer. It includes listings for service
stations, grocers, doctor referrals, wrecker services, city information,
dental referrals, pharmacies, department stores and hospitals. And it
tells whether they are on the highway or open 24 hours a day. EZ Access
sells the book for $4.50 from P.O. Box 832901, Richardson TX 75083.

You might want to order one for yourself if you plan to travel for the
holidays. And get a second one as a gift.

Thinking about needs of travelers, I have been developing some
informative pages for our Internet web site that offer similar
information. Before leaving home, a person could access the site and
check out the location of restaurants, service stations, motels,
recreation areas and tourist attractions along the route.

Or, if the traveler carries a portable computer along that can access
the Internet through his mobile phone, so much the better. As evening
approaches and he needs a place to stop for the night, he can pull up
the Enterprise pages and check out the motels down the road.

The next morning, he may want to tour the attractions in town, such as
West of the Pecos Museum or Maxey Park Zoo. Or spend the day at an area
lake or state park. And he will definitely want to eat and buy some gas.
Better to have a guide than to take potluck with any restaurant or
service station within sight. And while he is eating or waiting in line
at the service station, he can read the news right there on his screen.

I've been checking prices on portable computers, and they run anywhere
from $1,200 to $6,000. You would have to do a lot of traveling to make
one pay for itself.

If you're thinking, "I travel to get away from the news," I don't blame
you. When I leave town, the last thing I want to see is a newspaper or
telecast. Or a computer screen unless it is filled with information I

"I hate every wrong path." Psalm 119:128b, NIV.

Peggy McCracken is an Enterprise writer and editor whose column appears
each Tuesday.


Expressing the best for the City of Pecos

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Dear Editor,
It's time again to vote, it's time to give your vote. I hear that this
time the elected ones, are going to do better for the community.

That's NOT true, because prices are higher, the utilities are no
bargain. Our SS checks goes all to for utilities. They just keep going

I hope that this time the elected ones do better for the community. I am
just expressing my simple option and hoping for the best for the city of
Pecos and everybody.

Bonnie Marquez
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