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Thursday, October 31, 1996

Lady Loboes and Cowgirls win

volleyball district titles

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By Richard Acosta

News Sports Writer

First place in Monahans Tournament; second place San Angelo Central 5-A
Tournament; fifth in Seminole Tournament; ranked number one in Permian
Basin area (class 1-5A); San Angelo Times' number one (class 1-5A);
Texas Girls Coaches ASsociation's number two in the state (class 3-A);
and now district champs.

The Lady Loboes clinched the district 3-3A district championship
Tuesday night with a 15-3, 15-13 victory over the Alpine Bucks.

The night was also made special by the fact that it was parents night,
"It makes it special to win one for your parents," said senior Mandie
Balderaz, "they have been there for us since we started playing in the
seventh grade and we have a chance to win district on their night."

"It will be special because all the parents will be there," said Coach
Marina Carrillo, "I would like to play everyone because parents can't
always make it to all the road games.

Last time the teams played the Odessa American ran an article that the
Ladies took it personally.

The article ended with a quote from Alpine senior Lisa Clouse in which
she stated, "We're going to Monahans to beat the Loboes," followed by
"Ain't pride a wonderful thing?"

"they're not going to take our house," said junior Stacy Sotelo, "they
think they know what pride is, but we're going to show them Tuesday

"It makes the game more intense," said senior Sarah Carrell, "they were
dogging on us before they even saw us. We want to make sure we do
everything right."

The Loboes wanted this championship since the beginning of the season.

"This team had set high goals," said Coach Carrillo," and we have to win
to meet those goals."

The Loboes wanted this championship since the beginning of the season.

"This team had set high goals," said Coach Carrillo," and we have to win
to meet those goals."

The Loboes are on their way to the playoffs and are determined to go all
the way.

"Most of us are in band. Saturday we went to Lubbock and got some
disappointing ratings, said senior Randie Brannon. "In Lubbock it was
out of our hands but this isn't. We are working harder to go all the way
to state because we don't want that same feeling again."

Monahans has played 17 matches without dropping a single set and are
29-3 over all for the season. The Lady Loboes will end their regular
season play Saturday at 2 p.m. against Fabens at the Monahans Sports

Steve Cross takes Grand

Championship, wins trip to Denver

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Steve Cross and eight of his students competed on October 26 in Odessa
in the United States Taekwon-Do Federation Region IV competition.

The tournament was the major regional competition for the states of
Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Oklahoma.

Cross operates the Teakwon-Do Studio at 14th and Doris Streets in

Cross won the Grand Championship and is in line for competition that may
place him on the U.S.A. national team.

"I am very proud of all my students," says Cross. "It takes a lot of
personal motivation to enter one of these competitions. all of my
students are winners for going and trying. They have all gained an
experience no one can take from them."

Among those who attended were Tony Baeza. Cross' most advanced student
and assistant instructor. Angela Ortega, also an advanced student, took
second place honors for sparring while her brother, Adam, took third in

Luis Martinez also took a third place trophy for Sparring and his
brother, Jessie Martinez, brought home second place. Tony Tovar, a Red
Belt in the junior division, won a third place trophy for Sparring and a
second for Power Breaking.

Cross also had two intermediate students compete. Amanda Murphree and
Joe Kawell. Amanda won her division for Sparring and Kawell took third
place honors for Patterns competition. In the Senior Black Belt
division, Cross took first place in both the Patterns competition and in
Sparring. Those two wins cinched the Grand Champion title for Cross.

"It was a very fruitful trip and a great learning experience for all of
us." Cross said. "There is another tournament in Austin in February and
several more throughout the year, two of which will be held in Odessa.
These events are a great deal of fun for the entire family and the
people we meet become fast friends but that's part of what it's all

In addition to winning Grand Championship honors, Steve Cross competed
again on October 29 to see who would represent the region at the U.S.
National Team trails being held on January 18 in Denver, Colorado.
Breaking and in men's Hyperweight Sparring.

If he makes the U.S. team, Cross will be competition at the World
Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia, next August.
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