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Thursday, October 31, 1996

Letter from the editor

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By Steve Patterson


If you're not planning to vote this Tuesday, I urge you to watch CNN or
pick up a daily newspaper and change your mind.

If Nicaragua, officials are still trying to determine the outcome of the
October 20 election in that troubled country. Demonstrations and public
gatherings have been banned due to fear of violence. The leftists are
threatening to claim victory in some races, although there are not the
votes to back up the claims.

What, you may ask, does Nicaragua have to do with Monahans? Not much,
except that if you don't vote, you will deserve the government you are
given. Non-voters do not realize what a precious and fragile gift the
right to vote can be.

Non-voters should try to remember the high price paid by American
soldiers in protecting this right. Non-voters should remember that their
refusal to exercise the right to complain about government.


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Those of you who are looking for a collector's item should swing by the
jail and pick up a "Re-elect Sheriff Ben Keele" bumper-sticker. Why?
Because I have been told by an inside source that there will not be any
more printed... ever. (Although this reporter will not reveal his
source, I'll just say that this information came from my favorite bank


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I am not exactly sure what all the duties are of the Texas Secretary of
STate, but one of the main ones is the oversight of elections. Imagine
my excitement when I received a letter from the Honorable Antonio O.
Garza, Jr. informing me that his office would be making election results
available over the internet.

"What a great public service!" I shouted.

"What a bunch of hooey!" I screamed when I looked on the last page of
the letter and saw that Secretary Garza wanted to charge my paper $1,000
for the privilege of gaining access to public information.


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Speaking of the internet, the very controversial Texas Essential
Knowledge and Skills proposed for state schools may be reviewed by
computer. The Internet Address is:


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You may notice that the Harris Ratings refused to give a pointspread for
the Monahans and Persidio game this Friday. I heard one comment over
lunch the other day that if the Loboes keep scoring like last week
against Fabens, we'll have to buy a new scoreboard with lights for three

Letter to the Editor

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On Saturday, the Monahans Big Green Band traveled to Lubbock for Area
Marching Contest. They were one of 12 bands to march in class 3A. They
put on a beautiful show as always! And the many supporters who made the
trip knew they were the best band there! There were many people who left
hours early to put streamers up all the way to Lubbock, and many who
blew up balloons, Monahans Band Boosters are the greatest.

The judges did not agree with our thinking, and Crane and Brownfield
bands will advance to state competition next week. I am not an expert
but the judges missed their call! Monahans was ranked fourth. No other
band marched as difficult a show as Monahans. No other band created a
bell, a cowboy hat or even rotated an airplane! We were the largest band
to compete, mostly against band that marched 40-60 kids.

The faces of the band members were very sad on the return trip home.
Those 200 plus band members and four directors have nothing to hand
their heads about or to be ashamed of!! They deserve a lot of praise and
pats on the back for the many hours of practice they put in on the show!
Those kids have marched in 100 degree plus temperature, the rain, an the
cold, as well as in the dark-both early and late. I will guarantee that
the Big Green Band will be back in two years (unless we move back to 4A
then it will be three years).

When people ask "What happened?" we can only answer "we don't know-ask
the judges?" If you see Tony Gibbs, Andy Patterson, Jim Rhodes or Mike
Eckerty, give them a smile and a pat on the back. They deserve that and
much more!

Kathleen Hamilton

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