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October 28, 1996



By Mari Maldonado

Can't be too safe

during Halloween

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I'm really excited about Halloween this year. I really enjoy the fall
season and I feel that Halloween officially kicks it off.

As jubilant as this time of year may seem, there are always statistics
that reflect a more morbid side to it.

The Texas Department of Health released that 87 people younger than 20
died in auto-pedestrian crashes in 1994 and urge people to stay safe and
restrain from adding to these figures.

The press release indicates that emergency medical technicians and
paramedics across Texas respond to more than a million emergency calls
every year.


1. Look both ways before crossing the street, even a quiet,
neighborhood street. Look three ways before crossing - left, then right,
then left again.

2. Stand clear of stopped or parked cars so drivers can see you and you
can see the street clearly.

3. Stop at the curb before crossing the street.

4. Wear Halloween makeup instead of a mask - you'll see better as you
cross the street and go up and down steps and stairways.

5. Put reflective tape on costumes and candy bags or carry a flashlight
or glowstick.

6. Be careful with loose, billowing costumes - fabric can get caught on
sharp edges or cause you to trip or fall.

Drivers should drive slowly and attentively in residential areas -
excited kids can dart away from adults and into the street.

Make sure that pedestrians can see you, the driver. Don't drive through
the intersection until the trick or treaters stop at the curb.

After the trick or treating frenzy, adults should inspect the treats
that kids collect and discard anything suspicious such as unwrapped or
loose candy or food or inappropriate or unsafe toys.

Costumes should be a safe length so that they don't cause kids to trip
or fall. Also, loose flowing costumes can be a fire hazard around

I'm sure the same warnings are iterated year, after year, after year,
but there are always new parents experiencing the joys of Halloween that
appreciate the cautious tips.

There's no such thing as "too safe."

Mari Maldonado is an Enterprise reporter whose column appears each


As an American, get out and vote

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There is a different kind of election coming up that affects the very
northern tip of Reeves County, mainly in the area of Orla.

This election is for a state senator to fill the unexpired term of John
Montford. Montford resigned to accept the regency position at Texas Tech.

Candidates for that position are Lorenzo "Bubba Sedeno, D (for Democrat
and R for Republican); Robert Duncan, R.; Monte Hasie, R.; David R.
Langston, D.; Gary L. Watkins, D.; Tim Lambert, R.; and Dick Bowen, R.

Most people in this area have probably never heard of any of these
people. We're familiar with most of them but most familiar with the name
and work of Gary Watkins.

Watkins has been involved in a number of civic endeavors over the
years. He hails from Odessa and most people in this area are familiar
with his name. He served as a state representative from Odessa from 1987
to 1993.

It's because of his past service that we recommend him to voters.
Again, as always, whoever you want to vote for, be sure and vote. It's
not only your right and priviledge, it's your responsibility as an


Get out and vote for your choice

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Early voting is underway for a very important election in which the
President of the United States will be elected along with a U.S. Senator
for Texas, a Congressman from our district along with various other
offices and judgeship positions to be filled.

This is the first in a series of endorsements by this newspaper on who
we believe should be elected, based on our close observations of what
they have done in office and what challengers have to offer.

Sen. Phil Gramm has served us well in the U.S. Senate. He is a fiscal
conservative and has the knowledge and seniority to take care of the
interests of Texas and this country and we believe he deserves
re-election. It should be remembered that throughout his career, he has
remembered West Texas and has visited here and in this area often to
keep us informed and find out about our needs.

The old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Gramm's service
is not a broken situation and so it doesn't need to be fixed.

The same applies to the Congressional race in this district. Henry
Bonilla has represented us well for the past four years and we believe
he deserves our support by re-electing him to another term. He has
always done what he says he's going to do and that is a breath of fresh
air in politics.

Both of the candidates we support in these two races are Republicans.
But, they are not being endorsed solely because they are in the GOP.

There is a real danger in this election as many people will consider
voting a straight ticket. We have never believed in voting a straight
ticket. Let's vote for the individual, not the party. Even though some
people might believe in a certain party, individuals don't always adhere
to the beliefs of a party even though they are on the ballot under the
name of a party.

Look carefully at the individuals on the ballot and vote for the right
person, the person who most accurately reflects your views and beliefs.

And whatever you do, please take the time to go vote. Every vote
counts. Everyone has heard that before but it can't be repeated enough.
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